Read: Chris Kreider Through Two Games/Needs To Keep It Up

Chris KreiderIn his two games since being called up, Chris Kreider has an assist, five shots on goal and nine hits in 18:50 per game.

In addition to his five shots on goal, Kreider has missed the net on three other attempts and is taking his shots from an average of 23.6ft away from the net.

At 5 on 5, while skating with Brad Richards and Derek Stepan, Kreider has been on the ice for 31 shot attempts for and 26 shot attempts against.

Kreider has been on the ice for 20 shots on goal for and 13 shots on goal against.

Alain Vigneault told the NY Post that he has seen Kreider be one of the Rangers top forwards since his call up, “skating, hitting and going to the net” but said that he needs to see Kreider continue to do it.

Kreider told Newsday that he has started to slow his skating down so he doesn’t get too far ahead of the play and can instead time things better. He added that early on, in the preseason and in the past, he was going “a million miles per hour every shift” and trying to do too much rather than doing one simple thing.

Adam Rotter: We will have to see if Kreider can keep this up, but his play the past two games presents maybe the best series of hockey we have seen from Kreider. It’s encouraging to see and it’s hard to believe, since he has been around for a few years now, but Kreider won’t turn 23 until April. He is still really young and right in the middle of the “process” that John Tortorella loved talking about.

Stats: Chris Kreider’s Return To The Rangers Lineup

Chris KreiderIn his return to the Rangers lineup, Chris Kreider played a total of 19:18 which was a career high for a non-OT game.

Kreider’s career high was 26-17 in the Rangers 3 OT win over the Capitals in game three of the 2012 playoffs.

He played more than 15 minutes twice during the regular season and playoffs last season. Half of his appearances in the 2012 playoffs were over 15 minutes.

Kreider played 16:47 at even strength and 2:31 on the PP.

He had an assist on Brad Richards’ goal and had two shots on goal and two shots that missed the net. He led the team with six hits and had three takeaways.

Kreider started 5 shifts (35.7%) in the offensive zone, five shifts (35.7%) in the neutral zone and four (28.6%) in the defensive zone.


Read: What Chris Kreider’s Role Is

Chris KreiderAfter skating with Brad Richards and Derek Stepan during practice this week, Chris Kreider said that he wants to play in any role that he can to help the Ranger win.

Kreider said that he is healthy this year, unlike when he first came up last season after the lockout, and that he spent time in Hartford working on playing to his strengths, going to the net and simplifying his game.

Alain Vigneault said that Kreider was called up to fill a role in the top-six and use his size and speed to help create offense. Vigneault said that Kreider was “average” in training camp but looked like a better player when he was him in Hartford last week.

Vigneault said on Tuesday that Kreider shoots the puck as well as any player he has seen and that he brings speed, size and an ability to go to the net hard.

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Brad Richards spoke about Kreider yesterday and how he is growing as a player.

Read: Brad Richards on Chris Kreider (Updates)

Chris Kreider Broadway Hat

7:49PM: Kreider, when told of Richards comments, told the Daily News that Richards was right and that he was overthinking things too much in the preseason. He said he was thinking of trying to do too much rather than just doing the simple things. He says that he has been working hard but now he needs to work smart and be aware of what he should be doing on the ice.

5:25PM: Derek Stepan told the team’s website “I’ve been around Chris quite a bit during both of our short careers. He has a lot that he can bring to the table for us. I think he is ready to do that. He is really focused and ready to take that step.”

2:37PM: Chris Kreider will play on the opposite wing of Brad Richards tomorrow and Richards spoke about Kreider on Wednesday after practice.

Richards said that the team knows Kreider, that he is big and fast, and Richards hopes that Kreider relaxes and is able to shoot the puck the way that the team knows he can.

“we’ve seen him before. He’s fast and big. Hopefully he relaxes out there, shoots the puck like he can and we help him.”

Richards then said that he spent all of August working out with Kreider and all Kreider talked about was making the team, “he was pretty uptight in the preseason, understandably, he wanted to make the team more than anybody. I haven’t seen too many guys work that hard away from the rink to get ready. He may have pressed a little bit. He really wants it. Sometimes that can get in your way, get your head in the way and things don’t look as smooth as on the ice. He knows he is getting a great opportunity, on the PP, he will get good minutes and he can put that in his mind before the game and help him.”

Richards said that “90%” of the players in the league go through these kinds of growing pains in their career, including Richards, and that this is just a normal progression for a young player.


Recap: Chris Kreider’s Comments Today

Chris KreiderA day after being called up, Chris Kreider spoke with the media, via Rangers Report, after today’s practice:

  • On his time in Hartford, “We won a lot so it was a lot of fun. Personally I thought I played well and learned a lot. In particular, I focused on simplifying my game, focusing on what I can control and trying to use my strengths, playing my game and figuring out what that was.”
  • On seeing the Rangers struggle, “you wanna be able to help and you are close with the guys in the room, but you also need to focus on the situation you are in and help that team win.”
  • On staying in one place and being settled, “there is value in that but it’s hockey and the more you play the better you get. Regardless of where I was I was bringing the same attitude to the rink everyday. I’m happy to be playing hockey.”

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News: Rangers Call Up Chris Kreider and Brandon Mashinter

Chris KreiderThe Rangers have announced that Chris Kreider and Brandon Mashinter have been called up.

Kreider has two goals, two assists, a minus one rating, 2 PP goals and 16 shots on goal.

Mashinter has five assists, a plus three rating and 6 shots on goal. He also has 7PIM.

