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Buzz: Are we going to see Chris Kreider in this series?

9:08PM: Larry Brooks writes that there is no telling if Kreider will be able to return to the Rangers in this series. (NY Post)

2:30PM: Chris Kreider underwent surgery on what is believed to be a broken left hand on 3/29 and has missed the last 15 games for the Rangers.

The Rangers have insisted that Kreider is out indefinitely with no timetable for a return though the day before the surgery Bob McKenzie said that the initial diagnosis on the injury was that it could be 1 or 2 or 3 months depending on how they treated it and potentially season ending if surgery was done.

At the time, Kreider wanted to play through the injury but Glen Sather decided to pull him to prevent any long-lasting issues.

Kreider has been skating, mostly with the scratched players,  since 4/8 though was not handling any pucks or shooting until earlier this week. The shots Kreider were taking though have been described as “soft.”

John Giannone guesses that Kreider will join the Rangers “sometime” in the series. (Twitter)

Adam Rotter: If Chris Kreider is cleared to play I think he will but he won’t be the same player he was before, at least not right away. Mats Zuccarello came back from a hand injury and struggled to produce points and you have to figure that Kreider will be in the same situation. Kreider can help impact a game with his speed but it’s hard to know if his hand will allow him to shoot the way he needs to or prevent him from being as physical as he needs to be. Still, you have to think that having Kreider in the lineup is better and brings more upside than the Dan Carcillo, JT Miller, Jesper Fast group.

Practice: Chris Kreider skating with the extra players

11:41AM: The Rangers on the ice are JT Miller, Jesper Fast, Justin Falk and Cam Talbot. Raphael Diaz is not on the ice. (Gross)

11:40AM: Kreider is still only taking one handed shots, He is also at the other end of the ice than the four scratched players. (Andrew Gross)

11:38AM: Chris Kreider is on the ice in Philadelphia and working out with tonight’s scratches, Jesper Fast, JT Miller, Justin Falk and Raphael Diaz. (Mike Morreale)

Alain Vigneault has repeatedly said that there is no timetable for Kreider’s return and he is out indefinitely.

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4/21/14 | 11:57AM | Alain Vigneault says that Chris Kreider is improving but that is all he said. (Andrew Gross)

4/19/14 | 8:08AM | Chris Kreider HandSteve Zipay says that he saw Chris Kreider in the Rangers locker room on Friday and that Kreider is dying to play but “he’s not close.” (Newsday)

Zipay says that Kreider will be “well-rested” and “pumped” if the Rangers are able to advance in the playoffs. (Newsday)

Kreider continues to be listed as being out “indefinitely” after surgery on his hand.

Alain Vigneault said this week, “he started to skate, is working out and hopefully at sometime we will have more information for everybody.”


Chris Kreider Hand

Read: Chris Kreider is skating on his own

2:19PM: Alain Vigneault said today “I would say, as I had said all along, that it’s indefinite and until it changes that is what it is.”

12:55PM: Following Rangers practice, Chris Kreider took to the ice to skate on his own. (Steve Zipay)

Kreider still has a “big black brace” on his left hand but is wearing gloves on both hands. (Andrew Gross)

Kreider skated twice last week and is being listed as out indefinitely after having surgery on his left hand.

Practice: Chris Kreider on the ice

Chris Kreider HandChris Kreider is on the ice at the Rangers optional morning skate with gloves on both hands. (Andrew Gross)

Kreider is mostly holding his stick with his right hand and doing some stick handling drills. (Katie Strang and Andrew Gross)

Kreider is doing one-handed tips at the crease. (Gross)

Note: Chris Kreider is skating today (Updates)

Kreider1:35PM: Vigneault said that Kreider has a cast on his hand so he is out “indefinitely.” (Rangers)

When asked about a timetable, Vigneault said that he couldn’t give one for Kreider and that moving forward there will be a lot less info about injuries coming out.

11:21AM: Alain Vigneault had no update on Kreider today. (Andrew Gross)

10:34AM: Chris Kreider is on the ice for the Rangers optional skate this morning. (Rangers)

Kreider is only wearing one glove, his right hand, and is wearing a brace on his left hand. (Rangers)

Kreider is only shooting with his right hand and not gripping his stick with his left. (Katie Strang and Andrew Gross)

Chris Kreider Hand

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Chris KreiderFollowing practice on Monday, Alain Vigneault was asked whether or not he felt it would be this much of a struggle to replace Chris Kreider.

Vigneault said, “I knew it would be tough. Kreids’ minutes are big minutes and when he was playing with Step and Nasher he was going to head to head with the other top line and getting the top defense and what I liked about Kreids was the speed factor but he wore down the other teams defense with the speed and physicality that he can bring. Those are tough minutes to replace.”

Kreider had spent most of the season with Derek Stepan and Rick Nash and since his injury the Rangers have tried Marty St. Louis (left side), Carl Hagelin, and Dan Carcillo in that spot.

St. Louis will once again join that line for tonight’s game but skate on the right side with Nash moving over to the left.

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Chris Kreider3:44PM Kreider was wearing a black velcro brace on his left hand and there is not timetable for his return. (Newsday)

3:13PM: Alain Vigneault said today that Chris Kreider was working out at the Rangers practice facility. (Rangers)

Vigneault said that he asked Kreider how he was doing but not about his hand. (Rangers)

Kreider was seen walking past the locker room a few times. (Ranger Rants)

He had surgery on his hand on 3/28 and has been announced as “out indefinitely,”

NEWS: Chris Kreider had surgery today on his hand/out indefinitely

Chris Kreider4:13PM: Glen Sather made the call to pull Kreider from the lineup when it was revealed that Kreider could do long-term damage to his hand if the injury wasn’t fixed quickly. (NY Post)

3:28PM: Alain Vigneault said that he didn’t have any more information on Kreider other than he was operated on today and that the doctors decided that this was the best course of action. (Rangers)

1:24PM: Chris Kreider is out indefinitely after surgery on his hand today. (Rangers)

Original reports on Kreider’s injury were that he could miss a month or more with a possible broken bone.

  • The team has not confirmed that Kreider has a broken bone, only that he will undergo surgery to repair a “hand injury” that was sustained one week ago against Columbus.
  • 1:33PM: Larry Brooks says that it is an injury to Kreider’s left hand.

Bob McKenzie said on NHL Live the other day “It appears that he has a hand injury and we believe it to be a broken hand that the initial diagnosis that he got was that it could be a month or two or three depending on how exactly they go about treating it. Whether surgery is required it could be in fact season ending with a fracture in his hand. That said, Alain Vigneault said today that Kreider was looking for a second opinion and the sense seems to be that he wants to make sure that every opportunity is exhausted to find maybe some way that he can contribute some how done the stretch.”

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