Read: Marc Staal Has Had No Eye Issues Lately

Marc Staal VisorIn the NY Post, Marc Staal told Larry Brooks that he has not experienced any issues during the preseason that are related to the eye injury he suffered last spring.

Staal said that the preseason actually went better for him than he expected and that he feels comfortable and confident heading into the opener in Phoenix.

He also made sure to note that if he has a bad game it’s because he had a bad game and not because of any eye issue.

Alain Vigneault said yesterday that Staal was fully healthy.

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Recap: Marc Staal’s Meeting With The Edmonton Media

Marc Staal VisorMarc Staal chatted with some members of the Edmonton media this morning before the Rangers and Oilers game.

Staal will play in his second straight game tonight:

On how he feels, “I feel good. It was a good summer of training and getting geared up. I feel healthy and strong and putting one foot in front of the other and getting better every day and getting ready for the season.”

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Read: Marc Staal Felt Good After A Few Shifts Last Night

Marc StaalIn the Rangers loss to the Devils last night, Marc Staal played a total of 21:56.

He played 8:27 in the first period, 6:12 in the second period and 7:17 in the third period.

Staal recorded six shots on goal and had one shot block to go along with an interference penalty.

Following the game, Staal said that he felt a bit of relief after the first couple of shifts finished, “you can tell yourself all summer long that you feel good, bu to actually be out there and feel comfortable and confident, I was really happy with it.”

Staal said that he felt calm after the intensity of the first few shifts and that how he felt last night was miles away from how he felt when he returned for one playoff game last season.

Alain Vigneault said that Staal started off the game looking a little anxious but battled through that and got much better as the night went on.

Read: Ryan McDonagh Is Really Excited About Marc Staal

Staal5:42PM: Alain Vigneault said today “Marc feels real good. As far as what he has told me, this is as good as he has felt in a long time. He is looking forward to prove to himself, his teammates and his coaches that he is a good player.”

11:11AM: Ryan McDonagh told Ranger Rants that Marc Staal has looked “awesome” during the Rangers informal skates the last few weeks and that the team couldn’t be more excited to have him back fully healthy.

McDonagh says that Staal is skating like his normal self and makes the Rangers defense a lot deeper.

Staal has said that he is “all clear” and that his eye injury is behind him.

Note: Marc Staal Has Turned The Page and is All Clear

Panthers Rangers HockeyFollowing the Rangers informal skate yesterday, Marc Staal spoke with reporters about how he is feeling heading into the season.

Staal says that he has adapted to his eye issues and that “his brain rewired itself” to better understand the depth perception and tracking the puck.

When asked if there was anything he can’t do or anything he was worried about, Staal said “all clear….I feel good.” He added,  It’s behind me, I’ve turned the page and I am looking towards starting the season healthy and starting fresh.

Staal has been wearing a visor with a blue tint and said that his sensitive to light is almost gone and that the visor allows him to better focus and limit distractions.

Staal told the Rangers website that this is the best he has felt in a few years and that he is motivated to get back to playing at a very high level.

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Read: What Marc Staal Went Through Last Spring

Marc StaalAt Yahoo, Nick Cotsonika spoke with Marc Staal about some of the events that followed his eye injury last March.

Staal said that in the immediate aftermath of taking the puck to the eye he couldn’t see anything but one dot of light. He said that it took around a month or so before he felt like he wasn’t “like, blind.”

Cotsonika says that Staal did nothing for five weeks and in that time lost ten pounds.

When he was able to return to practice pressure in his eye would go back and forth and leave him disoriented.

Staal said that he felt overwhelmed in his return during the playoffs and it was hard, with his loss in vision, to process everything that was going on.

Staal says that he is 100% and doesn’t feel that his eye will have a negative impact on this season.

Jordan Staal told Cotsonika that the only difference he sees in Marc is that he is wearing a visor. Besides that, Jordan says that he is the “same old Marc” and that his eye doesn’t seem to be bothering him.

Staal is skating in NY now with a tinted visor.