Buzz: The Dominic Moore situation (Rangers trying to keep him)

Dom Moore12:38PM: The Rangers talks with Moore are ongoing. (Brooks(

11:09AM: Nick Kypreos mentions Chicago as a place for Dom Moore. (Sportsnet)

7/1/14 | 11AM: Moore is headed to market at 12PM (LeBrun)

6/30/14 | 9:30PM: Moore is seeking a three-year deal worth $1.7 million per season while the Rangers are offering two-years at slightly less money. (NY Post)

 2:22PM: The Rangers are in talks to keep Dom Moore. (Brooks)

6/28/ 14 | 7:57PM: Larry Brooks keeps hearing that the Rangers aren’t going to pay to keep Dominic Moore. (NY Post)

Moore is believed to be seeking a three-year deal worth between $1.6 million and $1.85 million. (NY Post)

6/27/14: 8:45PM: Dominic Moore’s future with the Rangers seems “iffy” (NY Post) To read more of this story, click here

Buzz: Tampa Bay may go after Dominic Moore

“Don’t be surprised” if Tampa Bay goes after Dominic Moore when he becomes a free agent on Tuesday. (Chris Johnston)

After losing grit in Nate Thompson and BJ Crombeen, the team could look to add Moore. (Tampa

Moore played 133 games for Tampa Bay, his second most for any team besides the Rangers, and scored 22 goals and 29 assists from 2010 to 2012.

He played in 18 playoff games for Tampa Bay in 2010-11 with 3 goals and 8 assists.

Moore signed a two-year deal with Tampa Bay in 2010 and was traded to San Jose in the middle of the 2012 season.

When Moore first signed in Tampa Bay, GM Steve Yzerman said “Dominic’s skating ability, strength on face-offs and versatility will be a great addition to our line up.” (TBL)

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Buzz: Dominic Moore has told the Rangers that NY is where he wants to be

Dominic Moore6/24/14 | 10:36PM: Dominic Moore has told the Rangers that he wants to stay in New York but will have to see what other offers are out there if nothing is done by next week. (NY Post)

Moore said that he told the Rangers he wants to “keep it simple” and that his agent has been in touch with the Rangers bu there hasn’t been any negotiating yet. (NY Post)

Larry Brooks writes that it is “imperative” that the Rangers bring Moore back and can probably do it for between $1.7 million and $2 million on a two-year deal.

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Dom Moore

News: Dominic Moore Wins Masterton Trophy

7:34AM: Dominic Moore has won the 2014 Bill Masterton Trophy

The Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy is awarded “to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey.”

In his speech accepting the award, Moore said “Thank you, first it’s great to see Rich standing here and hopefully we will see him on the ice soon. Perhaps, next year. I really appreciate and feel very grateful for this award. It’s an award I have a ton of respect for. Perseverance is something that I have tried to bring into my life and it’s something that doesn’t happen on your own and it’s a team thing. I would like to thank my family, my friends, the Rangers organization, my teammates. I have had a lot of good examples of perseverance and none more than my wife Katie so this award is very meaningful and I am very grateful so thank you.”

7:46PM: Moore spoke with PK Subban and said, “We all grew up dreaming about this and taking some time off you appreciate the little things about the game…..The simplest advice is to get better everyday and who knows where it will take you.”

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Recap: Dominic Moore meets with the media in Las Vegas yesterday

Dominic MooreDominic Moore is in Las Vegas for the NHL Award where he has been nominated for the Bill Masterton Trophy.

He spoke with the media in Vegas yesterday (via Winter Adams)

  • On being nominated for the award, “just to be nominated is something that I am grateful for. It’s an award I have a lot of respect for and what it’s about. The attributes that the award describes are things that I tried to pride myself on throughout my career. Obviously coming back this year, those are things that were important and I am grateful for the organization and my teammates for helping me get through those early months of playing and when you miss that much time there are no shortcuts. I’m just grateful, that sums it up.”

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Read: Adam Graves on Dominic Moore/His Numbers This Season

Dom MooreIn the regular season, Dominic Moore played  73 games, had 6 goals, 12 assists, an average of 11:42 of ice time per game and was 54.6% on faceoffs.

When Moore was on the ice in the regular season at 5 on 5, the Rangers only controlled 48.2% of the shot attempts. (ES)

In the playoffs, Moore had 3 goals, 5 assists, an average of 13:27 per game and was 54.5% on faceoffs. The Rangers had 44.9% of the shot attempts when Moore was on the ice at 5 on 5 in the playoffs.

