News: Carl Hagelin Cleared For Contact

Carl HagelinAccording to Larry Brooks, Carl Hagelin has been cleared for contact beginning with tomorrow’s practice.

He is reportedly on target to return on 10/29 which is the first day he is eligible to return after being on LTIR.

Hagelin said that he has been making progress and waiting for the doctors to clear him for battle drills and contact.

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Hagelin3:12PM: Carl Hagelin, in a chat with the Rangers website, said “I’m feeling good, there is no doubt about it. I am feeling good when I shoot. I haven’t done battle drills yet but everything else feels good. It’s a matter of seeing the doc and having him clear me. There is so more stuff in my shoulder that needs to heal and he is the expert and knows what is best for me.”

He says that he still talks with Ryan Callahan about his shoulder issues and how he has been feeling since returning.

10:32AM: For the first time since the Rangers went on West, Carl Hagelin was on the ice with his teammates yesterday.

Hagelin is still in a non-contact jersey but told theĀ NY Post that his shoulder is progressing the way it’s supposed to and that he was able to build up his shoulder strength in the gym while the team was away.

He said that he is waiting on the doctors to tell him what to do next, but he feels good and wants to re-join the team.

Hagelin, because he is on LTIR, can’t return to the Rangers until 10/29 againstĀ  the Islanders. Being on LTIR means that you have to miss 10 games and 24 days from the day you were placed on LTIR.

Hagelin is recovering from shoulder surgery he had at the end of May.


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HagelinIn the Daily News, Carl Hagelin told Pat Leonard that he has no pain and feels “fresh” as he goes through his shoulder rehab.

Hagelin told Leonard that he is in good shape and conditioning and that he won’t have to get into game shape but will need some times to get back into his game habits.

Leonard writes that Hagelin will not travel with the Rangers through the first road trip of the year, PHX, LA, SJ, ANA, STL, and due to being on LTIR he won’t play for the first ten games of the year.

Hagelin told the Rangers website on Wednesday,”the shoulder feels good and it’s just a matter of letting everything heal to get cleared . I understand the process you need to go through and I hope it makes me stronger physically and mentally. It’s a good test mentally, seeing everyone have fun and doing the drills, but I pride myself on my mental toughness so I think I will pass the test.”

“The shoulder feels good and I am getting better by the day.”


Note: The Rangers Sent Carl Hagelin Back To NY To Work On His Strength/Not A Setback

HagelinAccording to Larry Brooks, the Rangers have sent Carl Hagelin back to NY to work on his strength and conditioning with Rangers personnel rather than stay with the team through the final two days of the road trip.

Brooks says that Hagelin has not suffered a setback in his return from shoulder surgery and that this was a planned move by the organization.

Hagelin is expected to start the season on LTIR to give the Rangers some cap relief and let Hagelin rehab without the pressure of rushing back. Being placed on LTIR means that he will miss the first ten games of the season.

Andrew Gross notes that the Rangers are making clear that there is no issue with Hagelin and that going back to NY is going to be more beneficial to his rehab schedule

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Carl HagelinAccording to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, while neither Carl Hagelin or Ryan Callahan are likely to be able to start the season, Callahan is a couple of weeks ahead in his rehab and should be able to join the lineup sooner.

Brooks says that Hagelin will likely be placed on LTIR, thus giving the Rangers more space space for the time being, and won’t be available for the first 10 games and/or 24 days of the season.

Alain Vigneault said yesterday that Callahan is ahead of Hagelin in terms of shooting the puck but that both are coming along in their rehab.

Hagelin admitted on MSG last week that Callahan was likely ahead by a little bit.

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Recap: What Carl Hagelin Said On MSG

Carl Hagelin joined MSG during the Rangers scrimmage:

  • On right before they started, “Zuccarello grabbed my hair. He wishes his flow was as good as mine.”


  • On his shoulder, “It’s coming along well. It’s a lot of rehab but it feels good and I am on the ice and starting to shoot a little more.”
  • On Zucc, “I am staying at his place. He is a great landlord. I’m doing everything for him. We arne’t cooking. He needs to figure some stuff out with the apartment. He doesn’t like to do stuff himself so I am helping him out.”

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Read: Carl Hagelin Is Feeling Good But Is Waiting To Take Contact

HagelinCarl Hagelin told the Rangers website that his shoulder feels good and that while he can’t take contact yet, he is able to skate at full speed and that he has his legs under him.

Hagelin said that he is taking things day by day and is just waiting for the doctors to clear him. He noted that things with his shoulder rehab started slow but that things have progressed quickly in the last three weeks.

Hagelin has been considered a breakout candidate for the Rangers this season.

He underwent surgery on 5/31 and is on the same time table as Ryan Callahan.

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Carl HagelinRyan Schwepfinger, at ESPN Insider, looks at Carl Hagelin this season and says that some advanced metrics are pointing to a breakout year for Hagelin.

Those metrics, Vukota, point towards a 22 goal and 31 assist season for Hagelin.

  • Sports Forecaster has Hagelin putting up 16 goals and 27 assists
  • The Hockey News has Hagelin putting up 20 goals and 25 assists
  • Dobber Hockey has Hagelin putting up 24 goals and 22 assists

Based on where he was at 48 games last season, 10 goals and 14 assists, Hagelin was projected by NHL Fantasy to put up 17 goals and 24 assists.

In 11-12, Hagelin had 14 goals and 24 assists in 68 games.

Hagelin will miss the beginning of the season as he recovers from shoulder surgery.

He signed a new contract this summer for two years and $2.25 million per year against the cap.

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Last week the Carl HagelinRangers signed Carl Hagelin to a two-year contract with a cap hit of $2.25 million per season.

Hagelin has said that he wants to show the Rangers that he is worth the money the Rangers just committed to him.

Cap Geek has a list of 2o players with the closest cap hit to Hagelin and Ryan Smyth of the Oilers is the only player in the league with the exact same cap hit of $2.25 million.

Michael Frolik, Tyler Kennedy, Andrew Cogliano and Matt Cooke are all players with cap hits slightly above Hagelin.

Lauri Korpikoski, Chris Higgins, Eric Nystrom and Brandon Prust all have cap hits of $2.5 million.

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Carl Hagelin Broadway HatIn an interview with Expressen, a Swedish paper, Carl Hagelin said that he is very excited about signing his new contract with the Rangers and that he wants to prove that he is worth the $4.5 million the Rangers have committed to him.

Hagelin added that he is recovering well after shoulder surgery and that he will be allowed to remove his sling soon and begin working out and training.

Hagelin originally hurt his shoulder during the lockout while playing in Sweden.