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Read: Winning is more important than numbers to Rick Nash

Rick Nash says that the most important thing to him is winning and individual numbers don’t matter if you can find a way to help the team win.

Nash said that he learned to appreciate playing different roles during his time with Team Canada and his two gold medals. He said that all he wants to do is help the team win and fill whatever role is needed. Nash said that he takes a lot of pride in his defense and that Ken Hitchcock taught him to play that way. (NY Post)

Larry Brooks writes that even with Nash’s scoring in the Montreal series, his play away from the puck, checking and overall effort was what made him effective. (NY Post)

Nash said that he has been frustrated by not scoring but the team is more important than himself and he just wants to win.  (NY Post)

Hitchcock says that he is proud to see Nash playing this way for the Rangers and that he has always had a desire to contribute on a winning team in any way that he can. (NY Post)

Hitchock said that he worked with Nash to change some of his values and that the only way to get the puck and create offense is to check and get it back. (NY Post)

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Rick Nash

Read: So Rick Nash is scoring now

After going 14 games in the playoffs this year without a goal, Rick Nash has goals in back to back games for the Rangers and scored his first career playoff game winner in game two.

Nash said after the game on MSG that he always seems to be streaky and that frustration was building up. He said that all he wants to do is help the team win games.

Nash said on Tuesday (via the NHL) that he has tried to stay positive but it was frustrating that he wasn’t helping the team add offense when that is what he is supposed to do. Nash said that all he cares about is the team winning but he wants to do what he can to help. He added that when you struggle as he was you feel it at the rink, at home and everywhere.

Alain Vigneault said after the game on Monday, “he’s smiling a bit more lately and to see him finally get rewarded, he is working extremely hard but to see him contribute….he is getting that touch around the net and that is a good sign for us.”

Vigneault said on Tuesday (via the NHL), “well, I think it’s safe to say everybody  expected Rick to score.  He was brought in for his production.  He’s going through what players go through now and then.  He stuck with it.  His teammates stuck with him.  He kept working extremely hard, and it was just a matter of time for him, in our estimation, to come out of it and now it looks good for us.”

Ryan McDonagh said that it looks like Nash is starting to get some confidence offensively but he never changed his game defensively and was making good plays there. (NY Times)

Brad Richards said that the Rangers advancing in the playoffs allowed Nash more time to break out of his slump. (NHL.com)

Aaron Portzline tweeted “Nash scores goals like a snake eats. Always has. Weeks without a nibble, then gorges.”

Dustin Tokarksi said that he thought Nash would hold onto the puck for a little longer and the shot caught him off guard. (NY Post)

Read/Watch: So Rick Nash finally scored

At 4:36 of the third period on Saturday, Rick Nash scored his first goal of the playoffs in his 15th playoff game.

When he scored, Pierre McGuire said “get the monkey off his back.”

Nash said on MSG after the game that it was an “exhale” moment once he saw the puck cross the line but added that the most important thing was that the Rangers won.

Brad Richards said that the guys on the team were happy for Nash because of the heat he has taken and it’s hopefully some weight off of his back. Richards added that in the playoffs no one cares who scores as long as you win. (ESPN)

Nash said that his teammates gave him an extra pat on the back after scoring and that they have supported him during his struggles. (NY Post)

Boyle said that Nash has been maximizing his efforts all over the ice and the floodgates could now open up for him. (Newsday)

Read: Another chance for Rick Nash to make a difference

Rick NashRick Nash enters the Eastern Conference finals with 0 goals, 5 assists, 52 shots on goal, 21 hits and 12 blocked shots in 14 games.

Nash last scored on April 10th against Buffalo and before that on March 30th when he had two goals against Edmonton.

Jamie McLennan said Thursday on Leafs Lunch, “If this guy wakes up I don’t think Montreal has an answer for him. He has another life, another chance to redeem himself. The Rangers have had success in spite of Rick Nash doing anything.”

Nash said yesterday (Rangers):

  • On his game, “it’s trying every night to put the puck in the back of the net but it’s a bigger than my struggles, its’ about a team trying to win a championship and if I can help defensively right now I will do everything that I can to help win games.
  • “I’m trying out there to make plays and hold onto pucks and as I am not scoring, I need to keep doing that. Sometimes they go in and sometimes they don’t.”
  • “The team success is the main thing, the team picture is so much bigger than my struggle, if me scoring can help it’s great, it’s been frustrating and I have been through all the stages.”
  • Are you do, “overdue…definitely would say overdue.”

Alain Vigneault said yesterday that the Rangers need Nash to produce but he is playing well in other areas of the ice as well as leading them in scoring chances in the playoffs.

