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Read: Matt Calvert calls what Rick Nash did gutless/Nash explains why they fought

The Blue Jackets Matt Calvert discussed why he fought with Rick Nash last night.

Calvert said, “he took a cheap shot at our goalie and we didn’t have a chance to respond because the linesman jumped in, I know one of the guys on the ice would have responded, and I had a chance at the start of the third to get the boys going and to have him pay for what he did…it was a gutless move and I am glad it happened.” (CBJ)

Nash was asked what set him off and said, “probably the two cross checks to the head, the slew foot and the fact that he said he was going after me no matter what and he doesn’t care. That is enough to set me off….did you see it?”

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Read: Why Rick Nash went after Sergei Bobrovsky

Rick NashLate in the second period Rick Nash went hard to the net, appeared to score and also ran over Sergei Bobrovsky.

Nash got up, went to the crease and after a few seconds shoved Columbus goalie Sergei Bobrovsky.

After the game Nash was asked what set him off and said, “what set me off? Did you see me go pick up my stick…and he had two whacks in the first period when I was in front of the net and then I go to pick up my stick and he goes and flings it away…so you need to own up when you do something like that and I had to own up when I pushed him.”

Nash added, “two whacks and then I went to pick up my stick…did you guys see that?….it’s part of the game and he is an emotional guy and I am sure he is trying to get into the game and I am trying to get my team into the game and it’s hockey.”

Earlier in the game:

  • Bobrovsky jabbed Nash right behind the net, while in front of the crease, causing him to fall to the ice.
  • While skating past each other at the start of a period Bob stuck his foot out and made contact with Nash’s foot

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Read: Tomorrow will be special for Rick Nash (Updates)

4PM: Nash spoke with the media in Columbus today about his return (Rangers):

  • How was it being back today, “a lot of fun, memories, a lot of things go through my head when I come into the building. It’s a nice day to enjoy it and take in all the good times.”
  • Are you staying at your house, “I’ll stay at the hotel like a regular road trip.”
  • What goes through your mind, “it’s tough to describe. It the first time being here and it’s a lot of excitement to play in front of the fans that I played in front of for ten years. A lot of good memories, friends made, seeing all the security guards and people around the room it has been fun.”

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Rick Nash

Read: Rick Nash has not been scoring lately

Rick Nash has two goals in his past 15 games and two in the ten games since the Olympic break.

From Jan 6 to Jan 26 (11 games) Nash had 11 of his 20 goals.

In the 15 games where Nash has two goals, he has registered 58 shots on goal.

Larry Brooks writes that Rick Nash is spending too much time on the “outside” again and needs to get in close by the net where goals are scored. (NY Post)

Nash agreed and said that the difference between him scoring and not scoring is the amount of time he spends on the “inside.” Nash said that he needs to do a better job of getting to the scoring areas. (NY Post)

Nash says that he knows what is expected of him and that he feels the responsibility to score goals. (NY Post)

He says that getting to the inside is more about working hard than relying on skill.  (Ranger Rants)

Nash discussed his issues with getting “inside” earlier in the season.

Adam Rotter: Nash is admittedly a streaky player and he is currently going through one of his down streaks at one of the worst possible times in the season. Right now he looks like he normally does when he struggles, which is equally frustrating but also encouraging because he has shown the ability to break out of these slumps and get red hot. The Rangers need him desperately now to score some goals and get them some wins like he did in January.

Final: Canada wins 2-1

Drew Doughty scored in OT to lift Canada to a 2-1 win over Finland.

Doughty had both goals for Canada.

Rick Nash played 7:18, the fewest for any team Canada forward. He had two shots and was called for high sticking.

He played 1:50 in the first, 3:19 in the second and 2:09 in the third. He didn’t play in OT.

Nash had a goal waived off. He hit the top of the net and the puck bounced in.

FINAL: Canada beats Austria 6-0

Rick NashRick Nash and Canada beat Austria 6-0 to go to 2-0 in the Olympics.

Goal scorers for Canada were Jeff Carter (3), Drew Doughty, Shea Weber and Ryan Getzlaf.

Rick Nash played 10:26 and had 3 shots on goal. He played 3:20 in the first, 4:21 in the second and 2:45 in the third.

Canada next plays Finland on Sunday.

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Read: Rick Nash and his spot on Team Canada

12:48PM: Nash said that he wasn’t expecting to make Team Canada but Steve Yzerman called him and said that they trust Nash on the ice and wanted him on the team. (ESPN.com)

Nash said that he wasn’t sure if being named to Team Canada was the reason he started scoring in January, but what he did know was that the puck started going in. (ESPN.com)

Nash’s spot, a defensive role, was debated with Patrice Bergeron and Logan Couture also in the mix and Couture was the one left off the team. (ESPN.com)

Mike Babcock praised Nash for the role he had in 2010 and Jonathon Toews said that Nash always play well in international competition. (ESPN.com)

8:34AM: In early practices in Russia, Rick Nash is skating with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp.

Nash and Sharp were a two-way line in 2010, with Mike Richards, that was usually tasked with shutting down the oppositions best forwards.

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Read: Rick Nash is glad that the outdoor games are over

Following the Rangers win over the Islanders last night, Rick Nash was asked by Sam Rosen if he had a favorite moment from the outdoor games.

Nash responded, “I’m pretty happy that they are over but the four points and the two wins coming here even though it was a great event they are still real points and real games so it was nice to get both the wins.” (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)

On the game conditions, Nash said that the cold had an impact because the players weren’t used to it but that it was the depth perception of not having anyone around the glass and the puck bouncing kept players heads down, “it wasn’t the perfect conditions.” (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)

Nash was then asked if he was happy to be going back to MSG and said, “for sure….I am glad that this is over.” (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)

In the two games, Nash had one goal, six shots and played 14:59 on Sunday and 18:27 on Wednesday.”

Rick Nash

Read: Why Rick Nash Wasn’t Going To The Net For A While

Rick Nash has 11 goals in his last 11 games and Alain Vigneault has said that Nash has started to play more on the “inside” as opposed staying out on the perimeter.

Nash said that he needed to get the feel for his game back after his injury and that he worked with the coaches a lot to make that happens. He said that the main issue wasn’t being hesitant to take another hit, but instead not having all parts of his game, legs, hands, skating, and timing in sync at the right time.  (Ranger Rants)

Nash said on ESPN Radio recently, “the only change is that I am playing on the inside more and I noticed when I first came back I was on the outside more and now I can make things happen.”

From the Rangers game notes, “Rick Nash enters the contest with a five-game goal streak (seven goals), and has 11 goals in the last 11 contests. This is the first time in Nash’s career he has tallied 11 goals in an 11-game span, and he is one game shy of the longest goal streak in his career. He notched the opening goal in two straight games on his current streak – Jan. 19 (1:10 of the 1st) and Jan. 21 (1:02 of the 1st). According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the last Rangers player to score a goal within the game’s opening 70 seconds in consecutive games was Jan Hlavac in 1999-00. Nash was also credited with the game-winning goal in four straight games in which he scored a goal from Jan. 10 – Jan. 19, becoming the first Blueshirt to do so since Tom Poti in 2003-04.