Buzz: Rangers and Chris Kreider appear headed to arbitration (Updates)

Kreider4:34PM: Both sides have shown a willingness to compromise but both sides also have a number that they won’t move off from. (NY Post)

If the two sides do go through with the hearing, the arbitrator will have 48 hours to decide on the award.

The middle ground for the two sides, which is likely where the arbitrator will fall, is about $2.425 million per season. (NY Post)

4:22PM: No deal is expected to be done today between the Rangers and Kreider. (Ranger Rants)

3:36PM: There is no agreement in sight between the Rangers and Chris Kreider and they appear headed to an arbitration hearing tomorrow morning. (Larry Brooks)

Kreider is asking the arbitrator for $2.8 million per year and the Rangers countered with an offer of $2.05 million per year.

The Rangers are likely to use certain things, such as Kreider starting the year in the minors and not playing in tight game situations, as part of their case to get the number to be lower.

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Buzz: Things the Rangers may try to use against Chris Kreider if they go to arbitration tomorrow

Chris KreiderChris Kreider’s arbitration hearing is tomorrow and yesterday both sides submitted their numbers to the arbitrator.

Larry Brooks writes that the award given in most arbitration cases is within 10% of the midpoint of what the two sides are asking. (NY Post)

The Rangers are likely to use the fact that Kreider had a “lost” 2013 season with both Hartford and the Rangers and that he started this past season in Hartford. They are also likely to use that Kreider didn’t play much in situations where the Rangers held a one-goal lead late in the game and that he wasn’t used during 4 on 4 OT in the regular season because of his defensive issues. (NY Post)

Buzz: The numbers submitted to the arbitrator for Chris Kreider’s contract (Updates)

Chris Kreider9:14PM: Brooks thinks that Kreider will get a deal between $2.2 million and $2.7 million. The decision on where the award falls in that range will likely be determined by how much weight the arbitrator puts on Kreider’s playoff performance. (NY Post)

The two sides are working on avoiding arbitration and would be “best served” to come to terms on a deal worth $2.45 million per year. (NY Post)

4:18PM The Rangers number is $2.05 million. The first year of the deal is $1.9 million an the second year is $2.2 million. (Larry Brooks)

Brooks anticipates that the deal will end up being between $2.2 million and $2.5 million.

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Chris Kreider

Buzz: Chris Kreider is getting a bridge contract

The Rangers are working with Chris Kreider to avoid arbitration and come to terms on a two-year bridge contract. (NY Post)

If Kreider does head to arbitration, next Wednesday, Kreider will likely get a deal worth between $2.1 million and $2.5 million per year for two years. (NY Post)

The Rangers have the option to elect a one-year award or a two-year award per the CBA.

it was wondered earlier in the offseason that the Rangers may look to give Kreider a long-term deal.

It was speculated that Kreider could get a bridge contract similar to Max Pacioretty.

When asked about Kreider at the draft, Glen Sather mentioned how he started the year in the minor leagues and intimated that he doesn’t yet have a proven track record of success in the NHL.

Read: The kind of deals the Rangers want the players who filed for arbitration

Derick BrassardMats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard and Chris Kreider all filed for arbitration yesterday which, above all else, means that the three of them will be under contract when training camp starts in September. (NY Post)

The team will either come to terms on a new contract with them or the team will accept the award that the arbitrator determines.

Larry Brooks says that the objective on all sides is to have the three players sign long-term deals with the Rangers. (NY Post)

Brassard is likely to get the largest contract of the three (Daily News) and his agent confirmed that they are still trying to negotiate a long-term deal. (Walsh)

Zuccarello has said that he is looking for a four-year deal.

It’s been previously suggested that Kreider would likely sign a bridge deal.