Read: Mats Zuccarello had his best game last night/what he told a Norwegian paper after the game

Mats Zuccarello Derick BrassardMats Zuccarello picked up his first point of the season last night and played a season high 19:18 in the Rangers 2-1 win over the Hurricanes.

Zuccarello had two shots on goal, 4 shot attempts that were blocked, 1 hit and one giveaway.

He played 5:31 in the first, 5:53 in the second, 6:24 in the third and 1:30 in OT.

Joe Micheletti said that this was Zuccarello’s best game of the season, was “tremendous” and thinks that his performance will “spur” him on. He added that Zuccarello battled all night, got knocked down, went to the net, stole pucks and doesn’t mind taking a hit to make a play. (MSG)

He started the game, mostly, with Kevin Hayes and Carl Hagelin, before being put with Derick Brassard and a rotation of Chris Kreider and Ryan Malone.

Brassard had a big smile on his face when talking about being put back together with Zuccarello and added that he felt last night was Zuccarello’s best game of the season.  (Daily News)

Asked about the game, Zuccarello said that it was “time to get a win” and it was “delicious.” He said that there was a “heavy” feeling hanging over the team so they needed the win and played a better game than they had in a while.(Nettavisen)

Read: What Mats Zuccarello told a Norwegian paper after the game last night

Zuccarello 15:49PM: Zuccarello said that his shoulder is not where it should be but others are hurting and there is no excuse. (TV2)

He said that the Rangers have been in this situation before and just need to work hard to get out of it. (TV2)

10:19AM: Mats Zuccarello told BT in Norway that the Islanders were a “bit lucky” last night since the Rangers gave them some easy goals. Zuccarello said that it’s bothersome to lose like that when the team feels they are playing well. (BT)

Zuccarello said that the Rangers started badly last year so they can look back on their experience with that but added, “we have to get out of the swamp rather quickly.” (BT)

Asked about his return to the lineup, where he played 16:22, was a minus one, 1 shot on goal, 2 shots that were blocked, 1 takeaway and one hit, Zuccarello said that his shoulder was no excuse and that other players are playing hurt as well. (BT)

Read/Pictures: Mats Zuccarello is day to day (Update: Playing on Tuesday)

Z10/14/15 | 5:31PM: Zuccarello said that his shoulder is getting better. He said that he wouldn’t go out there and risk anything but he will be out there tonight. (TV2)

10/13/14 | 7:47PM: The Rangers had no update on Zuccarello today. (NY Post)

10/12/14 | 10:37PM: Mats Zuccarello sat out tonight’s game after taking warmups and is being called “day to day” by Alain Vigneault. (MSG)

Asked if he thought Zuccarello would be ready for Tuesday against the Islanders, Vigneault said that he didn’t want to speculate.

On Saturday against Columbus, Zuccarello had two incidents where he was banged up.

Zuccarello was hit by Marko Dano and went to the locker room.

He later collided with Jack Skille and looked to be in discomfort.

Read/Stats: The struggles of the Carl Hagelin, Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello line

Mats Zuccarello Derick BrassardThrough two games, the line of Carl Hagelin, Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello has:

  • Hagelin: minus 2, 6PIM, 3 shots, 14:38 per game. On ice for 17 shot attempts for, 25 against. (HS)
  • Brassard: minus 3, 1 shot, 15:49 per game, 48.6% on faceoffs. On ice for 15shot attempts for, 23 against. (HS)
  • Zuccarello: minus 4, 9PIM, 4 shots, 15:27 per game. On ice for 17 shot attempts for, 25 against. (HS)

Zuccarello said after the game last night, “we haven’t been good enough in both games. We need to step it up, contribute more offensively and there is no excuse there, we need to play better.” (NYR)

He added, “we gotta step it up, our line, we need to contribute more. Tonight our line didn’t show up and we didn’t play well in the last game either, so two bad games isn’t good enough.” (NYR)



Read: Mats Zuccarello would play center if asked

Zucc1Mats Zuccarello says that it has been many years since he played center, and he prefers to be a winger, but if asked he would slide into the middle. (Nettavisen)

Asked about Marty St. Louis moving from wing to center to start the season, Zuccarello said that he thinks Marty will “master it quite well.” (Nettavisen)

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Read: Alain Vigneault on Mats Zuccarello and what has made him better

ZuccarelloEarly on in camp, Alain Vigneault was asked about Mats Zuccarello and said that while one-year doesn’t make a career, Zuccarello has come into this season in his best conditioning level since joining the NHL.

Vigneault said that he felt Zuccarello’s conditioning last season, which “improved dramatically,” from the prior year had a lot to do with his career year.

Vigneault added, “I see him as a real good young player that is improving and putting in the time and figuring out how to be successful and now we just need to figure out what is the best way for us to use him on our team.”

Zuccarello said that his goals for the season include just being a consistent player and doing his best. (LoHud via Nettavisen)

Lundqvist ,Zuccarello

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John Giannone asked Mats Zuccarello about his relationship with Henrik Lundqvist on the Bleeding Blueshirts podcast.(MSG)

Zuccarello said, I can’t talk about Hank, how he feels about it, but he can be as mad at me as my mom gets some days. Some days he isn’t in the mood but I love Hank, he is a great guy and great friend of mine. It gives me great pleasure to come into the locker room and see him.”

He adds, “He is the King of New York so someone needs to make sure he has his feet on the earth so I take that responsibility. Hopefully he likes it too and it relaxes him a bit, he is always so intense but sometimes it’s not relaxing when I get in there and want to shoot. If he doesn’t save that it’s even worse then if he lets one in during a game, so I enjoy it every time that I score. We have fun on the ice and outside and when it comes down to it, Hank is there for you and I will be there for him.”

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Recap: Mats Zuccarello’s comments today on the season and replacing Benoit Pouliot

Mats ZuccarelloMats Zuccarello met with the media today on day two of training camp to discuss the coming season:

  • On wanting more than one year, “It doesn’t matter what kind of deal you are on, every season is the same and you want to come and do the best for the team. I don’t think about that at all. It was the best for both parties and we will see what happens, nothing that I think about now.” (Lohud on Soundcloud)
  • You approach camp the same way, “yup, I’m a little more comfortable this year than previous years but everything that happened last year is forgotten and it’s a new season and we have to prove ourselves as a team and individually as well.” (NYR)

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