Adam Rotter: With half of the Rangers top six forwards injured and the other half pretty much struggling to score, there is no better time for Chris Kreider to stake claim to a roster spot and hold on to it. He doesn’t have to come in and score 50 goals in the first two games, he just needs to use his skills and play like he has been in Hartford. If he does that and shows he can be effective at the NHL level he will stay with the Rangers. Mashinter provides nice depth on the fourth line and another physical body. To read more of this story, click here

Buzz: Are The Rangers Looking To Deal Chris Kreider?

KreiderAccording to Bruce Garrioch, in the Ottawa Sun, the Rangers are searching for a top-six forward and looking to trade Chris Kreider.

He says that Kreider was once a top prospect but he has fallen out of favor with the organization.

Kreider has 4 points in six games with 16 shots on goal.

In June, Garrioch reported that the Rangers were quietly shopping JT Miller to try and acquire more established players.

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Adam Rotter: If the Rangers are looking to deal Kreider, it would make some sense to keep him in Hartford where he is playing well and can re-establish his value. It could be a situation where the Rangers are only willing to part with Kreider for an established top-six forward rather than just trading him and getting a similar kind of prospect who may just need a change of scenery.

There was disappointment in the organization that Kreider didn’t grab a roster spot to start the year but the sense was that he is still a big part of their future.

Read: Looking At Chris Kreider Since He Went Down

Chris Kreider

7:22PM: Leslie Treff tweets “Kreider is continuing to do everything right. Skating to negate an icing, shooting. Positioning. He’s looking good.”

4:50PM: Vigneault said today “The decision was made yesterday. Schoeny, Glen and myself talked with Ken and we looked at the possible lines we could have and the role that we needed and it was more of a fourth line/PKer that we needed and Powe fit that bill. Chris, from what I heard Ken say and I am going there tonight to get a personal look, is that he is playing well. He is using his tools and playing well since he has been there. He will continue to improve and at some point we are going to need him and he will be ready for us.”

Alain Vigneault said today that he is going down to Hartford tonight to watch Kreider and the other players on the Wolf Pack

In four games for the Wolf Pack, Chris Kreider has 2 goals, 1 assist and 12 shots on goal.

His goals have come from in close, a deflection of an Aaron Johnson shot from between the circles and a backhand into an empty net off a rebound from the top of the crease, and it took until his 13th game last season to score his second goal.

Kreider was also in front and screening the goalie on Dylan McIlrath’s first career goal.

Leslie Treff writes at HF Rangers that Chris Kreider was the best player on the ice in the first two games for the Wolf Pack and has been doing everything necessary for the them to win. She notes that Kreider is playing the way that he should and should be NHL ready very soon. She also notes that while Kreider is a “perfectionist on the ice” he is clearly enjoying the game right now.

She writes at Hockey’s Future that Kreider is bigger, stronger and much more confident than he was last season. Treff adds that Kreider is utilizing his speed much better as well.

Alain Vigneault, after sending Kreider down before the season, said “I see a young man with a tremendous amount of potential and tremendous upside that needs to play. I didn’t believe that I can give him the minutes that a young player like that needs to improve and be able to contribute. We talked with Glen’s staff and my staff and we determined that the best thing was for Chris to go to Hartford, play big minutes, play PP, play PK and improve and once we feel he is ready to improve and play on a regular basis we will take him.”

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Read: Chris Kreider’s Spot In The Top 50 Prospects

Hockey’s Future has started their countdown of Kreiderthe top 50 prospects in the NHL and coming in at 42 on the list is the Rangers Chris Kreider.

Kreider was sent to Hartford yesterday to start his second full season as a pro.

Through the years, Kreider has been ranked:

They write of Kreider that the shift towards a more open style with Alain Vigneault should help, but Kreider needs to work his way out of the minor leagues first. They say that his talent level is that of a top-six forward but his confidence has seemed shaky at times.

Kreider was ranked 20th last season by THN’s Future Watch.

Adam Rotter: It’s the lowest spot Kreider has had as people start to doubt he will reach the lofty expectations set out for him. He was a main untouchable in the original Rick Nash talks and his five goals in the 2012 playoffs had people dreaming of big things for Kreider. John Tortorella saw that he needed more time right away, to go through the process, and Alain Vigneault has to agree so far. Whether it’s with the Rangers or the Wolf Pack, Kreider needs to play top six minutes and he didn’t grab hold of that chance with the Rangers. It’s best for him to play in all situations, work on defense, and play top line in Hartford than try to find a way to create offense on the fourth line with Dominic Moore. If Kreider goes to Hartford and does what he is supposed to do, score, he will be back with the Rangers very soon.

Read: Could Chris Kreider Not Make The Team?

Chris KreiderIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Chris Kreider could be on his way to Hartford based on his play, “middling” in the preseason.

Brooks says that JT Miller may have eclipsed Kreider with better preseason performances and that Jesper Fast and Marek Hrivik have had better camps.

He says that Darroll Powe has played his way onto the team and that Arron Asham has been impressive and shown the value he can bring.

In his post game comments last night, Alain  Vigneault said that he feels there are a lot of players that are “close” but that haven’t shown they can play at the NHL level on a consistent basis.”

Vigneault said earlier in camp that Kreider was going to get a real opportunity to show what he can do.

Kreider’s cap hit is $1.325 million. He is in the final year of his contract and will then be an RFA.

Adam Rotter: Kreider, like most everyone else on the roster, has had moments in the preseason but nothing in the way of taking control and locking down his spot. He was given as big an opportunity as anyone to start, playing with Rick Nash and Brad Richards, but they sputtered along, were broken up and Nash wasn’t even with Richards last night. He looked nice with JT Miller against the Oilers, but that may have been more about Miller’s strong play and Kreider benefiting from that. Kreider should be in the lineup tonight against the Kings and my gut says he will start the season with the Rangers but there will probably be a quick leash to send him down if he doesn’t produce and someone in Hartford starts to.