BUZZ: The Rangers Priority Is To Get Rick Nash At The Right Cost

Larry Brooks tweets that the Rangers are looking to trade for Rick Nash but only at a cost that they feel is appropriate.

Columbus is believed to be searching for a young roster player, two top prospects and a first round pick.

In a series of polls asked on the blog:

  • 81% of fans would trade Dylan McIlrath or Christian Thomas along with Brandon Dubinsky and a first round pick.
  • 82% of fans said that they wouldn’t pay the price of the teams top prospect, a “good” roster player and a first round pick.
  • 69% of fans said that their biggest concern with acquiring Nash was the loss of players and prospects
  • 83% of fans said that the prospect they would LEAST like to part with in a deal for Rick Nash is Chris Krieder
  • 81% of fans said that they would not trade Michael Del Zotto in a deal to get Rick Nash.
  • 73% of fans said that they wouldn’t break up what the Rangers had in order to get Nash.
  • In a poll asking if fans even wanted Rick Nash, the results were 52%-Depends on the price, 31% NO, 16% YES
  • 46% of fans said that they would be okay with sending prospects for Nash depending on who they were.
  • 97% of fans said that they would not make a trade for Nash involving Kreider, Del Zotto or Ryan McDonagh, a first round pick and Brandon Dubinsky
  • 95% of fans said that they wouldn’t trade Kreider, Dubinsky and Del Zotto for Nash
  • 71% of fans said that they would not trade Dubinsky, Kreider and a first to get Nash.

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Buzz: The Rangers Have Made Their Offer To Columbus For Rick Nash (Updates)

Update: 12:23PM: Kypreos says that San Jose is only kicking the tires on Nash and that the only real suitors for Nash are the Rangers and the Maple Leafs.

Nick Kypreos says that if people think that Logan Couture is going to go to Columbus in a Rick Nash deal, “you are high”

MacLean says that Columbus needs to get back a young player who can be a star. He says that based on his experience as a GM, he doesn’t think that a deal will get done by the deadline and that if a deal happens, it will be a bad deal for one of the sides.

On why Glen Sather would make this trade, Kypreos says that the Rangers are close and Nash could be a difference maker on the wall and would help the PP.

MacLean says that the Nashville Predators reportedly have made a big offer for Rick Nash to try and go for it all this season.

Original Post: On the Fan 590 in Toronto, Nick Kypreos says that the Rangers have made their offer to Columbus for Rick Nash.

Doug MacLean, former Columbus GM, says that he doesn’t think that Nash will be moved but that if he were Brian Burke he would trade anyone on the Leafs for him.

MacLean thinks that Burke is “banging it out” to make this Rick Nash deal. He also says that if it were to be a 1 for 1 deal, Burke would trade Phil Kessel for Nash.

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Update: 11:42AM: Bob McKenzie said on 1050 TSN Radio that the teams involved with Nash want to know by tomorrow night if Nash is going to be moved and which team he is going to go to.

Update: 10:41AM: Darren Dreger tweets that the Rangers are likely to push Columbus to make a decision on Rick Nash today

Dreger says that the Rangers and Leafs would like a decision on Nash by tomorrow.

Dustin Brown is apparently plan B for the teams

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Buzz: A Rick Nash Move Could Be Soon (Updates)

Update: 10:25PM: Bruce Garrioch tweets that with the deal for Carter, Columbus may drop their gigantic demands for Nash

Update: 9:47PM

Update: 9:28PM: Craig Custance writes at ESPN Insider that with Columbus acquiring Jack Johnson, they may not demand Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto.

Custance says that one NHL executive said that he would include Chris Kreider, but he wouldn’t feel good about it.

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Read: Is This The Rangers Slump and How That Impacts Rick Nash

At NY Mag, Joe Delessio says that by losing two of their last three games and only scoring five goals in the process, the Rangers are in the midst of a slump.

Delessio writes, “There’s no reason to panic here: The Rangers have done an excellent job this season bouncing back after losses and avoiding prolonged slumps. (They haven’t lost consecutive games since mid-December.) And so if this is as bad as it gets — two losses in three games following a terrific ten-game stretch — they’ll be just fine.”

The Rangers have not lost back to back games since playing Dallas and St. Louis in December.

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks says that depending on how the Rangers fare in their next two games, Glen Sather may be willing to sweeten the Rangers reported offer for Rick Nash.

This wasn’t supposed to be the year for the Rangers, who have been building an organization meticulously to the owner’s delight. Everyone knows that, too.

But now they’re here. And now they’re slumping the week before the deadline with a marquee, big-contract player whom the general manager likes and who can fill an immediate need on the market.

It will be fascinating to see how much impact the 27 hours between 7 p.m. tomorrow and 10 p.m. Saturday will have on Sather’s pursuit of Nash.

To believe it will have no impact is foolish.

The trade deadline is Monday at 3PM.