Note: Chris Kreider Could Have Been A Tailback

Chris Kreider is 6-3, 225 and projects out to be a speedy power forward at the NHL level.

Kreider has been called a “Prototypical power forward. You can hear him coming down the ice. He’s like an impending force when he’s hounding you on the puck.”

On the power, size and speed that Kreider has, Jerry York said on 1050 in early May “If he doesn’t grow up in eastern Massachusetts he probably ends up as a tailback at some major division one college.”

Dan Girardi said of Kreider during the playoffs, “he is such a well built human. He has the strength and power to fit in with us in the NHL.”

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Chris Kreider said that he came to Boston College as a raw player who looked for scoring chances and neglected other parts of his game. He told College Hockey News that the coaches at BC really helped him grow his game into being more complete.

BC assistant captain Paul Carey said that Kreider does it all

“The goals are what you notice, but there’s so many little things that Chris does. Someone has to be in the corners winning the battles, someone has to be killing penalties and doing all the little things you need to win, and a lot of times that’s Chris. You don’t see that, but I think a lot of our goals and scoring opportunities come from Chris’ work.”

These are just words but they come from a teammate and a player with a leadership role on the team. Everything that you hear about Kreider whether it’s from teammates, the Rangers or independent people is almost all positive. He is off to a nice start this season and will hopefully dominate the NCAA’s the way we think he can.

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Chris Kreider told Blueshirts United that he thinks he will be in a better position to play pro hockey after this coming season at BC.

He has played around 70 games, not counting the World Juniors or World Championships, the past two seasons.

Kreider says that he is also looking forward to his role as a leader for Boston College this season.

He said in the spring that he didn’t think he was ready to play in the NHL.

There are expectations from him, us, and the team for a big season for Chris. His talent level is unquestioned but he did look raw to me when I watched him at the World Championships. That is expected though for a player who is only 20 years old. He will be a big player for BC this season and his game will round out from that. Hopefully he can score some goals this season and step into the lineup next season.

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In his rankings of the Rangers prospects at Hockey Prospectus, Corey Pronman says that Chris Kreider has a terrible “hockey sense.”

His decision-making is poor, his reads are poor, his positional play is poor, he consistently makes horrid passes and he just truly lacks a significant feel for the game.

His “hockey sense” has been debated before.

His draft profile says that he has good anticipation and “he sees the play ahead of time and knows what he’s going to do with the puck as soon as he gets it. “

The Rangers have said that “hockey sense” is the most important quality that they look for in  a player.

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This isn’t a commonly written about criticism of Kreider and while I do think that Pronman can get a tad nitpicky with prospects, it may be something to keep an eye on. I find it hard to think that the Rangers would take a player with such a low “hockey sense” when it’s their number one quality to look for. Kreider has all-star caliber talent, skating and character and those are the qualities that unbiased people in scouting talk about.

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At ESPN Insider, Grant Sonier lists the Rangers Chris Kreider as the 10th best prospect in hockey.

He says that Kreider is not only one of the best skaters in the NCAA’s, he is one of the best skaters in all of hockey.

On the criticism that Kreider has received, Sonier writes “he has been criticized at times for not producing enough or bringing enough consistent intensity to his game, but for me that is more because of the fact that when you watch him play, you see so much potential in him.”

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I love when I see Kreider, or other Ranger prospects, talked about and ranked highly. It’s not just us hyping him up, it’s the media, scouts and people who know what they are talking about. We all expect Kreider to have a big season as one of the go-to players on Boston College next season and start his pro hockey career next year.

Kreider has been ranked 18th by The Hockey News and 23rd by Hockey’s Future.

QUOTE: @ChrisKreider Learned A Lot At The World Championships

“It was a great experience, just like the year before,” Kreider said. “Last year, I was a younger guy and I probably learned more off the ice than on. This year, I learned from being on the ice. Hopefully, that will carry over.”

Kreider to Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants

This is what I was hoping for Kreider. Stats didn’t mean that much to me, but the idea that he learned a lot from being on the ice is crucial to his development. He took a few penalties along the way and I kept thinking that they were all learning experiences for him.

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At the United States of Hockey, Chris Peters looks at how Chris Kreider performed for Team USA at the World Championships.

He gives Kreider a “pass” for the tournament due to his youth and thinks that even with his talent level, another year at BC will help him as a player.

The biggest thing for Kreider in this kind of tournament is to take it all in and learn from the guys playing in the NHL. Team USA had a young team, but it definitely helps Kreider that he gets to share a locker room with a guy like Jack Johnson and obviously with Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh. He needs to take what he learned in this tournament to BC next year and really dominate.

Watch Kreider score in the World Championships, here, here and from the preliminary game here.

Mike Keenan was also impressed with Kreider.

Kreider said last week that he doesn’t think he is ready to play in the NHL.

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Rangers 2009 First Roudn Pick Chris KreiderAt Newsday, Arthur Staple spoke with Chris Kreider who said that he is unaware of the fans clamoring for him to join the Rangers next season:

“Really? This is the first I’m hearing of all that,” he said. “I guess it’s not too tough to stay away from that.”

Over the weekend, Kreider told Staple that he didn’t think he was ready to play in the NHL yet.

Most of that chatter has seemed to slow in the last two weeks as people have gotten to see Kreider play against men and have had the chance to nitpick his game. Some have even started to turn on Kreider. I am not one of them and I think that Kreider is still a highly skilled player and a big part of the Rangers future.

His game is still developing and he should get the chance to be a leader on BC this season and take on a bigger role.