Earlier in the season, Adam Graves, who first met Moore in Rangers training camp in 2000, praised Moore for the kind of person he is.

Graves told the NY Times, “you can’t say enough about his dedication, work ethic and the quality person he is. He’s the type of player everyone can learn from.”

Moore told the paper that during Training Camp in 2000, Graves made sure to come by the young guys and tell them they were doing a good job. He added that the support he got from Graves in that moment was “tremendous” and that he hopes he can have the same kind of leadership role with the younger players.

Asked on Monday about his future, Moore said “I would love to be back, it was a lot of fun to be here this year and especially after coming back from time off it was a very rewarding year in a lot of ways and hopefully we can sort through that.” (Rangers)

Adam Rotter: I think that Dom Moore is pretty much a lock to come back. He chose to return to the Rangers after his year off and did nothing to give the team any reason to move on from him. He was effective in his fourth line role, as a PKer and can step up into bigger roles in small doses. His leadership though is one big reason why I think he will be back, especially if Brad Richards is bought out. Moore leads by example and has an inspiring story and losing him, on top of losing Richards, would be a big blow o the locker room. I think a two-year deal for more worth around $1.5 million or so would be perfect for both sides.

Read: The impact of this playoff run on the free agents/What they all might get

rangers-si-coverLarry Brooks writes that the Rangers deep playoff run may have changed how they approach re-signing their free agents this summer since the values of some players may be too much for them to bring back. (NY Post)

Brooks says that the Rangers players have paid a price to get to the Stanley Cup Final and the management team will have to pay higher prices to keep this group together. (NY Post)

He says that Brian Boyle has shown his value to the team but will be sought after if he goes to UFA on July one. Anton Stralman will need to be paid to avoid free agency, Dominic Moore will need a “tidy” increase to keep, Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello will need multi-year deals to avoid arbitration and make them eligible for UFA in 2015. (NY Post)

Brooks says that Marc Staal needs a new contract this summer to prevent the same kind of situation that Ryan Callahan was in last year and to do the same with Chris Kreider so the Rangers don’t go through the same thing they did with Derek Stepan last summer. (NY Post)

On Benoit Pouliot, Brooks says “good question.”  (NY Post)

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MSG Bridges

Read: Being at the rink has helped Marty St. Louis and Dominic Moore

When asked about Dominic Moore and Marty St. Louis and what they have been through, Alain Vigneault said that both have found a place where they can be happy and that is at the rink.

Vigneault added that being at the rink with their teammates and on the ice has helped them and they have been “very inspirational leaders” throughout the season and he his happy to have both of them.

St. Louis told CBC‘s Scott Oake after game six, “When you get on the ice it helps healing and being surrounded by my teammate,s it helped me, it brought some joy to our sadness. My dad is home tonight, he was here in game four and game three, my oldest son is playing in a tournament in Montreal so he had to be there but it’s good for him too to be able to heal through this.”

Read: Everyone loves and is happy for Dominic Moore

Dominic Moore was awarded the Broadway Hat following game six after scoring the game winning goal.

Moore said after the game on MSG that he is “tremendously proud” to be a Ranger and owes a lot to his teammates who have helped him get through the past year and a half.

Marc Staal said that Moore is an experienced player who plays with a lot of emotion, cares about his teammates and came up with a huge goal. He added that Moore is a “big emotional leader” for the team and they are proud to be his teammate. (MSG)

Staal added that Moore is not afraid of the big moments and he has continued to step up in big spots. (NY Times)

Ryan McDonagh said after the game, “He has been an all around impact player and has played in all situations and we know what he means to the PK and defensive zone situations and that line can play a real puck possession game and it was great to see them finish it. (MSG)

Wayne Coffey spoke with Moore’s brother Steve in the Daily News.

Mats Zuccarello said that the game winner couldn’t have come from a better guy and that Moore deserved it. (

Brian Boyle said after the game, “I’m lucky that I have met Dom and become teammates with him and we have become close and nothing short of inspiring this year with how he has played and handled himself. He is a pain to play against but to play with him and what we have been able to do, we lean on each other. I remember watching him at Harvard, I saw him a lot and he is a great player and the ultimate team guy and huge for us and for me as well.” (MSG)