Note: Henrik Lundqvist Is Going To Sweden….

Henrik Lundqvist has tweeted that he is going to Sweden to see some friends and family. Lundqvist indicated in the past that he planned to return to Sweden so that his friends and family could see his daughter.

Lundqvist tweets “Not sure when we’re coming back, could be a week or couple of months…”

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Lundqvist has been adamant that he won’t sit out an entire season and will return to Sweden to play if the lockout isn’t settled.

Buzz: Frolunda Still Has Their Henrik Lundqvist Dream Going

In the Swedish newspaper Expressen, Mattias Ek writes that Frolunda “has not given up” on their dream of luring Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist back to his hometown team during the lockout.

Lundqvist’s twin brother Joel is the captain of Frolunda.

It would reportedly cost $30,000 a month in insurance for Lundqvist to play for Frolunda during the lockout.

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In the NY Times, Jeff Klein writes that the insurance to cover Henrik Lundqvist playing in Frolunda is estimated to be about $30,000 per month.

Lundqvist has two years remaining on his contract with the Rangers at a total of $13.75 million.

Frolunda secured the financing to bring Lundqvist back to Sweden over the weekend.

Lundqvist has said that he will take his time in making a decision on what to do during the lockout. He has said that he just wants to be ready for when the regular season starts.

Lundqvist’s agent Don Meehan told Klein that he had no news on Lundqvist.

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8:41AM: The Swedish newspaper Expressen writes about how Frolunda has secured the necessary money to sign Henrik Lundqvist if Lundqvist decides he wants to play in Sweden.

On the impact that Lundqvist would have on his former team, Av Ludvig Holmberg writes that he would have a dramatic impact on his team.

If Henke Lundqvist comes to Frölunda is nothing but a big deal for the club and the fans in Gothenburg. Lundqvist is a leader both on and off the ice, in other words, exactly what Frölunda need. I mean – it’s the NHL’s best goalie last season, we’re talking about. And it is a goalkeeper who kept a very high level for many years in a row, and now he is in his prime and has never been better.

Would Frölunda get him into the squad would not only defense get better – but the whole squad would lift themselves and filled with energy. The effect has players Henke on his teammates. In addition, there is a large Frölunda-heart in him. It is his home club, and when I’ve talked to him, there is absolutely no doubt that Frölunda is the only league club he is willing to play for.

Frolunda is the Swedish team that Henrik Lundqvist played for from 2000 to 2005 and led to two Swedish Elite League Championships.

BUZZ: Frolunda Has Secured The Money To Sign Henrik Lundqvist

He adds “‘Securing financing’ is key for Frölunda which 1 year ago was insolvent and had to borrow money from city to be able to stay afloat.”

Uffe Bodin adds in a tweet “Henrik Lundqvist is close to a return to Frolunda of the SEL. The team has the money in place to bring him home.”

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Note: Matt Duchene Is Going To Play For Henrik Lundqvist’s Potential Swedish Team

Duchene’s deal is for two months according to reports.

This tweet notes that Frolunda is looking for a goalie due to injuries.

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Note: How Henrik Lundqvist Is Dealing With The Lockout

During a Google Hangout, Henrik Lundqvist said this about what he is doing right now during the lockout.

“I’m practicing in NY 4-5 days a week, skating and doing some off ice stuff. If this drags on I will go to Sweden to see some family and friends, but I haven’t planned anything. It’s been a long summer and I miss the game. If it can’t get done quickly, I may have to go back and play in Gothenberg. My goal is to have a great year and a great season so whatever I can do to improve my game and be ready for when the season starts.”

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Lundqvist added, “It is hard to get everybody to understand why we are in this position. I thought for sure we would have a deal by now. I am really disappointed. I miss the game and it’s been a long summer. I miss the adrenaline and to play under pressure at the Garden. I really hope things work out soon. There are a few people that know all the details but we will just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.”

Read: Henrik Lundqvist Would Be A HUGE Boost To Swedish Hockey

In Hockey Sverige, Uffe Bodin writes that that the only NHL player who would have a dramatic impact on attendance in SEL games would be Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

Bodin writes that Lundqvist would give a big boost to hockey in Gothenberg, where he played before coming to the Rangers, and that the life Lundqvist leads in New York has led to an aura and mystery about the Rangers goalie.

In addition to being the world’s best goalkeeper, he has what so many other talented players lack to become attractive on a plane beyond the pure hockey terms – charisma, looks, charm, and not least the brand. The glamorous life in New York with fashion shows, celebrity parties, restaurant openings … Yes, everything apart from that infantile shampoo commercials have created an aura of mystery around “Henke” that appeals to many Swedes.

Read: Henrik Lundqvist Is Only Looking At Frolunda

In an interview with HockeySverige, Henrik Lundqvist said that he will only play with Fr0lunda during the lockout.

Lundqvist said that a decision will be based upon what is best for his family and if the SEL will allow players in the top division.

He added that it won’t just be as simple as deciding to go play for Frolunda, a deal that works out for both sides will need to be agreed upon.

“I will not just get in there a couple of games and then pulling away if the lockout ends. It is important that we fully agree that both I and Frölunda feel satisfied with the agreement between us. - We will have a discussion, in and of itself, we have already between us, and see what we come up with.”

Read: Henrik Lundqvist Just Wants To Be Ready

At ESPN NY, Katie Strang spoke with Henrik Lundqvist about the possibility of Hank going to play for his former team, Frolunda, in Sweden.

Lundqvist said that his top priority is being ready for when the regular season starts and that he doesn’t want to rush into making any decision about going to Europe.

Lundqvist did add, “Obviously, it’s a great option to play with old teammates and my brother. But again, I don’t want to rush into anything.”

Frolunda is interested in bringing Lundqvist back.

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8:40AM: In the NY Post, Larry Brooks spoke to Hank and Hank said “if playing high-level games in Sweden does become a possibility, that probably would be the best way for me to accomplish that.”

Lundqvist added “If I play at home, yes, it would be a fun experience, but I’d be doing it so that I’m as sharp and as ready as possible when our season does start.”