Read: Chris Kreider Finally Has A Goal In November

KreiderOn Thursday night, Chris Kreider scored his first goal since October 31st.

Kreider described the play to John Giannone by saying,  “It’s just a great neutral zone play by Dan Girardi and Derek Stepan. I think that Dan stepped up with a little pass to Derek….he always has his head up and he made a great lateral play to me and I probably should have tried to take the guy wide but he was pretty deep and I teed it up and I guess it went in. (nervous laugh)”

Krieder had two shots on goal, after having 4 and some “Grade A” chances against Boston, and said on MSG that he laughs because he couldn’t score when he had good opportunities but then he takes a shot and it goes in off a stick or a shin pad…..but I’m not complaining.”

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Read: Chris Kreider Thought He Hit His Spot Last Night

Chris KreiderLast night against the Bruins, Chris Kreider was stopped on a penalty shot and on a breakaway as he attempted to beat Tuukka Rask on the low blocker side both times.

After the game, Kreider told Rangers Report:

  • “I’m always looking to shoot. I picked my spot and I either hit the top of his pad or the bottom of his blocker. I thought I hit my spot but I didn’t”
  • On being snake bitten, “I have to give him a ton of credit, he had a great game and he is a great goaltender but I am confident in my ability to shoot a hockey puck and I think that when I hit my spot it tends to go in especially pretty close and pretty in tight. When your linemates are giving you opportunities you need to finish and you need to reward them. It’s just back to the drawing board and working on it over the next few days.”
  • On the penalty shot, “I don’t think it’s any secret that that is where I want to go on a penalty shot…..especially when the ice isn’t that great. Come down and snap it low block…it’s something I have been doing for a long time and for a lot of goalies it’s hard to stop when you hit your spot but I guess I just didn’t hit my spot.”

Dave Maloney said that Kreider was tremendous last night and that the next step for him is to be a bit more relaxed and confident when he is in a shooting position. Maloney said, “soften the hands up, soften the mind and be a finisher.”

Alain Vigneault said that Kreider, who had four shots on goal, 1 shot blocked and 3 that missed the net, did everything he was supposed to do last night and had a bunch of A+ scoring chances.

Kreider hasn’t scored in nine games but has eight assists during that time. In that span, Kreider has 19 shots on goal during that span.

Adam Rotter: You want to see Kreider score on some of his chances, but if he keeps playing like he is, those chances will keep coming and so will the goals. He is playing the way we were always told he could and as the season moves on he will start scoring more goals. He’s creating offense, and his line has been pretty consistent since being put together and for both the short-term and long-term future of the team it’s great to see.

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Read: What Chris Kreider’s Teammates Are Saying About Him

Chris KreiderSince being called up, Chris Kreider has 10 points (2 goals and 8 assists) in 11 games.

Four of his eight assists are primary assists and at 5 on 5, Kreider has been on the ice for 8 goals for and only 3 against.

When Kreider is on the ice during 5 on 5, the Rangers have 56% of the shot attempts and 60% of the shots on goal.

Brian Boyle said of Kreider, to John Giannone,  “I think he is just playing his game. I’ve seen it in the summers, I seen it the last few years with Chris. He has those tools. I’ve been in his shoes where you come up and try to do everything right. Now he is going out and playing, he is so fast that he can make up for it and I think he realizes that and is using his legs. It’s impressive to watch.”

Carl Hagelin and Mats Zuccarello said that Kreider is skating well, using his size, holding onto pucks and winning battles.

Dave Maloney, on MSG,  called Kreider “a bit of a man child” and someone who looks like he is playing innocently and with a clear head. Maloney added that Kreider now seems capable of making plays and that in prior stints during his career he would just skate into the zone and hope the puck would find him, “now he is getting the puck and making plays with it.”

Henrik Lundqvist said on MSG, “I think he is confident and confidence is key in this game. His speed is amazing and strength with the puck. He runs over guys and you can tell he is confident. It’s big for us, to have guys step up and help turn this around.

Derek Stepan told SNY’s Nick Licalzi, “I think, as Chris has gone through the process, I’ve always said that he learns form older guys. He wants to learn the game and continuing to learn new things. He has experience, he has confidence he is learning how to use his body. That is something that he has learned in the AHL. I’ve always been a big fan of Chris Kreider and that won’t change.”

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Recap: Chris Kreider’s Comments Today (Derek Stepan’s Thoughts On It)


5PM: Derek Stepan told the NY Post that he knows Kreider and that he was “absolutely” trying to protect him when Kreider hit Upshall on Sunday.

