Read: Michael Sauer Is Doing “Much Better” But Still Ways Away

According to Katie Strang at ESPN NY, Michael Sauer’s agent says that Sauer is doing “much better” but admits that it is still a “slow process.”

Glen Sather said at the draft that he is “coming along slowly” but making progress and feeling “a bit better.”

John Tortorella said on breakup day that Sauer was a big question mark.

On December 5th, Dion Phaneuf concussed Sauer

Sauer was then placed on IR on 12/14. John Tortorella said on 12/19 that he wasn’t going to be with the team for a while.

In the month of January, it appeared that Sauer was making strides, symptom free, and working towards a return to the lineup.

Sauer suffered a setback near the end of January and in February John Tortorella said that he hadn’t seen Sauer in some time.

Note: Michael Sauer Is Making Some Progress

According to a tweet from Larry Brooks, Glen Sather said that Michael Sauer is feeling “a bit better” and that while he is making progress, he is “coming along slowly.”

John Tortorella said following the end of the season that he couldn’t plan on having Sauer in training camp.

Read: The Sauer Brothers and Concussions

Michael Sauer has been out with a concussion since December 5th and John Tortorella said earlier this week that he can’t just count on Sauer to be back for training camp and he almost has to proceed in his planning as if Sauer won’t be back.

Sauer’s brother, Kurt, has been out since 2009 after suffering a concussion/neck injury.

In April 2011, Sarah McLellan wrote about how Sauer was becoming a stay at home dad due to his injury and presence of concussion symptoms.

Jo Innes writes at Backhand Shelf that Sauer is feeling better, after some treatment, and is able to play with his children now.

Note: The Michael Saue Update….Or Lack Thereof

I wouldn’t count on seeing Sauer again this season. The defense has been strong enough and Jeff Woywitka is back to provide more depth with Stu Bickel. They should just shut Sauer down, if they haven’t already, and work with him to get ready for next season.

Health: Michael Sauer Has Had A Setback

According to Katie Strang of ESPN NY, John Tortorella told reporters today that Michael Sauer has been shut down for a couple of days because of some issues related to skating last week.

The team’s twitter account quotes John Tortorella as saying,”He really hasn’t felt that great after a few days on the ice”

Note: No Michael Sauer Update

Andrew Gross tweets that there is no update on defenseman Michael Sauer.

Sauer, on Wednesday, was said to be working out after having a few “good days.”

In the case of Marc Staal, he started to do light workouts and a week later started to skate on his own.

About four weeks after that he was cleared for contact and a week later he played.

Every concussion is different and it’s all about patience, as was the case with Staal. Hopefully Sauer continues to have good days and work out, but I still think he is far off, at least a 4-6 weeks, and that is if he doesn’t have any set backs, from returning. I think that we tend to get carried away when he get updates, but it’s still a slow process and John Tortorella will keep as much hidden about Sauer for as long as he can.