Buzz: Taylor Pyatt Is Starting to Feel Better

Taylor PyattIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Taylor Pyatt is feeling better after suffereing a concussion in the Rangers win over Columbus.

Brooks writes that Pyatt went to Michigan to see Dr. Kutcher, the doctor who saw Rick Nash last month and is the person the Rangers send their players to,

He says that there is currently no timetable for a return to the lineup for Pyatt

Pyatt is on IR and this is the third concussion of his career, he missed four games in 2003 with a concussion and missed the last game of the 2008 season with a concussion.

He is a UFA at the end of the season.

Pyatt has played in 16 games this season, has 1 assist, 20 shots, 15 hits and is averaging 13:32 per game.

He is also a minus eight and has been on the ice for, at 5 on 5, 2 goals for and 9 goals against and when Pyatt is on the ice, the Rangers only have 45.6% of the shot attempts.

Pyatt, via Extra Skater, is starting 42.1% of his shifts in the neutral zone, 34.8% in the defensive zone and 23% in the offensive zone.

Practice: No Dominic Moore or Taylor Pyatt

12:29PM: According to Andrew Gross, Alain Vigneault confirmed that Taylor Pyatt has a concussion.

Gross also says that Moore skated this morning with Rick Nash.

11:40AM: The Rangers have tweeted that neither Dominic Moore or Taylor Pyatt are skating today at the Rangers practice.

Rick Nash is not skating with the group.

News: Taylor Pyatt Won’t Return

PyattOn MSG, Sam Rosen announced that Taylor Pyatt will not return tonight.

Pyatt took an elbow from Fedor Tyutin in the second period. Tyutin was called for elbowing and the Rangers scored on the ensuing power play.

Sam says that Pyatt is an “unsung player” who plays his role very well.

Picture/Read: Taylor Pyatt Is Missing Some Teeth/What He Wants To Do

5PM: Alain Vigneault said today:

  • On Taylor Pyatt, “We felt, in looking at how Brass had some success and were generating chances and a lot of that came on cycling at the other team’s end. Taylor can do that, he is a big body that can protect the puck, take the puck to the net and we felt that with the guys we had available he was our best suited guy to come in there and do the cycle and net presence that Cally was bringing to that line. Hopefully he will be able to do that for us.”
  • On Pyatt and the Sedins in Vancouver, “I used him there a little bit. I talked to Taylor about that today. It was in the back of my mind. When he did play with the twins he was good on the cycle, good in front of the net and using his big body. That is what I am hoping he will be able to do with Brass and Richie. They scored Cally’s goal where it was a cycle, a 30 second cycle that wore the D down and finally Cally got in the open and put it in the back of the net. I am hoping that with Taylor we will be able to do that.”


Taylor Pyatt

John Moore was missing a bunch of teeth earlier in the season.

Pyatt was skating today with Brad Richards and Derick Brassard and spoke with the team’s website about what that will mean.

He said that he won’t change any part of his game and he wants to do what he wants to do and find a way to contribute offensively with two good players.

Pyatt added, “I wanna be strong on the board, go to the net, win battles…do some of the grunt work on the line and try to get the puck to them as much as possible. I’m not gonna be a guy who makes too many fancy plays. I play a pretty simple north/south game.”

Read: The Players Being Put On Notice

While meeting with the media yesterday, Alain Vigneault said that there are a few players, he didn’t specify, who have been given big roles and top six minutes but have yet to produce.

Pat Leonard, in the Daily News, thinks that the unnamed players that Vigneault mentioned are Benoit Pouliot, Taylor Pyatt and Mats Zuccarello.

Those three players have combined for ZERO points and a total of 21 shots on goal.

