Read: Carl Hagelin on Mats Zuccarello and finally getting to play on the road

Carl Hagelin, Mats Zuccarello12/19/14 | 9:39AM: On being on the road, Zuccarello said that it brings “cohesion” to the team as they go eat together, play cards and start to form into a “united” group.” (Nettavisen)

12/18/14| 11:57AM: Carl Hagelin says that it was a good for the Rangers to go on a road trip because it’s on those trips where the “layers” of the team are “welded together” and the new players can finally start to feel as if they are really part of the team. (VG)

Hagelin added that the winning streak on the road trip has started to bring back memories of last year when the team were “road warriors.” (VG)

On Mats Zuccarello, Hagelin said that he had a similar start to last year and has started playing his best hockey on the most recent road trip. Hagelin said that in those three games he looked like the “usual Mats again” and held the puck and played with a lot of confidence. (VG)

Hagelin wondered if being in Western Canada reminded Zuccarello of being home in Norway. (VG)

Per Bjurman says that Hagelin and Zuccarello are best friends. (VG)

Read: A new contract has been on Mats Zuccarello’s mind (Updates)

Zuccarello12/17/14 | 3:44PM: Zuccarello said that a new contract may have been on his mind to start the season but he isn’t thinking about it now. He said that it’s out of his control and the only thing he can control is playing better and helping the team win. (Daily News)

12/16/14 | 7:28AM: Mats Zuccarello has points in three straight games, 2 goals and 2 assists, and it’s his first streak of points in three straight games this season.

Zuccarello is a UFA at the end of the season and is right now projected to score 18 goals and 24 assists.

Asked about his contract, Zuccarello said that he has thought a “great deal” about it and “most likely” he will get a job in the NHL next year whether it’ with the Rangers or not. (TV2)

Zuccarello said that he “thrives” both on and off the ice in New York and in regards to his future he said, “we’ll just see what happens.” (TV2)

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Read: Mats Zuccarello’s two goals and his confidence

Mats Zuccarello9:04PM: Zuccarello said on MSG, “It’s nice to contribute, not a lot of goals lately. The most important way to get confidence is to win games. If we get on a roll it will give everyone confidence.”

12/14/14 | 12:39PM: Mats Zuccarello had his first two-goal game of the season last night for the Rangers, a plus two rating, 1 shot attempt that was blocked, 2 hits, 1 giveaway, 1 takeaway and 1 blocked shot.

Zuccarello said that he doesn’t think he has been very good lately so it’s nice to score a couple of goals. (TV2)

After the game, Henrik Lundqvist said, “I think he plays the same way, scoring or not scoring, he plays hard and works hard all over the ice. It’s good for his confidence to put some pucks in but his game doesn’t change which is something that you appreciate about his game.”

Zuccarello had previously gone five games without a goal and only 1 in his last 11.


Read: The need for Mats Zuccarello and Chris Kreider

Mats ZuccarelloMats Zuccarello has 4 goals and 7 assists this season but zero points on the PP, 1 multi-point game since November 1 and 3 goals and 4 assists in 16 games since November 1.

Chris Kreider has 4 goals and 9 assists this season, 2 points on the PP, 2 multi-point games since November 1 and 2 goals and 7 assists in 15 games since November 1.

  • Kreider is on pace for 13 goals and 30 assists this season which would eclipse his point total of 37 last year.

Joe Micheletti said recently “for the Rangers to win consistently they need Mats Zuccarello and Chris Kreider to produce. He said that those two need to start scoring to balance things out because it’s not likely Rick Nash will keep up his scoring pace for the whole season.”


Read: Norwegian writer not sure Mats Zuccarello will get new contract from Rangers (Updates)

Zuccarello12/10/14 | 9:27AM: Zuccarello said that he isn’t thinking about his contract and his focus is on playing better. He said that his contract will take care of itself when the time comes. (Nettavisen)

He said that it’s important to him to stay with the Rangers.(Nettavisen)

12/5/14 | 8:34AM: Zuccarello says that he is an important part of the team and while he wishes he could score more, his importance to the team goes beyond points. (Nettavisen)

12/3/14 | 5:25PM: Larry Brooks writes that if the Rangers know they won’t be able to sign Zuccarello they will investigate trading him in the same way they did Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi a year ago. (NY Post)

10:39AM: Norwegian writer Øystein Jarlsbo writes that there is no guarantee that Mats Zuccarello will get the long-term contract that “he deserves.”  (VG)

Zuccarello is on a one-year deal worth $3.5 million and can sign an extension starting after January 1.

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Read: What Mats Zuccarello said to the Norwegian media after the game

Mats ZuccarelloIn describing the game against the Penguins last night, Mats Zuccarello called it “some real pig hockey.” (Nettavisen)

On the Penguins tying the game, Zuccarello said that they got a bouncing puck to go in their favor after the Rangers had a bouncing puck work for them on Rick Nash’s goal. (Nettavisen)

He added that this was an important game for the Rangers because they needed the two points. (Nettavisen)

On how the team has been playing, Zuccarello said that the Rangers have played well in many games but not gotten the results they want while last night was “not our best game, but we win.” (Nettavisen)