Buzz: Darren Dreger On The Rangers/The Trade Deadline/Marian Gaborik

Last night on the NHL Network, via KK, Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun sat with Kathryn Tappen to talk about the trade deadline.

On the Rangers, Darren Dreger said,”they have been disappointing this season, that’s obvious, and they are still trying to figure out if they fit with the contenders. They still have needs, a top-four defenseman who can help their power play and and in a perfect world add another level of grit, so a top nine forward.”

He adds “to do that, what are they willing to part with? They are looking at a Dan Boyle type of player from the Sharks who can certainly fit their need on the back end.”

On Marian Gaborik, Dreger says “it’s not that the Rangers are trying to push this guy out the door. They know that seven times in his career he has scored over 30 goals so they know he is a key component but they are getting calls on him. With a year left at $7.5 it might be surprising if he gets traded but San Jose and the Rangers seem to have a lot of dialogue going on.”

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Read: Jeff Gorton On Taking Back Salary In A Trade

At ESPN Insider Craig Custance wrote about how teams are now able to absorb parts of contracts in trades and the impact it may have on this year’s trade deadline.

Custance says that the new rule has only been used once, when Toronto traded Matthew Lombardi back to Phoenix, but in speaking with Rangers assistant GM Jeff Gorton, it has been a topic of conversation during trade talks.

Gorton said that the ability to absorb salary is “valuable” and the Rangers are in the process of feeling out how the process works. He adds, “If there’s a money concern on one team and the other team has the ability to keep it, it’s significant. As we move forward it’s going to play a big role in player deals.”

There has been speculation that teams may have asked the Rangers to absorb part of Marian Gaborik’s salary in a potential trade.

Buzz: The Rangers Have Called Several Teams About Marian Gaborik

In a chat at, Pierre LeBrun says that the Rangers are trying to move Marian Gaborik and they have called several teams to talk about a trade.

LeBrun says that the Rangers have not yet found a taker on Gaborik.

Last night, Darren Dreger said that multiple teams had called the Rangers to gauge a price on Gaborik.

Katie Strang wonders if the Sharks would do a trade of Boyle for Gaborik and thinks that it would be a good deal for the Rangers.

Scott Burnside added, “Pretty sure the Sharks are at their limit for overpaid, underachieving forwards aren’t they?”

In response, Strang said “Haha good point Scotty. Although he is coming off a 41-goal season. That’s the funny thing about Gaborik. For as much heat as he takes, his numbers aren’t bad. Just goes completely invisible at times. Such a streaky player”

LeBrun said that Sharks likely won’t want Gaborik’s cap hit of $7.5 million on their cap next season.

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Buzz: Multiple Teams Have Called The Rangers About Marian Gaborik

On TSN, Darren Dreger reported that multiple teams have called the Rangers to express “some level of interest” or find out what it would cost to get Marian Gaborik.

Dreger says that the Rangers remind anyone who asks about Gaborik that he has scored at least 30 goals in seven different seasons in his NHL career.

Dreger says that the Rangers want a top-four defenseman and a top-nine forward who has a different element, “some grit.”

He adds “they have enough scoring power, or at least they thought they did, so Gaborik most definitely could be in play.”

Poll: Will Marian Gaborik Be With The Rangers Next Season

In a chat at, Katie Strang wrote, “I definitely think they should try to trade Gabork if they can find the right deal. Seems crazy to say about a two-time 40-goal scorer but too often he is inconsistent and/or completely invisible”

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Read: The Rangers Are Using Their TOP Line Again

Today at practice, Rick Nash skated with Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik and it looks like the trio will be together consistently for the first time since early February.

Nash told the Daily News that he feels the three of them started to have some success when they were together early in the season, but the key for that line is to be responsible defensively.

Adam Rotter:This is a move that makes sense to not only try and get the Rangers out of their scoring funk, but also to bring all three players, especially Gaborik and Richards, out of their individual funks. Derek Stepan and Ryan Callahan have been the Rangers best two forwards lately and with Carl Hagelin can provide a good second line. The Rangers are at a place where they kind of need to go “all-in” and putting Nash, Gaborik and Richards together is an “all-in” move.

Buzz: The Rangers Are Trying To Trade Marian Gaborik By The Deadline

According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the Rangers are attempting to trade Marian Gaborik by the April 3rd trade deadline.

Brooks says that Gaborik has provided the Rangers with a list of ten teams of which he will not accept a trade.

He adds that it will be tough to trade Gaborik with his cap hit of $7.5 million through next season and since the Rangers will need value for Gaborik.

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