Read: Michael Del Zotto on His Back and His Contract

On December 11,Michael Del Zotto left his team in Switzerland, the Lakers, and returned to NY/TOR to have a back injury checked out.

Since he returned, Del Zotto has maintained that his injury isn’t serious and that if the season were to start he would be able to play.

Last week, in an interview with Ken Campbell at The Hockey News, Del Zotto continued to say that his injury isn’t serious, “I’m just getting it treated everyday. My health is my number one concern. I enjoyed my six weeks over there but I had to get home and get it checked out by doctors that I trust and am used to dealing with. It’s nothing serious but I just want to make sure I am 100% if the season were to start as soon as possible.

When asked about his contract and situation as an RFA, Del Zotto said “I know that something will get done once the season does start. You think about it but it’s not the number one concern.”

Glen Sather has commented that Del Zotto will “come to his senses” and there have been disputes about how much the Rangers have offered him.

He said that he won’t make a decision on returning to Switzerland until he is 100% and has more clarity on the CBA situation.

Del Zotto spent some of his time before going to Switzerland working at a Toronto area supermarket.

Buzz: Michael Del Zotto Has Left The Lakers (Team Says He Has A Back Injury)

Del Zotto Lakers10:10AM: Larry Brooks says on twitter that Del Zotto is returning to NY because of “mild back stiffness.”

9:44AM: Szymon Szemberg says of Del Zotto “MDZ has not enjoyed a good time in Suisse.”

THIS SECTION has been following Del Zotto during his time in Switzerland.

8:28AM: The Lakers have released this statement about Del Zotto:

Lakers defenseman Michael Del Zotto is until further notice because of a back injury. Since Blessur be treated by his medical examiner in New York City has to crack the NHL on Wednesday flying back overseas.

After recovery versa Del Zotto – unless taken by then the NHL game mode is – back to Rapperswil-Jona.

The release says that Del Zotto is out until further notice because of a back injury and he is returning to NY to have it checked out.  They add that unless the NHL is playing again, Del Zotto will return to the Lakers.


Buzz: Rick Nash Re-Aggravted His Groin Issue/Davos Playing Michael Del Zotto’s Team Today

According to Marcel Kutcha, who was in conversation with Melissa, Rick Nash will be out for one week because he re-aggravated his groin issue over the weekend.

The issue was originally thought to be a back issue.

Nash missed a few games recently with a groin issue but returned to the lineup and scored two goals.

Read: Why NHLers Have A Tougher Time Tearing It Up In Europe the latest issue of The Hockey News, with Sidney Crosby on the cover, Ken Campbell writes about North American players and the expectation that they could just come into the European leagues and instantly become scoring leaders.

He says that expecting players to put forth the same kind of effort that they do in the NHL when when they are paid so little and run the risk of getting seriously injured.

Campbell also says that some players don’t understand that while the talent level in Europe may not be the same, the competition level is still very high.

He spoke with former NHLer and current GM of Jokerit (Finnish league) Jarmo Kekalainen who said, “this isn’t the the type of league where a guy can come and tear it up. It’s not NHL caliber but it’s very competitive. A big problem for guys is they come here and we’ve already played 25 games and they’re not in game shape. Psychologically, some of the guys think it’s going to be easy.”

Kekalainen also adds that the players love to play against the NHLers and prove they can play on the same level.

Of the three remaining Rangers playing in Europe:

  • Rick Nash has 10 goals and six assists in 15 games.
  • Derek Stepan has two goals and one assist in seven games
  • Michael Del Zotto has 1 goal and 3 assists in six games

Buzz: Michael Del Zotto Could Play For Canada In The Spengler Cup Garrioch writes in the Ottawa Sun that Michael Del Zotto could get invited to play for Team Canada in the upcoming Spengler Cup which starts after Christmas.

The Spengler Cup is a six team tournament held in Davos, Switzerland every year. Rick Nash and Joe Thornton will play for Davos in the tournament.

Garrioch says that the Canadian team is usually comprised of Canadian players who are playing in Switzerland and could include players like Tyler Seguin, Patrice Bergeron, John Tavares, Logan Couture and Brooks Laich who are already playing in Switzerland.

Del Zotto is playing for the Lakers in Switzerland.

Mark Messier coached Canada in the Spengler Cup in 2010.

THIS SECTION is all about Del Zotto and the Lakers.

Del Zotto played for Team Canada in the World Championships following his rookie season.