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Last night in Montreal, Chris Kreider was booed every time that he touched the puck

Kreider spoke with Pierre McGuire on NBCSN last night about being booed and said “it’s exciting, they don’t boo you unless you are doing something right. It’s a fun building to play in.”

Kreider told Larry Brooks that all the commotion over his incident with Carey Price was “hilarious” and “lit a fire under my ass that I don’t think is going away any time soon.” (NY Post)

Brian Boyle said that Kreider has been playing great for the Rangers and that there is no way injuring Carey Price ever entered into his mind on that play. (ESPN NY)

Dave Maloney said on MSG after the game that Kreider got better as the game went on and that early in the game there was a time where Kreider had a player lined up for a hit but turned away. Maloney said that he thought Kreider handled and managed everything thrown at him “admirably.”

Keith Jones said on NBCSN that Kreider has brought speed to the Rangers, “giddyup,” and he is creating space for his linemates.

Mike Milbury said that Kreider “inspires fear” in defensemen.


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7:33PM: Kreider said:

  • “I’m worried about what my coach thinks and my teammates.”
  • “I wish I would have put it in the net, I was trying to score a goal and it was a bang bang play.”
  • Are you reckless, “I think I try to get to the net, I wouldn’t use those words to describe my game. When you go to the net they try to stop you so there will be physical altercation with it.”

2:23PM: Henrik Lundqvist said that Kreider did not run into price and Kreider said that he will continue to play “his game.” (NY Post)

Kreider said that he is a clean player who is going to keep trying to score goals. (NY Post)

He said that it was a “bang-bang” play and everything happened quickly. (Ranger Rants) 

12:31PM: Chris Kreider spoke with the media in Montreal today and said that his only regret about the play that injured Carey Price and knocked him out of the series was that he didn’t score. (Katie Strang) 

Kreider said that he never goes on the ice with the intent of hurting anyone. (Steve Zipay) 

Alain Vigneault said that it was a “hockey play” (Bruce Beck)

  • 12:50PM: Vigneault said that Kreider is an honest player (NHL)

Craig Button said on Leafs Lunch today that he has seen Chris Kreider play since he was 16 years old and has seen Kreider do that exact thing many times. He says that Kreider loses control when he hits a certain speed. (TSN 1050)

1:17PM: Ray Ferraro said on Leafs Lunch today, “I had a few breakaways in my career and never once did I think that if I don’t score I am going to run over the goalie or kick him. Generally you have a second before you get in…if he had that much time it would have been a lot. I can’t tell you how he ended up feet first. I have seen guys piledrive themselves into the boards and you think why didn’t turn. I don’t know Chris Kreider, never met him, I can’t imagine for one second ‘I am going to go in fee first and try to end Carey Price’s series. If we are taught how to fall we would be taught to fall forward. It would be better if a forward went in on a breakaway and put his shoulder into him?”

Pierre McGuire said on TSN 1050 this morning that Kreider was not handled with kid gloves during John Tortorella’s time as coach and that has changed under Alain Vigneault.


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1:14PM Prust says that Kreider did it “accidentally on purpose” and didn’t make much of an effort to stop. (Tom Gulitti)

Prust says that Kreider should know how to fall and not lead with his skates, adding that he did the same thing to Marc-Andre Fleury in the last round. Prust says that there was no effort to lighten up or avoid Price. ((ESPN NY).

Peter Budaj says that Kreider has been running goalies all playoffs. (Chris Johnston)

12:21PMIn the second period, skating at full speed, Chris Kreider skated into Carey Price and Price was seen on the ice holding his leg before getting up, skating and playing the rest of the second period.

Price, with the score 4-1, did not play the third period and Michel Therrien said after the game it wasn’t because of injury and that it was more to protect Price since his teammates weren’t sharp. Therrien added that he thought it was an accident. (NHL)

Kreider said that he lost his footing and wasn’t trying to run into Price. (NY Post)

Former teammate Brandon Prust cross checked Kreider, slashed him and got in his face at various points. (TSN) Prust was called for a penalty for the slash. (TSN)

PK Subban and Mike Weaver also think that Kreider didn’t skate into Price on purpose. (ESPN)

Renaud Lavoie tweeted yesterday evening, “Canadiens players thinks that Chris Kreider fell on Carey Price on purpose. Rangers think he’s injured. Habs are saying no.”

Jeff O’Neil said that he believes there is something wrong with Carey Price and that what Kreider did should force Montreal to play with some passion. (TSN)

Darren Dreger pointed out that Kreider understands what it means to go to the net but that he also has a history with goalies and hurt Craig Anderson last season. (TSN)


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Chris Kreider1Since returning in the playoffs, Chris Kreider has played in four games, has one goal, one assist, 8 PIM, 16 hits and an average of 13:41 per game.

Alain Vigneault said after game seven that Kreider is a big part of the top six, has size, speed and his ability to get in on the forecheck can force mistakes. He added that getting Kreider back was a “huge boost.”

Vigneault, when he was on with Mike Francesa, said that Kreider basically came out of a cast, had one morning skate and then played. Vigneault added that when Kreider came in the Rangers started to force more turnovers and wear down the Pittsburgh defense.

Anson Carter said on MSG during the playoffs “I call him a man child because he doesn’t know how strong he is.”

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Chris Kreider1Chris Kreider spoke with Steve Serby for a long interview in the NY Post.

