Note: Chris Kreider Just Went Face First Into The Boards

7:27PM: From Rob “Kreider did not return during the third. Whale lose 3rd straight, 5-0″


The Whale sent out this tweet 25 minutes ago “With 16:46 in the 2nd @ChrisKreider takes a big hit and is slow to get up but is able to skate off on his own “

Mitch Beck tweeted this 32 minutes ago “Kreider shaken up… down on the ice Trainer Damien Hess out to check on him at 3:14″

Theresa aka kaboom23 tweeted “kreider just got his head slammed into the boards, went straight to the locker room…yikes”

Hartford Hockey tweeted “Kreider got leveled on the endwall, Kreider hurt but no penalty called”

6:31PM: Erik Douglas tweeted “kreider hasn’t returned since holden bundled him behind the net early on in the 2nd”

Stats: Whale Win 7-5/Chris Kreider and Matt Gilroy With 2 Goals Each

The Whale defeated the Sound Tigers 7-5 tonight and scored four goals in the third period.

  • Chris Kreider had two goals (including the game winner) on two shots
  • Kyle Jean had an assist and one shot
  • Ryan Bourque had an assist and was a minus one
  • JT Miller had an assist and two shots
  • Christian Thomas was a minus one with ZERO shots
  • Matt Gilroy had two goals on four shots
  • The Whale were 1-4 on the PP
  • Other goals were scored by Chad Kolarik, Tommy Grant and Kris Newbury
  • Cam Talbot stopped 36 of 41 shots

Read: Chris Kreider Is In Love With Hockey and Making Himself Better

Throughout training camp and the preseason for the Whale, Chris Kreider consistently made it clear that he loves playing hockey.

Since the season started for the Whale, Kreider has not changed his tune, telling the NY Times “It’s fun to go out there and do what you love to do. Whenever you’re playing hockey it’s exciting, whatever the situation.”

He added, “I’m very happy to be here to try to learn to play hockey. After you’ve had that taste, you just want to get back on the ice. I never came down. I was so excited and so disappointed that we lost to New Jersey that I wanted to keep going.”

So far in Hartford, Kreider has 1 goals, 6 assists, 26 shots and is a -2 in 11 games.

Kreider also has 35 penalty minutes, 15 in one game and 8 in another.

Blueshirts United said that Kreider returned to the ice for extra practice with Whale assistant coach Pat Boller after all of his teammates left the facility.

They write that with his dedicated to hard work and the effort he brings to the ice every day, “Chris Kreider is going to be everything and then some that Rangers fans pray he will be in the NHL.”

Fantasy and reality: Chris Kreider’s process

Corey Griffin

How would you keep in touch with your former teammates during a work stoppage?

“We’re in a fantasy football league together,” Chris Kreider said with a laugh after the Connecticut Whale beat the Hershey Bears 3-1 on Oct. 26.

Such is life for the Rangers’ wonder kid. Instead of getting donuts and lugging bags, he’s beating everyone to James Jones on the waiver wire. It’s a far cry from the NHL-ready skill set he flashed last spring and it’s fair to wonder if starting in Hartford over Broadway stuck with him.

On that Friday night, Kreider spent much of the first period drifting, so much so that one person wondered if he would have been better off carrying an ad banner than a hockey stick.

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