Stepan said that he gives Kreider a lot of credit for wanting to stand up for him, and that his heart and intentions were in the right place, but that those weren’t the proper actions at that time in the game.

Henrik Lundqvist told Larry Brooks that there was a quick talk after the game but Kreider knew right away that he made a mistake.

Kreider told Brooks that he isn’t sure he is playing with an edge, he is just sure that he wants to be hard to play against.

Brooks says that at some point Kreider will likely have to fight after one of his hits

2:42PM: Chris Kreider met with the media today following the Rangers practice to talk about the penalty he took last night

  • On what happened last night, “I didn’t see him to be honest, I was completely focused on the bench. I was just trying to get him out of my path. If Step was the one in my path I would have run over Step too.”
  • Were you surprised the hit ended up like it did, “yes and no. The intent was to get him out of the way, it wasn’t to do what I did and take a penalty that late in the game. In retrospect…there are 90 seconds left in the game, try to get to the bench, get around guys, try not to do what I did.”

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Buzz: Will Chris Kreider Get Suspended For His Scottie Upshall Hit?


10:32AM: Larry Brooks notes on twitter that as of now there is nothing scheduled from the league in regards to Kreider’s hit.

9:21AM: Pro Hockey Talk reports that Kreider WILL NOT face any further discipline.

7:10AM: John Giannone sent out a tweet overnight saying that there was a lot of post game buzz that Chris Kreider could be facing a suspension for the cross-check he put on Scottie Upshall late in the third period.

Upshall told Giannone that the play was “vicious.”

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that Kreider could face a suspension for the hit he put on a “defenseless” Upshall. Brooks describes the play as Kreider coming “full force” and “drilling” the Panthers winger backwards into the boards.

Andrew Gross writes at Ranger Rants that there is a “pretty decent” chance that Kreider will have a hearing about the hit.

Alain Vigneault said on MSG last night that Kreider apologized to his teammates after the game for putting them in a shorthanded position that late in the game.

Dave Maloney said on MSG last night “He has to be careful. I don’t think he realizes how strong he is. If he can not be afraid of his strength, but be more aware of his strength, it will make him all the more effective of a player. He clocked Upshall.”

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Buzz: Chris Kreider Isn’t Going Anywhere

Chris KreiderIn the Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch writes that the Rangers sniffed around the league to gauge the interest level in Chris Kreider but that “he won’t be going anywhere.”

Garrioch notes that Kreider has 7 points in nine games and is a candidate to be rookie of the year.

Kreider has 2 goals, 2 primary assists and 3 secondary assists. He has 23 shots and 23 hits, 2 PP points and is averaging 17:44 per game.

Garrioch reported last month that the Rangers were looking to try and deal Kreider for a top-six forward. The day of his report, Kreider was called up to the Rangers.

THIS SECTION is all about Kreider.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers have invested a lot of time and effort into developing Chris Kreider and there is no way that they will trade him as he finally starts to scratch the surface of his potential and become a regular top-six forward in the NHL.

Read: The Rangers Top Line and How They Are Playing

Mats ZuccarelloAgainst the Islanders on Tuesday, Alain Vigneault put Derek Stepan in the middle of Chris Kreider and Mats Zuccarello.

Since being put together, Kreider has two goals, Stepan has two assists and Zuccarello has two assists.

According to Extra Skater, at  5 on 5 last night:

  • Zuccarello: 21 shot attempts for, 11 shot attempts against. 16 shots on goal for, 4 against
  • Kreider: 20 shot attempts for, 11 against, 15 shots on goal for, 4 against
  • Stepan: 20 shot attempts for, 11 against, 15 shots on goal for, 4 against

Zuccarello had eight shot attempts, 5 on goal, 1 that missed the net, 2 that were blocked, Stepan had 7 shots on goal, and Kreider had six shots on goal and one shot that missed the net.

They played mostly against Mark Pysyk and Christian Ehrhoff

Stepan said after the game, to SNY’s Nick Licalzi, that the line has worked because “the two wingers are great. Chris’ speed alone is something that makes more space for me and Zucc to make plays and Zucc has been making great plays the last two games and he has been able to back the D off with Chris’ speed and make plays underneath.

Zuccarello told Licalzi, “Kreids is a big body, strong, wins a lot of pucks. Step is one of the smartest players there is. He reads the game well, he is a good passer and smart. I fly around a little bit. It’s going well but we have to stay humble and keep working  the same way. It’s just hard work that makes us successful.”