Kreider spoke about each of his teammates and mentioned how Derek Stepan and Brian Boyle have taken him under their wings and he considers Boyle to be a “big, big brother.” He has become very good friends with Dominic Moore as well as John Moore, Carl Hagelin and Cam Talbot because of their time in Hartford together. (NY Post)

Kreider was asked about John Tortorella and said that Torts was “awesome” and that Alain Vigneault is “awesome” and he only has positive things to say about the coaches in his NHL career. (NY Post)

He named the subway as one of his favorite things in New York and the only time he gets recognized is if he is injured and going to the game at the same time as the fans. (NY Post)

He was asked to name three dinner guests, he asked for fourth, and picked three relatives and a friend who passed away so that he could speak with them one more time. (NY Post)

Read: What Chris Kreider did in 11 seconds of PP time on Friday

Adam Rotter

On Friday night against the Penguins, Chris Kreider played 11:55 and saw 11 seconds on the PP.

In that 11 seconds, Kreider dove to beat a Penguin to a puck and chip it back to Ryan McDonagh. McDonagh then fired a shot that was stopped by Marc-Andre Fleury and Kreider, in just a couple of strides after getting up, put the puck in a small space but Fleury and the post to score the Rangers first PP goal since game two against the Flyers.

Kreider played 4:42 in the first, 4:22 in the second and 2:51 in the third.

He had two shots and six hits.

Alain Vigneault said on Saturday that Kreider faced a challenge in returning after so many games out of the lineup but he is a “tremendously conditioned athlete” who take care of himself when he couldn’t do anything. He said that the way Kreider responded, after not having a full team practice, is as good as he has ever seen. (Ranger Rants)

Ron Duguay said on MSG that Kreider was very noticeable on the ice.

Brad Richards says that Kreider is one of the strongest players he has come across and that his strength and that he could still skate during his rehab have allowed him to jump right in. (Newsday)

Chris Kreider1

Stats: How Chris Kreider performed last night

3:27PM: In his return to the lineup last night, Chris Kreider was a minus one, had a high sticking penalty, and played 15:24 and had 2:32 on the PP.

Kreider had one shot on goal, one shot that was blocked and one that missed the net along with two hits, two giveaways and one takeaway.

He played 5:03 in the first, 5:17 in the second and 5:04 in the third.

At 5 on 5, when Kreider was on the ice the Rangers controlled 50% of the shot attempts (11 for, 11 against) and was on the ice for four shots on goal for and five against. (ES)

Kreider mostly played against Paul Martin, Kris Letang, Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz. (ES)

Kreider said after the game on MSG that he felt rusty at times last night but also felt that he did some good things.

Alain Vigneault said today, “I saw a young man that worked extremely hard and wanted it real bad…timing wise with the puck and decision wise with the puck, he fit in real good with our group…he was off.” (Rangers)


Pierre McGuire said on TSN 1050 that Kreider credits Rick Nash with a big reason why he had such a good year.

Note: Chris Kreider on the ice during warmups (He is playing)

7:56PM: Pierre McGuire says on NBCSN that Kreider is struggling with the puck.

7:31PM: Kreider is in the lineup (Rangers)

  • Jesper Fast, JT Miller are scratched. Dan Carcillo is in. (NBCSN)

7:06PM: Chris Kreider is on the ice during warmups for the Rangers and skating with Rick Nash and Derek Stepan. (Rangers)

Chris Kreider Tongue

“He gives them size and speed and strength and that is important come this time of hte seaosn. He is still considered a rookie but it’s his third playoff run. Off his side and speed he has the ability to make a play. Kreider back in the lineup should open up ice for Stepan and Nash. Stepan has looked a quarter behind the play and it should give Nash some more room.” (Dave Maloney on MSG)

Marty St. Louis is with Brad Richards and Carl Hagelin. (MSG)

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Practice: Chris Kreider on the ice in a regular jersey (Updates)

5:45PM: Alain Vigneault told John Giannone that Kreider is a game time decision. (Twitter)

2PM: Kreider said that he is day to day bu feeling good. He said that he doesn’t think he has any restrictions on his hand and that when he gets back into the lineup he doesn’t think he will worry about his hand. (NY Post)

1:06PM: Alain Vigneault said today:

  • On Chris Kreider, “he has been medically cleared in the sense that his fracture has now healed and at this stage I would say that he is day to day. I haven’t spoken with him today but I found out yesterday that he was cleared medically.”
  • Is he a possibility for tonight, “I haven’t talked to him. Today was his first time on the ice with his teammates…I’m just telling you that he is day to day at this stage.”

11:28AM: Kreider has been medically cleared but Alain Vigneault is unsure if he will play. (Katie Strang) To read more of this story, click here

Chris Kreider

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5/7/14 | 7:20PM: “Chris is skating and I think he is due to see the doctors here shortly but he has been skating and I think we will know here in a short time but he is coming along. He would bring a lot to our lineup, there is no doubt there.” (Alain Vigneault SNY)

5/6/14 | 1:49PM: Kreider is going to see a doctor soon and the team should have a better idea of a potential return date after. (Rangers)

Vigneault wouldn’t confirm that Kreider may return in this series but said that the team should know soon. (ESPN NY)

He added how important Kreider was to the Rangers PP and how much pressure he could put on the defense with his speed. (ESPN NY)

1:06PM: Alain Vigneault said that Kreider is “coming along” and that his size and speed would bring a lot to the Rangers. (Rangers)

11:34AM: On MSG last night, they showed video of Chris Kreider in a gray jersey on the ice at MSG by himself.

The video showed Kreider flipping a puck in the air and taking a slap shot while wearing a gray jersey.

It is not known if Kreider has been cleared for contact or didn’t wear the yellow jersey, that signifies no contact, because he was alone on the ice.

After the video was shown, Ron Dugay said “you are putting so much pressure on that wrist, you are snapping the puck, the weight is on your wrist and the stick hitting that puck, there is a lot of pressure there. You have to be close to 90-95% to do that. That is good news, seeing that he can slap a puck.

EJ Hradek added, “He isn’t the savior and end all be all but he would be a boost.”

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