Read: Mats Zuccarello on signing a one-year deal

Zucc Marty7:07AM: After searching for a 3-4 year deal, Mats Zuccarello signed a ONE-YEAR deal worth $3.5 million yesterday.

Zuccarello said shortly after that it was “brilliant” to sign for one-year and worked out for both sides right now. Zuccarello also said that he was happy to avoid arbitration for the second straight summer.

He added that with the Rangers cap situation where it is, it was best to sign for one year. He adds that it makes him a free agent next summer but he is happy to be with the Rangers and feels that it’s “my club.” (VG)

Norway’s TV2 hockey expert Bjorn Erevik expects that the two sides will work out a long-term deal and avoid Zuccarello becoming a free agent. (TV2)

Ole Eskild Dahlstrøm said that Zuccarello was pushed into a corner by the Rangers cap situation but that it shouldn’t matter because of how confident Zuccarello is as a player and his desire to stay in NY. (VG)

Mats Zuccarello

NEWS: Mats Zuccarello signs new contract with the Rangers (Update: With Zuccarello’s comments)

7PM: The Rangers have confirmed the signing.

6:19PM: Zuccarello says that one year was the best thing for both sides right now. He said that he is glad he isn’t going to arbitration. (Nettavisen)

5:52PM: The Rangers and Mats Zuccarello have avoided arbitration by coming to terms on a deal worth $3.5 million per season. (Darren Dreger)

The deal is for ONE-YEAR and the two sides will continue to work out a long-term extension. An extension can’t be signed until after January 1, 2015. (Larry Brooks)

If an extension is not agreed upon, Zuccarello will be a UFA on July 1 next summer.

  • Zuccarello had 19 goals and 40 assists to lead the Rangers with 59 points in the regular season. He averaged 17:08 per game
  • In the playoffs, Zuccarello had 5 goals and 8 assists in 17:40 per game.
  • In the regular season, Zuccarello’s Corsi was 53.8% (ES)
  • In the playoffs his Corsi was 49.9% (ES)

He was scheduled for an arbitration hearing on Friday.

Zuccarello was reportedly seeking a deal for around 3-4 years and at $4.5 million per season.

The Rangers and  Zuccarello came to terms on a deal the day before his arbitration hearing last year.

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Mats Zuccarello

Read: What Mats Zuccarello’s next contract could be

7/17/14 | 10:31AM: The Rangers are still in the process of negotiating a long-term deal with Mats Zuccarello that would see him stay with the team through his first few years of potential unrestricted free agency. (NY Post)

The process of locking up Zuccarello and preventing him from becoming a free agent could result in a higher cap hit for the player because of what he could potentially get on the open market next summer. A one-year deal through arbitration would result in a lower cap hit for the Rangers but possibly preclude them from a potential long-term deal with Zuccarello.  (NY Post)

Zuccarello is seeking a multi-year deal, he wants 3-4 years, with a cap hit of $4.5 million. (NY Post)

If the Rangers and Zuccarello do go to arbitration, it’s likely that his cap hit next season would be $3.7 million to $4 million. (NY Post)

Last year the Rangers and Zuccarello were on the verge of arbitration when they came to terms on a one-year deal.

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Buzz: What Mats Zuccarello is reportedly looking for (Updates)

Mats Zuccarello Broadway Hat7/2/14 | 7:13AM: Zuccarello’s agent said that he and Jeff Gorton had good talks at the draft and that he and his client know that the Rangers are in a cap squeeze and need to find a deal that works for both sides. (Daily News)

7/2/14 | 8:45AM: Mats Zuccarello is apparently searching for a four-year deal worth between $4 million and $5 million per season. (VG)

Zuccarello said earlier this week that he is searching for a four-year deal and that a commitment from the team in terms of years is more important that trying to get the highest salary.

Zuccarello is an RFA and the Rangers have around $14 million in cap space.

Buzz: Mats Zuccarello wants a four-year deal (Update: More comments)

Zuccarello17/1/14 | 6:25AM: Zuccarello wants a 3-4 year contract (Nettavisen) and to be rewarded for his strong play as well as give him some “peace of mind” more than just a big salary. (TV2)

He says that he doesn’t want to take all the money and that it’s just as important to play on a “powerful” team. (TV2)

Zuccarello said that he thinks it’s more likely that he and Derick Brassard return because they are RFAs while Benoit Pouliot is a UFA. He said that he hopes all three come back, especially after the Rangers made it clear that they were one of the better lines this season. (Nettavisen)

6/30/14 | 3:53PM: Zuccarello said that he wants to be a Ranger but that he won’t sign a cheap deal. Later on he said that it’s not important for him to hit a “home run” with this contract. He added that the Rangers wouldn’t give him “extra pay” for a down season and that he wants to feel appreciated with this new deal. (VG)

Zuccarello said that Glen Sather’s comments are negotiating tactics and he wants players signed as cheaply as possible.  Zuccarello adds that every time he has been called up he has shown that he can “help” and play well enough. (VG)

Talks have already started and Zuccarello said again that he is hoping for a 3-4 year deal because it would be best for him and for the team.  (VG)

Zuccarello’s agent says that he thinks a deal can be reached quickly. (VG)

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Buzz: Mats Zuccarello’s agent on Zuccarello’s next contract

6/17/14 | 7:27AM: Zuccarello said that switching teams is not something that he wants to do and he hopes a deal with the Rangers can be found. (TV2)

6/16/14 | 4:50PM: Alain Vigneault said today, “I definitely want Mats to be a training camp next year so I want his contract issues taken care of. He was a big part of our team and got off to a slow start but once he found some chemistry with his teammates he became a big part of our offensive forwards. He is a good young man with good instincts and if he continues to progress he should be a good player for us.” (Rangers)

2:15PM: Mats Zuccarello’s agent Erik Ryman spoke with VG about Zuccarello’s new contract and said that Zuccarello will receive a salary based on his market value. (VG)

He said that he expects discussions on Zuccarello’s new contract to begin soon and Zuccarello would love it to be done as soon as possible. (VG)

It’s been expected that Zuccarello’s contract would be discussed as soon as the Rangers season ended.

Zuccarello is an RFA this summer and coming off a one-year contract worth $1.15 million.

The Rangers qualifying offer for Zuccarello will be $1.15 million.

He can take the Rangers to arbitration.

Zuccarello, 26, had 5 goals and 8 assists in 25 playoff games.

In the regular season he finished 52nd in the league, and led the Rangers, with 59 points.

In his career, he has played 144 games and has 30 goals and 63 assists.