Carl Hagelin told Licalzi that the line “looks good” and that Kreider’s size and speed compliment how good Stepan and Zuccarello are with the puck.

Adam Rotter: The line has been really effective for the Rangers at creating chances and possessing the puck. It’s three guys who didn’t have the starts to the season that they wanted but have, especially Zuccarello and Stepan, come alive since being put together.

Read: The Chris Kreider Impact Through Four Games

Chris KreiderWhen Chris Kreider scored in the first period on Tuesday night, Joe Micheletti said “you talk about deserving a goal, that kid deserves a goal.”

After the game, Dave Maloney said that Kreider has learned how to play and use his strength at the NHL level. Maloney and Micheletti agreed that Kreider was really battling and really competing on the ice.

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Kreider’s four games this season “represent the four best games of his embryonic career. He is playing with a purpose, using his speed, living in the dirty areas of the ice, competing for pucks, going to the front of the net essentially every trip down the ice.

Kreider told Brooks that he doesn’t focus on the negative and the noise surrounding the expectations people have for him as a player. He said that he has a short-term memory and that his entire focus as a hockey player breaks down to doing his job and trying to help the Rangers win.

Through four games, Kreider has a goal, an assist, 9 shots on goal, 15 hits and an average of 18:03 per game.

He has missed the net seven times and has had two of his shots blocked.

While on the ice at 5 on 5, Kreider has been on the ice for 57 shot attempts for and 45 shot attempts against along with 33 shots on goal for and 20 against.

Read: Kerry Fraser, Chris Kreider and What The Rule Book Says About Interference

Kreider said on MSG after the game, “The refs said that when they are backing up and I can see them coming it’s their ice and I need to make an effort to get out of the way. Stopping isn’t enough, which makes sense, but I was watching Richie or Brass and I guess it’s on me to know where they are and put it together.”

Dave Maloney said, “does Kreider make contact….there is marginal contact, he dives into his teammate and knocks him over.”

Maloney added, “the defender reaches out first, their is no initiation of contact from Kreider. It was a blown call.”

Brad Richards told the NY Post that the ref told him that the ice belongs to the defenseman and “there’s nothing like that in the rule book.” He said that they made the call because two of their guys collided and fell.”

From the 2013-14 NHL Rule Book, rule 56.1:

“Body position shall be determined as the player skating in front of or beside his opponent, traveling in the same direction. A player who is behind an opponent, who does not have the puck, may not use his stick, body or free hand in order to restrain his opponent, but must skate in order to gain or reestablish his proper position in order to make a check.

A player is allowed the ice he is standing on (body position) and is not required to move in order to let an opponent proceed. A player may “block” the path of an opponent provided he is in front of his opponent and moving in the same direction. Moving laterally and without establishing body position, then making contact with the non-puck carrier is not permitted and will be penalized as interference. A player is always entitled to use his body position to lengthen an opponent’s path to the puck, provided his stick is not utilized (to make himself “bigger” and therefore considerably lengthening the distance his opponent must travel to get where he is going); his free hand is not used and he does not take advantage of his body position to deliver an otherwise illegal check.”

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Read: Chris Kreider Through Two Games/Needs To Keep It Up

Chris KreiderIn his two games since being called up, Chris Kreider has an assist, five shots on goal and nine hits in 18:50 per game.

In addition to his five shots on goal, Kreider has missed the net on three other attempts and is taking his shots from an average of 23.6ft away from the net.

At 5 on 5, while skating with Brad Richards and Derek Stepan, Kreider has been on the ice for 31 shot attempts for and 26 shot attempts against.

Kreider has been on the ice for 20 shots on goal for and 13 shots on goal against.

Alain Vigneault told the NY Post that he has seen Kreider be one of the Rangers top forwards since his call up, “skating, hitting and going to the net” but said that he needs to see Kreider continue to do it.

Kreider told Newsday that he has started to slow his skating down so he doesn’t get too far ahead of the play and can instead time things better. He added that early on, in the preseason and in the past, he was going “a million miles per hour every shift” and trying to do too much rather than doing one simple thing.

Adam Rotter: We will have to see if Kreider can keep this up, but his play the past two games presents maybe the best series of hockey we have seen from Kreider. It’s encouraging to see and it’s hard to believe, since he has been around for a few years now, but Kreider won’t turn 23 until April. He is still really young and right in the middle of the “process” that John Tortorella loved talking about.