Read: Carl Hagelin’s Impact So Far This Season

Carl HagelinIn the six games that Carl Hagelin has played this season he has points in five of them, 2-goal games in two of them and a total of seven points.

On MSG, after the win over the Blue Jackets, Joe Micheletti said that Hagelin’s impact has been “huge” and that he is surprised at how well Hagelin is playing after missing the start of the year and not having much practice time.

According to Extra Skater, six of Hagelin’s seven points are primary points and that he has been on the ice for 94 Rangers shot attempts for and 67 shot attempts against.

Hagelin has also been on the ice, at 5 on 5, for 53 Rangers shots on goal for and 37 against. 47.8% of his shifts start in the offensive zone, 33.3% start in the neutral zone and 18.8% start in the defensive zone.



Read: The Return Of Carl Hagelin Last Night

Carl HagelinIn his return to the lineup last night, Carl Hagelin played 17:15 on a line with Brad Richards and Benoit Pouliot.

Hagelin played 4:09 in the first period, 6:01 in the second period and 7:05 in the third period with 1:45 on the PK.

He assisted on the game winning goal, had one shot attempt (missed), 1 hit, one giveaway, one takeaway and one blocked shot. He also took two slashing penalties.

According to Extra Skater, at even strength Hagelin was on for 10 shot attempts for, 11 against and 5 shots on goal for and 3 against.

On MSG, Hagelin told John Giannone that he felt good, his conditioning was fine, he had his legs but that there were small details that he struggled with. He added that those struggles are expected for a first game of the season after injury.

Richards said on MSG that Hagelin brings another dimension to the Rangers with his speed and Chris Kreider said “whenever you get a player like Carl on the lineup everyone is excited. He is such a jitterbug and is flying around.”

Alain Vigneault said that the team was happy with how Hagelin played in his first game of the season and John Giannone said that Hagelin got some congratulations from Glen Sather after the game.

Read: The Carl Hagelin Situation For Tonight

Carl HagelinIn a chat with the Rangers website, Carl Hagelin said that he is ready to go and just waiting on word from the coaches on whether he will be in the lineup against the Islanders.

He said, “right now we are five guys skating on the ice with Benoit Allaire and he said that we should all be ready to take warmup tonight. That is the latest that I have heard.”

Hagelin said that it’s a special feeling knowing that he could return to the lineup tonight and said:

  • “I expect to be in good condition, stronger than last year, and getting into the habits on the ice and not thinking too much. Not thinking where to be, it takes a few games to get back to doing what you are good at.”
  • On wanting to make a difference, “that is what I am thinking before the game, I want to make a difference on the PK, scoring a goal or being a good team player. Every night I try to do my job and if I play tonight I will play my game, create offense and force turnovers.”

Read: The Carl Hagelin Situation For Tomorrow

HagelinFollowing the Rangers tenth game tonight, Carl Hagelin will be eligible to return to the Rangers lineup as the 10 games and 24 days needed to stay on LTIR expires.

Alain Vigneault said today, via Andrew Gross, that he is only focused on tonight and will decide on what will happen with Hagelin tomorrow.

Hagelin told Gross that he is ready to re-join the Rangers lineup, wants to play but understands that the decision will fall to the coaching staff.

Hagelin added that if the Rangers win tonight he would be surprised if Vigneault decides to go with the same lineup.

Hagelin has been taking contact and has been feeling better for some time now.

Recap: Carl Hagelin Feels Good

Carl Hagelin spoke with the media on Wednesday and told the team’s website:

  • on his shoulder: It feels good. I am able to do more things on the ice battling wise I feel stronger as everyday goes by. Hopefully it continues going the right way
  • On getting a boost from taking contact, “mentally it gives me a lot, when you are battling you feel like you are part of the team, you get energy and confidence from that.”
  • On returning to the lineup, “I’ve been thinking about this since surgery and you wanna do what you are good at. I wanna bring energy, forecheck, create chances offensively. I am excited to get back and be with the guys on the road and I am expecting the team to get four points.”

