Read: Carl Hagelin and Mats Zuccarello discuss the Brad Richards buyout

Carl Hagelin, Mats ZuccarelloCarl Hagelin and Mats Zuccarello are in Norway for a charity game that Zuccarello put together and the two were asked about the Rangers buyout of Brad Richards.

Hagelin said that the buyout has nothing to do with Richards as a person or player and everything to do with the salary cap. He says that Richards is an “amazing” guy who has helped him a lot. Hagelin said that it’s “sad” but how the business of hockey works. He said that Richards won’t have trouble finding a job. (VG)

Hagelin said that the Rangers were “forced” to make this move to be able to have enough money to sign players like Zuccarello, Anton Stralman, Derick Brassard and Benoit Pouliot. He says that now these players can “get what they deserve.”(VG)

Zuccarello said that Richards is a good teammate, good friend and that losing him is a “shame.” (VG)

Zuccarello said that he doesn’t think much about money but wants to stay with the Rangers and find a way to make it work. (VG)

Poll: Are the Rangers making the right decision to buy out Brad Richards?

In a poll asked in Spring 2013, 51% of voters said that they would buy out Richards THIS summer.

When it was announced last summer that the Rangers would not be buying out Richards, 53.85% said that it was the right decision to keep him.

Brad Richards:Black Armada

BUZZ: Brad Richards has been bought out

12:27PM: Brad Richards has been bought out by the Rangers (Pierre LeBrun)

Richards has six-years left on his deal with a cap hit of $6.67 million.

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If Richards were to retire when his salary dropped to $1 million in the final three-years of his contract, the Rangers would be hit with cap penalties of $5.66 million per year for however many years were left on his deal when he retired. (Cap Geek)

Richards’ agent said earlier this week that if this were a hockey decision the Rangers would likely keep Richards but because it’s a business decision they may not.

The buyout will remove Richards’ cap hit from the Rangers salary cap but the team will still owe him $1.055 million per year until 2025-26. (Cap Geek)

Richards will earn an additional $8 million in not-yet paid signing bonus money that is not eligible to be part of the compliance buyout. That money does not impact the Rangers cap. (Cap Geek)

In total, Richards will receive $20.667 million from the Rangers as part of the buyout. (Chris Johnston)

Richards signed a nine-year contract with the Rangers worth $60 million on July 2, 2011. He will end up earning $51 of the $60 million. (Johnston)

In the regular season, Richards appeared in 210 of 212 possible games for the Rangers and had 56 goals, 95 assists and 151 points.

  • 11-12: 25 goals, 41 assists in 82 games
  • 12-13: 11 goals, 23 assists in 46 games
  • 13-14: 29 goals, 31 assists in 82 games

In the playoffs, Richards appeared in 55 of 57 games, scored 12 goals, 16 assists and had 28 points.

  • 11-12: 6 goals, 9 assists in 20 games
  • 12-13: 1 goal, 0 assists in 10 games
  • 13-14: 5 goals, 7 assists in 25 games

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Brad Richards

Read: Brad Richards’ agent says the Rangers have not disclosed what they will do

12:10PM: Brad Richards’ agent Pat Morris was a guest on Hockey Central at Noon today on Fan590.

Morris was asked if he has spoken with Richards since the end of the season and said, “yes, quite often.”

Morris added, “He is a veteran and was through all of this last year when the world thought he would be bought out last year and everyone is expecting it to be automatic this year. His name isn’t on the waiver list today and effectively it doesn’t have to since he has a no-move. His head is that he can’t control anything. He had a strong season, would have finished first, second or third on I think 22 teams in the league. He accorded himself well in the playoffs as the semi-finals ended and they went to the Finals and people were exalting him as a great captain of the Rangers and one of the reason they are in the Final. After game two he is an automatic buyout because he had, to his own accountability, a poor game and ended up on the fourth line. That is in the Rangers hands and they haven’t disclosed what they will do. I know they are meeting on various issues and have a lot of decisions to make. A hockey decision I think they keep him, a business decision they may not.”

He adds, “I have spoken to Glen and Glen is very positive about Brad’s season and most of the playoffs, saying that his Final was not at the level of the previous three seasons but no one besides Lundqvist was perfect in that round. He was pleased with his season. From a hockey point of view he isn’t against moving forward with him but it’s a business decision that may be out of of Glen’s hand.” To read more of this story, click here

Brad Richards

Read: Last night was probably Brad Richards’ last game with the Rangers (Updates)

2:04PM: Alain Vigneault said that the team has not decided what will happen with Richards. (Dan Rosen)

6/16/14: 1:36PM: Richards will not meet with the media today. (Andrew Gross)

6/14/14: 3:43PM: In game five against the Kings, Brad Richards played 21:26, had an assist, had four shots on goal, one shot that was blocked and three that missed the net.

By period, Richards played:

  • First Period: 3:37
  • Second Period: 4:21
  • Third Period: 3:43
  • OT: 6:05
  • Double OT:  3:43

Richards played 5:20 on the PP and 16:06 at even strength.

Richards had the third fewest even strength minutes for Rangers forwards, only ahead of Derek Dorsett and Brian Boyle.

At 5 on 5, Richards was on the ice for 12 shot attempts for and 19 against and 8 shots on goal for and 7 against. (ES)

It is expected that the Rangers will exercise their second compliance buyout on Richards.

Read: The compliance buyout period starts on Monday (Updates)

Brad Richards6/16/14 | 12:11PM: The buyout period began at 12:01AM this morning. Players need to be placed on waivers for the intent of buying them out unless they have a No-Move Clause at which point it occurs without waivers.

Richards has a no-move clause.

6/14/14 | 10:36AM: John Shannon tweeted last night that the window to use a compliance buyout opens on Monday June 16th just after Midnight. (Sportsnet)

The buyout period begins 48 hours after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final and it runs until June 30th at 5PM Eastern.

The Rangers used their first compliance buyout on Wade Redden before last season.

It’s expected that they will use their second and final compliance buyout on Brad Richards.

Using a compliance buyout on Richards would remove him from the Rangers salary cap but the Rangers would still owe Richards $1.05 million per year until 2025-26. (Cap Geek)

Richards has six years left on a nine-year deal that has a cap hit of $6.67 million. Richards has already received $33 million of the $60 million on his contract.

In the final three-years of his contract, the salary for Richards drops to $1 million per year. If Richards were to retire in 2017, the Rangers would be hit with cap penalties of $5.6 million for the next three seasons for the amount of money they saved with his cap hit vs his actual salary. (Cap Geek)

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Claude Giroux, Sergei Bobrovsky, Brad Richards

Read: How and when Brad Richards found out he was scratched last year/what his future holds

Larry Brooks writes that Brad Richards found out last year that he was being scratched in game four against Boston by hearing it from Michael Haley and Kris Newbury during a team dinner the night before the game. (NY Post)

Brooks says that Richards figured out that if both Haley and Newbury were playing, he would be out of the lineup. The next morning John Tortorella called Richards to tell him that he would be scratched for game four.  (NY Post)

Tortorella, in repeatedly calling Richards a “hell of a hockey player” and someone that he “loves as a player and a person,” said that Richards was scratched because he didn’t fit on the fourth line and the centers on the top three lines had stepped up and were playing better than him.

Richards spoke yesterday about his shift to the fourth line in game four.

Brooks says that it’s essentially a “foregone conclusion” that the Rangers will use their second amnesty buyout on Richards. (NY Post)

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