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Note: That First Goal Really Helped Chris Kreider

In his fourth game as a professional hockey player, and with the Rangers on the verge of elimination, rookie Chris Kreider converted a pass from Derek Stepan that ended up being the game winner.

Kreider went on to score four more goals in the playoffs, one more game winner, but credited that first goal with getting himself comfortable.

He said “for me, it was a little bit of a blur” and added that it took some of the pressure and weight off of his shoulders.

Kreider added that he was glad to get a shot with the Rangers in the playoffs and “It was just good to get up there and play with some good guys.”

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Chris Kreider Broadway HatAt Pro Hockey Talk, they wonder what kind of impact Chris Kreider will have on the Rangers next season.

Kreider had five goals and two assists in 18 playoff games this season.

On what he expects to learn this season, Kreider said at the end of the season “I need to try to learn the system and change my game up a little bit. It was dumbed down for me this spring so that I couldn’t overthink things.”

John Tortorella said of Kreider, “He’s going to go through the process. Who knows what happens next year with him? You guys have him playing 22 minutes on the first line I would think with some of the articles you’ll write before next year. I can predict that.”