Note: Carl Hagelin Has A Return Date In Mind

HagelinCarl Hagelin was cleared for contact earlier in the week and went through his first day of contact on Friday at the Rangers.

Hagelin told Ranger Rants that he is going through the protocol the doctors and trainers set up for him and that he was eased back into contact on Friday on a day without many battle drills.

He said that he hopes to return to the Rangers lineup on 10/29 against the Islanders which is the first date he is allowed to play after being placed on LTIR.

Hagelin said that he still needs to take more contact and get comfortable in battle drills before he can return to the Rangers lineup, but added that “all you need is one good battle” to feel confident that everything is good.

News: Carl Hagelin Cleared For Contact

Carl HagelinAccording to Larry Brooks, Carl Hagelin has been cleared for contact beginning with tomorrow’s practice.

He is reportedly on target to return on 10/29 which is the first day he is eligible to return after being on LTIR.

Hagelin said that he has been making progress and waiting for the doctors to clear him for battle drills and contact.

Read: Carl Hagelin Is Making Progress

Hagelin3:12PM: Carl Hagelin, in a chat with the Rangers website, said “I’m feeling good, there is no doubt about it. I am feeling good when I shoot. I haven’t done battle drills yet but everything else feels good. It’s a matter of seeing the doc and having him clear me. There is so more stuff in my shoulder that needs to heal and he is the expert and knows what is best for me.”

He says that he still talks with Ryan Callahan about his shoulder issues and how he has been feeling since returning.

10:32AM: For the first time since the Rangers went on West, Carl Hagelin was on the ice with his teammates yesterday.

Hagelin is still in a non-contact jersey but told theĀ NY Post that his shoulder is progressing the way it’s supposed to and that he was able to build up his shoulder strength in the gym while the team was away.

He said that he is waiting on the doctors to tell him what to do next, but he feels good and wants to re-join the team.

Hagelin, because he is on LTIR, can’t return to the Rangers until 10/29 againstĀ  the Islanders. Being on LTIR means that you have to miss 10 games and 24 days from the day you were placed on LTIR.

Hagelin is recovering from shoulder surgery he had at the end of May.


Read: Carl Hagelin Says His Shoulder Feels Good

HagelinIn the Daily News, Carl Hagelin told Pat Leonard that he has no pain and feels “fresh” as he goes through his shoulder rehab.

Hagelin told Leonard that he is in good shape and conditioning and that he won’t have to get into game shape but will need some times to get back into his game habits.

Leonard writes that Hagelin will not travel with the Rangers through the first road trip of the year, PHX, LA, SJ, ANA, STL, and due to being on LTIR he won’t play for the first ten games of the year.

Hagelin told the Rangers website on Wednesday,”the shoulder feels good and it’s just a matter of letting everything heal to get cleared . I understand the process you need to go through and I hope it makes me stronger physically and mentally. It’s a good test mentally, seeing everyone have fun and doing the drills, but I pride myself on my mental toughness so I think I will pass the test.”

“The shoulder feels good and I am getting better by the day.”


Note: The Rangers Sent Carl Hagelin Back To NY To Work On His Strength/Not A Setback

HagelinAccording to Larry Brooks, the Rangers have sent Carl Hagelin back to NY to work on his strength and conditioning with Rangers personnel rather than stay with the team through the final two days of the road trip.

Brooks says that Hagelin has not suffered a setback in his return from shoulder surgery and that this was a planned move by the organization.

Hagelin is expected to start the season on LTIR to give the Rangers some cap relief and let Hagelin rehab without the pressure of rushing back. Being placed on LTIR means that he will miss the first ten games of the season.

Andrew Gross notes that the Rangers are making clear that there is no issue with Hagelin and that going back to NY is going to be more beneficial to his rehab schedule