NEWS: Rangers trade Derek Dorsett to Vancouver for a third round pick

Derek Dorsett4:02PM: The Rangers have traded Derek Dorsett to Vancouver for the 85th pick in the draft. (Canucks)

The pick was just acquired by Vancouver in the Ryan Kesler trade.

Dorsett has one-year left on his deal with a cap hit of $1.63 million and an actual salary of $2 million.

Alain Vigneault said on 98.7 ESPN Radio earlier in the season that Dorsett knows he can’t take bad penalties but that in his role he is always walking a fine line. He adds that on most nights he thinks Dorsett finds himself on the right part of that line. He says that Dorsett is very aware of the impact his penalties had and that he is confident he will get better.

Dorsett told the Daily News that he knows there is a line and while he wants to bring intensity on the ice, he can’t go over that line.

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Dorsett headbutted Mike Weaver in the series against Montreal this year.

During the regular season, Dorsett played in 51 games, had four goals, four assists and averaged 11:01 per game, with 45 seconds on the PK, 102 hits, 128 PIM and 10 fights.

In the playoffs, Dorsett played in 23 games with 1 assist, 19 PIM, 56 hits, 9:28 per game and 6 seconds on the PK with 1 fight and two diving penalties.

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Read: The issue in Montreal with Derek Dorsett snow showering one of the kids with a flag

Prior to each home game in Montreal, the Canadiens have kids in Canadiens jerseys skate on the ice and hold flags as the players leave the locker room and step on the ice.

On Tuesday night, Derek Dorsett appeared to stop on the ice and snow shower one of the kids.

The kid who was sprayed by Dorsett fell to the ice and was helped up by Mats Zuccareo.

Alain Vigneault was asked yesterday in french about this and said that he wasn’t aware of Dorsett doing anything and if it happened it was probably “purely an accident.” (Ottawa Sun and TVA)

In a poll on the Ottawa Sun website, 27.17% think that it was an accident, 36.48% said that it was done on purpose and 36.35% said that it was “accidentally on purpose.”

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Recap: Derek Dorsett on Hockey Central at Noon Yesterday

Derek DorsettDerek Dorsett joined Darren Millard on Hockey Central at Noon yesterday:

  • On the high flip pass, “I’m usually the guy who is trying to break the zone and push the D back. I like the play personally, if the team is struggling to get it up the wall you throw up a high flipper. It puts pressure on the D because if it bounces weird you could be going out on a breakaway.”
  • Who is the best defenseman at making that play, “McDonagh does it pretty well. Staalsie, he uses it every once in a while. You don’t see it as much from our team but PK Subban tries it a lot.

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Read: Why Derek Dorsett is in the lineup tonight

DorsettDerek Dorsett will play his third game since returning from a broken fibula on March 1.

Dorsett said today that he felt he was playing well prior to breaking his leg and that he feels he is basically fighting for his job and spot in the lineup. He adds that sitting out his been difficult but that he knows he can play in the NHL and be successful. (Ranger Rants)

He said that he understands that Dan Carcillo has played well and that when that line is going well you don’t want to break it up, but he knows he can help this team and that is what he intends to do. (Ranger Rants)

Alain Vigneault says that Dorsett and Carcillo are “the same type of player” and that they bring energy and physical play. Vigneault says that while Carcillo is playing well, he wants to get Dorsett back in the lineup. (Ranger Rants)

Buzz: Teams were calling about Derek Dorsett

Derek DorsettAround the trade deadline a few teams called the Rangers and asked about “feisty winger” Derek Dorsett but the Rangers reportedly had no interest in moving him. (Ottawa Sun)

Dorsett is signed through next season with a cap hit of $1.63 million. (CapGeek)

On Dorsett’s current situation, Alain Vigneault said on Saturday “Right now I look at the lineup and Dorse is a player who is ready to play and I am a big fan of Dorse and how he plays but the way that Boyler, Dom and Dan have been playing and our record with those guys as a line is really good so it’s tough to break up our four forward lines right now.”