Note: John Tortorella On Michael Sauer

During the Q and A session at the Rangers Dog Walk this morning, John Tortorella was asked about Michael Sauer.

Bryan Finkel was there and says that the exchange went like this:

Q: On the chances of seeing Michael Sauer in the beginning of the season?

A:”I don’t think you’ll see Michael.  Michael hasn’t responded that well—I’ll be quite honest—I do not think you’ll see him at the beginning of the season.”

In a transcript provided by the team, Tortorella added That’s a big hole for us. Michael played very well for us, and we certainly missed him during the playoff run. I think it’s going to be a little bit of time before Michael resumes his career.

 It was reported in late June that Sauer was doing “much better” but still had ways to go.

Glen Sather said at the draft that Sauer was doing better but “coming along slowly.”

Dave Maloney said in late July that Sauer was believed to have made “tremendous progress.”

Last month it was suggested that Sauer could start on Long Term IR.

Read: The Chance Michael Sauer Can Return

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that there is some hope that Michael Sauer will be able to return to the Rangers this season.

Brooks adds “If Sauer, said to be feeling better than he was before returning home to Minnesota for the summer but is not believed symptom-free, cannot play, he would be placed on the long-term injury list.”

Sauer reportedly has made tremendous progress over the summer.

Buzz: Michael Sauer Has Made “Tremendous Progress”

Earlier this week, Rangers analyst Dave Maloney was on Edmonton Radio 630 and said that Michael Sauer has made “tremendous progress” in his recovery from his concussion.

The exact quote from Maloney is “the guy who is feeling better and I think that if he is in the Rangers lineup I think the Rangers beat the Devils, that guy is Michael Sauer. Michael Sauer is apparently making tremendous progress and feeling better. So you take Tim Erixon out of the mix and there is a hope and a thought that Sauer is better. Their first pick this year was a young defenseman and McIlrath banged his knee cap up at development camp. That being said there is a lot of hope that Michael Sauer can be the Michael Sauer he was two years ago and the Rangers then get that much better on the blue line.

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 It was reported late last month that Sauer was doing “much better” but still had ways to go.

Glen Sather said at the draft that Sauer was doing better but “coming along slowly.”

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Adam Rotter: Any progress with Sauer is good news but I wouldn’t count on him until he has laced up the skates and is on the ice with the Rangers. They still need to go ahead and plan as if he won’t be there and then if he does, and he is able to be close to the player that he was, the Rangers will have solved their defensive issues.

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According to Katie Strang at ESPN NY, Michael Sauer’s agent says that Sauer is doing “much better” but admits that it is still a “slow process.”

Glen Sather said at the draft that he is “coming along slowly” but making progress and feeling “a bit better.”

John Tortorella said on breakup day that Sauer was a big question mark.

On December 5th, Dion Phaneuf concussed Sauer

Sauer was then placed on IR on 12/14. John Tortorella said on 12/19 that he wasn’t going to be with the team for a while.

In the month of January, it appeared that Sauer was making strides, symptom free, and working towards a return to the lineup.

Sauer suffered a setback near the end of January and in February John Tortorella said that he hadn’t seen Sauer in some time.

Note: Michael Sauer Is Making Some Progress

According to a tweet from Larry Brooks, Glen Sather said that Michael Sauer is feeling “a bit better” and that while he is making progress, he is “coming along slowly.”

John Tortorella said following the end of the season that he couldn’t plan on having Sauer in training camp.

Read: The Sauer Brothers and Concussions

Michael Sauer has been out with a concussion since December 5th and John Tortorella said earlier this week that he can’t just count on Sauer to be back for training camp and he almost has to proceed in his planning as if Sauer won’t be back.

Sauer’s brother, Kurt, has been out since 2009 after suffering a concussion/neck injury.

In April 2011, Sarah McLellan wrote about how Sauer was becoming a stay at home dad due to his injury and presence of concussion symptoms.

Jo Innes writes at Backhand Shelf that Sauer is feeling better, after some treatment, and is able to play with his children now.

Note: The Michael Saue Update….Or Lack Thereof

I wouldn’t count on seeing Sauer again this season. The defense has been strong enough and Jeff Woywitka is back to provide more depth with Stu Bickel. They should just shut Sauer down, if they haven’t already, and work with him to get ready for next season.