Health: Michael Sauer Has Had A Setback

According to Katie Strang of ESPN NY, John Tortorella told reporters today that Michael Sauer has been shut down for a couple of days because of some issues related to skating last week.

The team’s twitter account quotes John Tortorella as saying,”He really hasn’t felt that great after a few days on the ice”

Note: No Michael Sauer Update

Andrew Gross tweets that there is no update on defenseman Michael Sauer.

Sauer, on Wednesday, was said to be working out after having a few “good days.”

In the case of Marc Staal, he started to do light workouts and a week later started to skate on his own.

About four weeks after that he was cleared for contact and a week later he played.

Every concussion is different and it’s all about patience, as was the case with Staal. Hopefully Sauer continues to have good days and work out, but I still think he is far off, at least a 4-6 weeks, and that is if he doesn’t have any set backs, from returning. I think that we tend to get carried away when he get updates, but it’s still a slow process and John Tortorella will keep as much hidden about Sauer for as long as he can.

Buzz: Michael Sauer Is Not Close To Returning


We may not see Sauer again until next season. That is just my thoughts on this, but he really got his bell rung my Dion Phaneuf and the team is going to be extra careful like they have been with Marc Staal.