  • Pouliot: minus 3, 13:49 per game, on ice for 3 goals against, 0 goals for, 59 shot attempts against, 64 shot attempts for, 36 shots on goal against, 30 shots on goal for.
        Starts: 30.8% of shifts in offensive zone, 40.4% in the neutral zone, 28.8% in the defensive zone
  • Zuccarello: minus 2, 17:23 per game, on ice for 2 goals against, 0 goals for, 76 total shot attempts against, 77 shot attempts for, 46 shots on goal against, 36 shots on goal for.
        Starts: 23.2% of shifts in offensive zone, 35.7% in neutral zone, 41.1% in defensive zones
  • Pyatt: minus 6, 15:22 per game, on ice for 8 goals against, 1 goal for, 90 total shot attempts against, 53 shot attempts for, 46 shots on goal against, 30 shots on goal for.
        Starts: 17.7% in the offensive zone, 51.6% in the neutral zone, 30.6% in the defensive zone.

Zuccarello told the Daily News that he knows he has to produce and that while he is glad to have been given a good role, he knows he will lose it if he doesn’t start adding offense.

Derick Brassard told the NY Post that he to create offense for his linemates and when he gets scoring chances he needs to bury them.

Read: Marc Staal and Taylor Pyatt On Realignment

NHL 2013 RealignmentIn The Chronicle Journal, a Thunder Bay newspaper, they spoke with many NHLers from the Thunder Bay area including the Staal brothers and Taylor Pyatt about the NHL’s new diviional alignment.

The Rangers new division will see Marc in direct competition with his brothers in Carolina, Eric and Jordan.

Marc was asked about realignment and said that it seems like it will be tougher to make the playoffs than it has been in the past.

The top three teams in each division make the playoffs while the teams in each conference with the best remaining records pick up the last two spots.

Taylor Pyatt said that he will enjoy the variety of playing each team in the league twice instead of playing the same teams over and over again and that it should lead to a fun season.

The article did not provide an update on the status of Marc’s eye.

Read: Taylor Pyatt Came Through Yesterday

PyattWith a goal last night, Taylor Pyatt now has points in three straight games. This comes after Pyatt went scoreless for the entire month of March, 15 games, and was a minus four and averaged 12:11.

This month, in 11 games, Pyatt has one goal and two assists and is averaging 9:16. In the last three games Pyatt has played over 10 minutes in each and John Tortorella said on ESPN Radio yesterday that the injury to Brian Boyle opened up a spot on the third line for Pyatt.

Tortorella said that Pyatt has been playing well along the walls all season, that he uses Pyatt when the Rangers are protecting a lead, but that he has had an up and down first season with the Rangers.

Pyatt told Ranger Rants that it had been some time since he scored a big goal in a big game and that he feels his game has been improving lately.

Read: Taylor Pyatt Brings Flexibility

PyattThrough 19 games, Taylor Pyatt is playing 15:30  per night for the Rangers.

Pyatt has four goals and two assists this season, with a plus five and 38 hits.

Pyatt has spent time in the last two games skating with Ryan Callahan and Derek Stepan.

In describing his game, John Tortorella said “I think Pysie has done a good job, you take out some turnovers and he has been a pretty good player. What I like about Pyatt is that you can put him in a lot of different spots. He is strong on the puck, a big body, not the best skater but he is deceptive, he gets there. There is flexibility. He can play both sides.

Tortorell also said of Pyatt,“he doesn’t say much, but he does a lot of good things for us on the boards. He has been very consistent in how we want to play below the hash and on the boards.”

Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti both praised Pyatt in the game against Tampa Bay. They talked about how Pyatt is a hard working player, brings flexibility to the lineup and his ability on the boards. Joe mentioned that Pyatt seems to have a near perfect record in coming out of a board battle with the puck.

Read: Taylor Pyatt Might Be Slow But He Is Consistent and Off To A Good Start

In his first four games as a Ranger, Taylor Pyatt has three goals on six shots and is averaging 14:54 per game.

After playing about 12:30 in the first two games, Pyatt was moved up to the second line on Wednesday and played nearly 15 minutes and against the Flyers he played nearly 20 minutes.

Following the game against the Bruins, John Tortorella praised Pyatt “he has played well. I worry sometimes about the speed of the game, but he gets there. He has been one of our most consistent players. Sometimes I worry that he isn’t going to get down the ice, but he gets there. We put him on the second line and he contributes with a big goal. He is probably one of our most consistent players.”

Ryan Callahan told Newsday, that one of Pyatt’s strengths is holding onto pucks down low and helping create offense around the net.