Buzz: The Plan Is Shane Doan and Rick Nash

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers plan isn’t to sign Shane Doan OR trade for Rick Nash, the plan is to try and acquire them both.

Brooks writes “Know this: It isn’t either Doan or Nash for the Rangers. It is, on Sather’s blueprint, Doan and Nash.”

He writes that the Rangers are a favorable landing spot for Doan if he leaves Phoenix.

Buzz: How Does Shea Weber Impact The Rangers and Rick Nash?

In the Columbus Dispatch, Aaron Portzline writes of one benefit that Shea Weber signing an offer sheet with the Flyers may have on Columbus and Rick Nash.

He writes, “Weber’s possible landing in the Atlantic Division could be good news for GM Scott Howson, who has waited — and waited — for something to stoke the New York Rangers to action.”

It is believed that the Rangers and Red Wings are the only teams still interested in Nash.

60% of readers said that they would not trade Derek Stepan in a deal for Rick Nash.

In a poll asked at the end of June, 83% of readers said that they wouldn’t pay the price Columbus wants for Rick Nash.

Buzz: It’s Down To Two Teams That Are Willing To Deal For Rick Nash

7:17AM: According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the Rangers continue to hold Derek Stepan as an untouchable player and won’t include him in any deal for Rick Nash.

Brooks notes that along with the Rangers, the Red Wings are the only team right now that is interested in acquiring Nash.

The Red Wings reportedly made a “hell of an offer” to Columbus but didn’t get anywhere.

Brooks writes that Scott Howson is hoping that Shea Weber going to the Flyers will help him create “leverage” against the Rangers in a deal for Nash.

Buzz: The Blue Jackets and Sharks Haven’t Talked In Months About Rick Nash

According to Kevin Kurz of CSN Bay Area, the Blue Jackets and Sharks have not had talks about Rick Nash in “months.”

The Blue Jackets reportedly keep insisting that Logan Couture be part of the deal and the Sharks won’t move him.

6:34PM: James Murphy writes at that the Bruins are no longer in the running for Nash and that the players being asked for are a combination of David Krejci, Milan Lucic and Dougie Hamilton.


Buzz: The Red Wings Made A “Hell Of An Offer” For Rick Nash

At MLive, Ansar Khan writes that the Red Wings approached the Blue Jackets about a trade for Rick Nash and made “a hell of an offer.”

Khan writes that it seems like Columbus has no interest in trading Nash to Detroit, saying “No counteroffer, no back and forth negotiation, nothing.”

He notes that the likely players involved were Johan Franzen and/or Valtteri Filppula and says “Again, it’s unclear what the Red Wings put on the table for Nash, but if it truly was “a hell of an offer” it wasn’t a pair of third-line forwards, a couple of minor leaguers and a mid-round draft pick.”

Buzz: The Chance Rick Nash Holds Out In Columbus

In the Columbus Dispatch, Aaron Portzline writes that Scott Howson has not come close to trading Rick Nash and there is a chance that Nash will still be part of the organization when training camp starts.

Portzline writes that Nash could hold out during training camp, a move that would cost him over $27,000 per day, and that he has sympathy from Keith Primeau who held out in Detroit in 1996.

Primeau said, “You think you’re going to play forever, and then you look back and it’s been 10 years. Your career is half over. Every year that goes by without the playoffs is another missed opportunity, and you get to a point in your career where you just can’t sign years off anymore.”

Portzline adds that a holdout during training camp would be a move to keep him healthy and not risk injury that could further delay a trade.

Read: A Different Approach On Trading Assets For Rick Nash

Reader Andrew C emailed me and said that he would include Derek Stepan or Michael Del Zotto in a deal for Rick Nash.

His reasoning was, “Too often we focus on what we are giving up, and not what we are receiving. No player in any proposed package from the Rangers is ever going to approach the skill level or stats of Nash. This is why you are forced to “over pay” in compensation of players to acquire an elite player in the prime of his career. These types of players are not always readily available.”

83% of readers voted and said that the Rangers should not pay the price that Scott Howson wants for Rick Nash.