Read: Why Darroll Powe Was Called Up

Darroll Powe4:53PM: Alain Vigneault said today :

  • With losing Cally, we were already short on PKers so that is one reason we brought up Powe. We thought it was a good fit. He had a real strong training camp so we brought him up. The decision was made yesterday. Schoeny, Glen and myself talked with Ken and we looked at the possible lines we could have and the role that we needed and it was more of a fourth line/PKer that we needed and Powe fit that bill.

2:42PM: Powe, in a chat with the Rangers website said:

  • “excited to be back after a few good weeks of work in Hartford.”
  • “It’s tough seeing Cally go down, especially when he just got back and started rolling. It gives me an opportunity and I am just trying to make the most of that and help the team win here.”
  • On being sent down, “It’s disappointing when you get the news but there are two ways you can go about it. You can work hard and try to earn a spot back up here or you can go the other way with things. I tried to stay positive and do what I can to get back here. I am fortunate enough to be back here.”
  • On catching the coaches eye in the preseason, “it was a tough end to last year and I wanted to show myself that I could still play and be effective. I thought I played well in camp and I get another opportunity to make an impact.”
  • On the Wolf Pack, “It’s looking good. There are a lot of young guys working hard. Those guys are working hard and doing the right things.”

2:23PM: While meeting with the media today, Alain Vigneault said that he decision to call up Darroll Powe from Hartford was about adding a 4th liner and penalty killer to replace Ryan Callahan.

Vigneault told the team’s twitter feed that he felt that role was more important to fill and that JT Miller and Taylor Pyatt will move up into more offensive roles.

NEWS: Darroll Powe and Arron Asham On Waivers

This is an Arron Asham jersey

Ryan Rishaug reports that Darroll Powe and Arron Asham have been placed on waivers.

Powe and Asham are both signed for next season with a cap hits of $1.06 million and $1 million respectively.

The combined cap charge for both of them next season is $2.06 million and if the Rangers put both of them in the minors, via Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the team would only be charged with a combined total of $217,000 against the cap.

A player’s cap hit when he is sent to the minors on a one-way contract, via cap geek is, is the players cap hit minus the minimum salary + $375,000.

They have not been placed on waivers with the intention of a compliance buyout.

Read: Darroll Powe Knows What It’s Like To Come Back From Down 0-3

Darroll PoweIn 2010, the Flyers came back from being down 0-3 to beat the Bruins in a second round series.

Darroll Powe was a member of the Flyers on the team that came back against Boston and spoke today about that series.

Powe said “you go in everyday and focus at the game at hand. You can’t win four games tomorrow night. We need to focus on coming out strong, going shift by shift and chipping away. You win every shift and that is how you get back into the series.”

Powe added that things start to change when you win one and start to see your confidence build while the opposition starts to see their confidence wane.

Arron Asham was also on the 2010 Flyers.

Note: Darroll Powe Is Questionable To Return

The Rangers have announced that Darroll Powe is questionable to return for the Rangers tonight.

Powe took an elbow from Joel Ward in the first period and appeared woozy and in pain as he went to the bench and eventually the locker room.