Read: Rick Nash Knows He Needs To Be Better and Lead By Example

Rick Nash17:25PM: Dave Maloney says on Rangers pre game that Nash is a straight forward player when he gets the puck. Maloney says that when Nash has the puck in stride and goes into the offensive zone and turns around, things stop for the team.

9:34AM: On the Rangers current homestand, Rick Nash has one goal and two assists.

Nash had three shots on goal against the Islanders in 19:05 and it was the first time in five games that he played under 20 minutes.

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Nash was unable to be a difference maker against the Islanders.

He told Brooks that the lack of production is mounting on him and that he understands that he is expected to lead by example.

Rick Nash

Note: Rick Nash Hasn’t Been Producing Lately (Updates)

4:18PM: Nash says that he is a streaky player and is just looking for consistency in his offensive game and trying to help the team in other areas when he can’t get that going. (Daily News)

He says that anytime you are off the ice for an extended period of time, like he was, it takes time to get your game back but he feels that his is coming and that he has had good stretches. He says that most of all it is a consistency issue and that he knows there are games where he needs to be better. (Daily News)

12/20/13: 11:51AM: Alain Vigneault thinks that Nash is “real close” to getting his production going. (Katie Strang)

He will skate tonight with Derek Stepan and Mats Zuccarello.

12/19/13: 11:15AM: Rick Nash has played over 20 minutes in the last four games and has one goal and one assist during the stretch.

He has had 12 shots on goal in the four games, one game with ZERO and has been a minus two.

Nash only has 2 goals in 8 December games and only 3 points in December after putting up 6 points (4 goals and 2 assists) in 7 November games.

Alain Vigneault said after the Rangers lost last night that Nash is working hard to produce, trying to get to the tough areas and that it is only a matter of time before Nash starts producing.

Nash has also missed on both shootout attempts he has taken in the last four games.

The Rangers, according to Extra Skater, have had more than 50% of the even strength shot attempts when Nash is on the ice in 6 of the last 10 games.

On the season, via Extra Skater, Nash is starting 43.2% of his even strength shifts in the offensive zone.

Read: Rick Nash’s Comments Today

Rick NashRick Nash will play the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight for the first time since he was traded in July of 2012.

Nash spoke with the media today prior to the game and said (Rangers):

  • On not being able to play in Columbus, “it would have been fun to go but now that they are in the same division I am sure we will be able to do that. It was unfortunate that I didn’t get to go.”
  • On Brandon Dubinsky saying he was traded because NY like flash, “I can’t comment on his comments but for me, I know he has gone to a great city, good organization and I was happy to become a Ranger. It was a dream of mine to play for an Original Six and live in New York City. It’s all positive.”

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Read: Rick Nash Is Happy With How Supportive The Rangers Were Of Him During His Concussion

Rick NashIn the NY Post, Rick Nash spoke with Larry Brooks about his recovery from his concussion and Nash said that a big part of his rehab and recovery was knowing that the organization was so supportive of him taking his time and going at his own pace.

Nash said that he is confident that he is healthy, that all angles were covered and that all of the questions he had were answered .

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Rick Nash

Read: Rick Nash Felt Challenged By Alain Vigneault

Earlier this week, Alain Vigneault talked about how he needed his top players, his core players and leaders, to step up and start producing consistently.

One player who was likely not being target by Vigneualt’s comments was Rick Nash.

Nash has goals in four of his last five and six points in those five games, yet he told the NY Post that he took Vigneault’s comments personally. He added that he has always been part of the leadership group wherever he has been and wants to to lead by example on the ice.

Being a leader, Nash says, is a big part of his role with the Rangers.

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Watch: The First Goal The Rangers Scored Tonight

Derek Stepan told John Giannone after the game, “”as a group you talk about what you want to do when the team is forechecking. We just try to come with a lot of speed. It was a fortunate bounce to get over to Nash. I would like to take a lot of credit for it but I am just trying to get it to the outside and get it to Nasher.”

Image: The Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider, Rick Nash Line

Stepan Line

Following the game, on MSG, Rick Nash was asked by John Giannone about why this line worked so well. Nash said, “It’s tough to put your finger on one thing, it just seemed like there was a lot of open room. I think Kreids backs people off with his speed, Step is so good at both ends of the rink that it allows both wingers to cheat more offensively.”

Read: Brad Richards and Rick Nash Feel More Comfortable Together

Rick NashRick Nash said that last year, following the lockout, he and Richards tried to force success and it didn’t work. Now, Nash says that things have started to come much more naturally to him and Richards and things are just happening on the ice.

Richards said that there is a much different feel this time around when he plays with Nash.

In speaking with the NY Post, Richards took a lot of the blame for their struggles last year, saying that he himself was struggling and that he tried to force the puck to Nash which is “completely counter productive.”

Read: The Brad Richards, Ryan Callahan, Rick Nash Line

Ryan CallahanThe line of Brad Richards, between Rick Nash and Ryan Callahan, has only one goal between them since Nash returned to the lineup last Tuesday and none at even strength.

The trio has combined for 60 shot attempts in the three games and 31 on goal.

In the three games they played together, the Rangers had the following percentage of shot attempts when they were on the ice at even strength:

  • Nashville: 75% of the time
  • Dallas: 43%
  • Boston: 57%

Callahan told the Daily News that the line is “close” and that it’s only a matter of time before things start to “open up” for the Rangers.

In the NY Post, Nash and Richards spoke about how much better they feel when playing together this season than when they did last season.

Adam Rotter: There would be concern if the trio wasn’t getting chances when they were on the ice, but they are and they have looked good since being put together. As Nash continues to get better and Callahan, who only has two goals since returning from his broken thumb, finds his stride, the line will start to score. Richards, who is pointless in four games and only has one goal this month, is shooting the puck and creating chances but needs to convert. One of these games coming up will see the line breakout and hopefully get them going on a consistent basis .