Note: Chris Kreider got shaken up at practice today

Chris Kreider left practice today after a collision with Carl Hagelin.

The players collided in the corner and Kreider was down on his side and then his knees with his head down. (Newsday)

Kreider skated off the ice on his own and went to the locker room with Jim Ramsay.

He appeared “dazed” and the team said that he was still being checked out an hour after the collision. (Newsday)

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Late in the third period against the Penguins on Tuesday, Chris Kreider and Derek Stepan collided with Stepan heading to the bench.

The aftermath of the hit was Stepan and Kreider sitting on the bench next to each other with Stepan smiling and Alain Vigneault behind them laughing.

Stepan said after the game that he thinks he “won” the collision between the two and that hitting Kreider had the same feeling of being punched in the gut.  (Daily News)

He added that he had the wind knocked out of him and when Kreider saw him coming he “turtled” to lessen the impact. (North Jersey)


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Kreider9:38PM: Ray Ferraro said on TSN 690, “I think Kreider should have at least been fined because lets assume that Brodin doesn’t get up from that collision and he hits the boards differently… are they not going to suspend him? He would be suspended for sure. The action should be suspended and if you want to change behavior, you have to make the player aware that it is not okay. The next time it happens why would Kreider  do anything differently. He doesn’t think he did anything wrong and people will say that Brodin slowed up and tried to reverse into him, what else is he going to do? Keep skating and let him slam him into the glass. If Kreider was at least fined maybe he would find another option.”

9:06PM: Pierre McGuire said on TSN 690 this afternoon, “I like Kreider, I know his family, watched him play at BC and World Juniors, spent a lot of time talking to him. He trains right near where I live but what he did was wrong. That is a bad hit, I don’t like it, that is one of the hits that you want out of the game.”

More from Pierre, below

8:56PM: On TSN 690 this afternoon, Pierre LeBrun was asked why Chris Kreider isn’t facing a hearing over his hit on Jonas Brodin last night.

LeBrun listed two reasons, saying:

  • “Kreider paid a penalty by being thrown out of the game, never underestimate the fact that the ref threw a player out of a game because that has a bearing sometimes on how player safety reacts.”
  • “is that it’s my understanding that when player safety broke it down they felt that Brodin turned into the hit a little and that is kind of why Kreider gets off.”

LeBrun, because he said he wants to stir the pot while on Montreal radio said, “Kreider seems to have the ability of ‘excuse me while I mistakenly run into you’ if you know what I mean.”

Kreider said today that he was surprised he was thrown out of the game. He added, “it happened in the first so I am basically missing the whole game. That was discipline enough.”

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