Chris Kreider said that Nash is the most skilled player he has ever played with and works so hard on the ice. He thinks that people should appreciate Nash’s work ethic more, ‘he’s a tireless worker, and that he has worked to get every skill he has. (NY Post)


Read: Where Rick Nash is at and how he is feeling

NashRick Nash enters game seven tonight with ZERO goals in the playoffs and only one point, a secondary assist on am empty net goal in game five, in the series against the Penguins.

He ranks second in the NHL in shot attempts with 81, James Neal of the Penguins has 82, but Nash leads the league with 51 shots on goal. (ES)

  • Nash has 17 hits in the playoffs after only picking up 11 in the regular season.

Nash says that he is still putting pressure on himself to produce and to help the team win. (NY Post)

He said that normally when he struggles this much it’s a goal that bounces off a leg or something and goes in that lifts the slump. Nash said before game six that he feels he is getting at least two “A” chances per game but scoring just hasn’t be easy for him. He called his not being able to score the elephant in the room. (NHL.com)

Larry Brooks writes that Nash hasn’t scored but is throwing his body around and played “dogged and determined” hockey in the defensive zone and as a penalty killer. Brooks says that Nash was brought into score but is doing everything on the ice but that. (NY Post)

Read: Rick Nash on the booing (Updates)

Rick Nash5/8/14 | 7:05AM: Brad Richards said after the game, “it’s tough..it’s a tough thing, Rick is a human being who is out there trying his best and putting pressure on himself but we have all been through different situations and we are 100% behind him. This is a tough league and you can’t just go out there and score goals because someone says that you have to, because the fans say that you have to, the media say you have to, it’s a lot different than that. What a better time to get on the road and not just for him but for all of us to forget about these two games.” (Rangers Report)

He added, “does it upset me, yea it upsets me. It upsets everyone in the locker room…we are not 15th in the league, we didn’t finish in April losing 8-1, we are in the second round of the playoffs but that is my opinion and I understand sports and where it’s all at, so does he and everyone in here but it’s not one person, it’s the whole team, as a team we didn’t play tonight and for one guy or two guys to get booed, it’s frustrating because we all put our foot in our mouth tonight.” (Rangers Report)

5/7/14 | 10:59PM: On MSG, Al Trautwig said “you could hear the booing for Nash and St. Louis and I totally get it but if you think about the human condition, there is no way on earth that booing is going to get you what you want which is for the player to be better. That is just not how things work. It just so happens that Nash was around the puck a lot tonight and bad things happened.”

10:54PM: On MSG, Alain Vigneault said:

  • On Rick Nash being booed, “Ultimately the fans can do what they want. I would prefer if our fans right now were supportive. It might not look it but we are trying our guts off here. We are trying to put our best game on the ice, we are trying our best and I would prefer that we have support but ultimately at the end of the day the fans can do what they want.”
  • Is Nash becoming a scapegoat, “Rick is trying real hard, he had some real good looks. He feels a lot of pressure right now and I gotta tell you, he is battling real hard. Maybe we can rally around that and have a good game in Pittsburgh.”

10:49PM: “Brad Richards said he feels upset and entire room feels upset to hear Nash booed like that” (Katie Strang)

10:22PM: Early in the third period, while skating up the ice with the puck many at MSG started to “boo” Rick Nash.

Nash was booed at varying levels every time he touched the puck in the third period.

On MSG, Nash was asked about it and said, “it’s tough but you understand where they are coming from. I made a tough play and it cost us a goal against and you need to take ownership of those plays and understand why that happens.”

Nash had four shots on goal, 2 shots that missed the net, four hits and two giveaways.

Ron Duguay said on MSG that he thought Nash looked nervous on the ice.

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Rick Nash

Read: Rick Nash, big boy pants and how frustrated he is

Before the game on Tuesday, Alain Vigneault said that the Penguins “big boys” put on their big boy pants in game two and he needed to see his “big boys” put on their “big boy pants” in game three.

Rick Nash, one of the “big boys” continued his scoreless streak in the playoffs of 13 games, 11 games dating back to the regular season, and had 4 shots on goal last night.

Nash leads the league with 41 shots on goal and 67 shot attempts

Pierre McGuire said on TSN 1050 on Tuesday morning, “he will tell you the same thing, he is frustrated and can’t figure it out, he is trying and has more shots on goal than anyone in the playoffs. It’s not like he isn’t trying, he has had some bad luck, some posts, they tried him on a different line with Brad Richards rather than Derek Stepan. Chris Kreider is not in the lineup and when Kreider was playing with Nash, they had some good chemistry. He is trying his butt off, what can you say, it’s just not going in and I feel terrible for the guy. I interviewed him before the game and he is really sincere and wants to make a difference but right now he is not.”

Doug MacLean, who drafted Nash in Columbus,  said on Hockey Central at Noon that “Rick has to find a way to score.”

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