Read: Frolunda Fans Want A Statue of Henrik Lundqvist

In an interview with Swedish paper Expressen, via, Henrik Lundqvist revealed that he was in the running to have a statue of himself constructed outside of the arena where the Frolunda Indians play.

Lundqvist is the runaway leader right now.

On the Frolunda website, they said the reason was “Want to see Frölunda pride carved in stone above the Scandinavium? Now it may come true! Among Göteborg more than a thousand statues are a few sports-related. But the statue of Gothenburg greatest hockey player conspicuous by their absence. We want to change that!”

Lundqvist said that he would vote for Niklas Andersson and said that he did many good things for Frolunda over the years.

Andersson played for Frolunda from 2001 to 2011 and was a teammate of Lundqvist’s on the two championships that Frolunda won.

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Note: Henrik Lundqvist Is Returning To New York/Apparently Trying To Get A Green Card

Lundqvist needed to return to NY for Swedish tax reasons so that he could return and play the rest of the season for Frolunda in case the season is cancelled.

Swedish newspaper Expressen wrote today, “In addition there are fiscal problems if Lundqvist is here more than 183 days and that the spouses Lundqvist, right in the middle of the trial period in order to obtain a green card (permanent residence) in the United States.”

Read: Henrik Lundqvist Feels Lost

In an interview with Swedish paper Expressen, via, Henrik Lundqvist said that for the first time since he was seven years old he isn’t playing hockey in November.

Lundqvist said that he feels “lost and weird mentally” not playing hockey.

“I get very hungry, not just to jump in and play with Frölunda but to play hockey at all.” Lundqvist added that he feels the adrenaline pumping through his body when he watches Frolunda play and he wants to jump on the ice and play.

He said that nothing can replace that feeling of adrenaline that hockey brings him.

Read: Henrik Lundqvist Isn’t Any Closer To Playing For Frolunda

According to Aftonbladet, Frolunda is sending goalie Patrick Galbraith on loan to play more games but that with the situation continuing to be the same, where the Swedish Elite League won’t allow teams to sign players to lockout contracts, Henrik Lundqvist still isn’t any closer to playing for Frolunda.

A team official reiterated that the players, like Matt Duchene, that Frolunda has brought in are to replace injured players and that until the NHL season is cancelled, Lundqvist will have to keep waiting to play for Frolunda.

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Picture: Henrik Lundqvist’s Mask If He Plays For Frolunda

Read: Henrik Lundqvist Is Climbing The Walls

Henrik Lundqvist did an interview with Channel 24 in Sweden, via, and said that while he appreciates the time that he is getting to spend with his newborn daughter, he is starting to “climb the walls” because he wants to play hockey.”

Lundqvist wants to play for his hometown team in Frolunda but is forbidden to sign a deal unless it is for the whole season.

On the lockout specifically, Hank said “I am extremely disappointed that we are where we are., I definitely thought that we would have come up with a solution by now. Maybe I was naive, but I thought we would find a solution pretty fast given how good the league gone earnings in recent years., I hope they’ll find a solution soon. They want back their life. “


Buzz: Henrik Lundqvist Won’t Play For Frolunda Unless They Give Him An Out Clause (Update)

9:27AM: Lundqvist told the Frolunda website, “I really need to work out now that the conflict drags on. “Kenta” and I had a good talk in the week. Now I get at least two good workouts”

Lundqvist added “I would love to play in Frölunda while this conflict continues, and can feel a great frustration that we can not solve it so we can get to play in Sweden and a little pay back to our club and to the fans.”

Teams in SEL can only sign players to short-term contracts if they are injury replacements.

Kenta is the coach of Frolunda

7:24AM: In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Henrik Lundqvist will not play for Frolunda unless the Swedish Elite League changes their policy on allowing players to sign contracts that will allow them to leave if the lockout is resolved.

Lundqvist did say that the longer the lockout goes on the more he wants to join Frolunda but that he hopes the lockout is resolved soon.

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Lundqvist tweeted yesterday, Trying to understand why Sv Hockey League is the only league in the world that does not want to see NHL players pay back to the clubs that nurtured them ..

Lundqvist will be training with Frolunda today according to the team.