Note: Chris Kreider Could Have Been A Tailback

Chris Kreider is 6-3, 225 and projects out to be a speedy power forward at the NHL level.

Kreider has been called a “Prototypical power forward. You can hear him coming down the ice. He’s like an impending force when he’s hounding you on the puck.”

On the power, size and speed that Kreider has, Jerry York said on 1050 in early May “If he doesn’t grow up in eastern Massachusetts he probably ends up as a tailback at some major division one college.”

Dan Girardi said of Kreider during the playoffs, “he is such a well built human. He has the strength and power to fit in with us in the NHL.”

Listen: Rangers Radio Call Of Chris Kreider’s Goal

McKenzie adds, “Kreider got $25K after 5 GP, $100K after 10 and now $175K after 15. Total of $300K for GP. Replaces the signing bonus he couldn’t get.”

Adam: He has earned every penny of that

Read: Chris Kreider Refuses To Get Complacent

After playing under ten minutes in games four, five and six against Washington, Chris Kreider played over 13 minutes for the second straight game and scored his first goal since his game winner in game one against Washington.

Kreider also picked up the primary assist on Dan Girardi’s goal.

On how he got his game back in check, Kreider said on MSG, [the coaches] “made it clear to me that they wanted a few things done, trying to move my feet and apply pressure. I just try to play and focus on what the coaches want me to do.  The last thing I want to do is get complacent, especially at this level. The next thing you know you are a minus two and giving a Ovechkin a one-timer in the slot.”

On the play that led to Dan Girardi scoring the first goal of the game, Kreider said “I think G was calling for it otherwise I am hearing voices cause I heard him calling for it. He was calling for it and coming off the bench and we made eye contact and I was able to leave it there for him.”

On the MSG Post game show, Ron Duguay said of Kreider, “I give credit to coach Tortorella for sticking with him. He made some mistakes, watched and then got some ice time in game seven. He was skating  around and creating chances tonight.”

Dave Maloney added, “he is an exceptionally bright kid and I think the Rangers got a good one in #20.”

Brian Boyle said that Kreider is hard on himself but “that is a big time shot that he has.”

On what he saw from Kreider, John Tortorella said “I think he’s been responsible away from the puck, and he’s been consistently understanding how we have to play. We want him to be instinctive. I think he’s done a really good job of that as far as chasing down things, shooting a puck. Obviously a quick release tonight on his goal. He’s played well. “

Ryan McDonagh said of Kreider last night on MSG, “he had his legs tonight. He was moving really well. He has a rifle when he has a chance to use it. I thought he was making big strides in his own zone.”

Brian Leetch said, “we talked about him having above average speed and shot in the NHL and he showed it in this game.”

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CLICK HERE to hear Kenny Albert’s call of Kreider’s goal.

Note: Chris Kreider Is A Well Built Man

Chris Kreider played 15:28 yesterday for the Rangers and attempted seven shots. Five of them were blocked and one of them missed the net.

The one shot that he put on goal was his second career goal and the eventual game winner for the Rangers.

Kreider said of his goal, “I had a little time to think. I thought, I’m tired and I just want to get it on net.” He added, with a chuckle, “in retrospect I probably should have dumped it and gotten off the ice.”

On how it felt to hear Madison Square Garden chanting his name, “It was kind of a surreal experience and I got goosebumps. I didn’t feel so tired when I started to hear that.”

Braden Holtby told Katie Carerra of that goal, “It was a nice-placed shot.Got to give the guy credit but from that far out I think I’d like to have that one.”

Ryan Callahan told Pierre McGuire of Kreider, “It feels like he has been playing for a while.”

Dan Girardi said on MSG, “he is such a well built human. He has the strength and power to fit in with us in the NHL.”

Girardi said in the Daily News, “I knew a little about him, but I didn’t know he was built like a Mack truck and could skate like the wind. He’s out there skating so fast, so powerfully, we’re lucky to have him.”

Brian Leetch said that he and Mike Keenan were talking during the game and that ” the first couple of games he looked like he came from college and the difference has has made in the last three games has been phenomenal.”

Ryan McDonagh said on MSG, “he is a real humble kid. He doesn’t let it get to him. His strength his is skating and because of that he helps create chances.”

John Tortorella said that the team just wants Kreider to be Kreider,

“We showed him our concept but we just wanted him to play. There are things we will work with him on, but this isn’t the time to do that. We just want his instinctiveness and his speed. His mental part of the game with trying to make a difference every shift is really good.”

Torts added, “he is just a quiet unassuming kid. I think we have a tight group and he has been able to come in.”

Michael Del Zotto said “he has been great for us. You just can’t say enough about what he has done and how mature he is. “

Arthur Staple has an excellent column on Kreider at Newsday.