Buzz: When Rick Nash May Return To The Lineup

Rick NashIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done before Rick Nash can return to the Rangers lineup but after skating for six straight days, it’s not impossible to suggest that Nash could return as early as Tuesday against the Bruins.

He says that a more likely return date could be next Thursday in Dallas or next Saturday in Nashville.

Nash has not had any setbacks and has not reported any issues with symptoms.

He skated, in a non-contact jersey, with the team on Wednesday and is expected to again today.

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Adam Rotter: I am always much more conservative when it comes to bringing players back, but I think that next week is a little early. Nash, unless he starts today, isn’t taking contact and the team won’t practice this weekend to allow him to start. Ideally you would want Nash to go through at least 2 or 3 tough practices, taking contact, doing battle drills and going through some game situations before he returns.

Recap: Rick Nash’s Comments Today (Feels Good)

Rick NashRick Nash skated with the Rangers today, in a non-contact jersey, and spoke after practice, via Rangers Report:

  • On a time table, “Hopefully as soon as possible but I need some good practices, today is really my first one. We will see how it goes tonight and get back at it on the next practice day.”
  • How did you feel today, “I felt pretty good today…better than what I thought I would feel. I felt that I kept up but there is still work that needs to be done.”
  • On itching to take contact, “I think right now I am just following the doctors plan and seeing the trainer. WE have been following it this long so no point in going off of it now.”

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Note: Rick Nash Isn’t Cleared For Contact Yet

Rick NashAlain Vigneault announced yesterday that Rick Nash would take part in Rangers practice today as a defensemen, to ease him back, but wasn’t sure if he was cleared for contact yet.

Andrew Gross tweets that Nash hasn’t been cleared for contact yet but that follows standard procedure for players returning from head injuries.

Nash spoke yesterday about  his recovery and how he has been symptom free lately.

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Recap: Rick Nash’s Comments Today (Watch Him Make Rick Nash Moves) (Will Practice Tomorrow)

Rick Nash5:05PM: SNY’s Steve Gelbs tweets that Alain Vigneault said that Rick Nash will practice with the team tomorrow and that while there is still no timetable on Nash, he has made big strides in his rehab.

2:14PM: Rick Nash met with the media after skating for the fourth straight day, via the Rangers:

  • On how he felt today, “A little slow, a little out of shape but the important part is that I feel good otherwise.”
  • On his expectations when he returns, “The game against LA was probably one of my best games. I felt like the puck was around me, that I was creating opportunity. I felt like I was in shape, that I had a great camp getting into shape and it’s unfortunate that the injury happened. As far as coming back and playing that way, I have full intentions on doing that and I think that it will take a few shifts to get back to speed.”
  • Is conditioning the biggest thing now, “Yea. I think so. I am symptom free from the injury. I am pushing myself more and more and will see if any symptoms come back but so far it’s been good.”
  • On the plan, “The plan each day is to do more and more on the ice and also off the ice in the gym and see if any symptoms pop up and work my way into game situations out there.”

More from Nash and video of him skating and making moves:

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Practice: Rick Nash Skating Again

11:38AM: Zipay notes that Nash has been on the ice for more than 40 minutes. He adds that Nash is taking some breaks and sitting on the bench and then going back out onto the ice.


10:51AM: Steve Zipay notes that Rick Nash is skating at the Rangers morning skate today.

It is the first time this season that Nash has skated at Madison Square Garden.

The Rangers tweet that Brandon Mashinter, Justin Falk, Dominic Moore and Cam Talbot are also on the ice.

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Read: How The Rangers Feel About Rick Nash and Seeing Him Again

NashRick Nash skated on Saturday and when he spoke with the media he said that he had received a ton of support from the organization and his teammates.

Henrik Lundqvist told Ranger Rants that it was “fun” to see Nash earlier in the week when the players took a team photo and “fun” to see him shooting pucks during his skate yesterday.

Lundqvist added that the team is just added to see Nash healthy and that no one wants him to rush back too fast and before he is mentally and physically ready to return.

Derick Brassard told the Rangers website “it’s huge just to see him at the rink. We didn’t really see him the last few weeks. He is really important for this team and we just want him to be healthy.”

Ryan McDonagh told the team’s website,  “he’s been working towards getting better and it’s a good sign when we are seeing him around the locker room.”

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Nash has skated for three straight days.

Practice: Rick Nash Isn’t Skating (Will Skate After)

11:09AM: Steve Zipay says that Nash and Moore are shooting at Cam Talbot.

10:39AM: The team has said on twitter that Nash and Moore will skate after the regular group finishes.

10:34AM: According to Katie Strang and Steve Zipay, Rick Nash is not skating this morning at the Rangers morning skate.

Zipay adds that Dominic Moore is not skating either but that the Rangers have all 12 forwards, 7 defense and 2 goalies on the ice.

It isn’t yet known if Nash skated earlier or if he will skate after the morning skate.

Taylor Pyatt is not skating as well.

Recap: Rick Nash’s Comments Today

Rick NashRick Nash, after skating today, met with the media:

  • On how he feels, “It’s been good days and bad days over the last four weeks. There were steps forwards and then a step back and I have strung together a good 3 or 4 days and it’s been all positive since then.”
  • Have you reached out to anyone to talk about it, “each case is so different, different symptoms, different techniques. I talked with a few guys who have been through this and what seemed to work for me was just time.”
  • On the support from the team, “the support, from the organization has been unbelievable. I haven’t felt pressured or anything like that. Guys check in daily so it’s been pretty nice. It’s tough when they take away the thing you love so it’s been great.”

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News: Rick Nash Skating Today

Rick Nash

11:37AMGlen Sather, via the team’s twitter account said that Nash is on the road to recovery but needs to get back into proper condition.

10:50AM: According to Pierre LeBrun, Rick Nash is skating today with the Rangers extra players and their goalies.

He says that he isn’t sure what this means for Nash in terms of a timeline to return, but that it’s “obviously a good thing.”

There have been reports of Nash skating this week.

Adam Rotter: Don’t go penciling Nash in for tomorrow or any game the next week or so. This is still a slow process with Nash recovering. He still needs to skate without any set backs, go through practices, take contact and get back in proper condition before he can return to the Rangers.

Buzz: Rick Nash Has Been Skating On His Own/No Imminent Return Expected

Rick Nash11:52AM: At ESPN NY, Katie Strang writes that she can confirm that Nash has done some “intermittent physical activity” at the Rangers training center and “continues to do so.”

She adds that Kutcher is the team’s preferred neurologist and that his meeting with Nash wasn’t recent.

7:02AM: According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, Rick Nash has been skating periodically on his own at the Rangers training center but is still expected to be out for an indefinite period of time.

He says that even while Nash has been skating occasionally there is no “expectation of an imminent return” from his concussion.

Brooks also confirms that Nash has met with Michigan based concussion expert Dr. Jeffrey Scott Kutcher. He adds that the absolute best case scenario could see Nash return in 2-3 weeks.

There have been updates on Nash, HERE and HERE, this week.

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