Read: Henrik Lundqvist Is Pissed and Wants A Deal a recent interview with the AP Henrik Lundqvist once again expressed his feelings on the lockout by saying, “we just have to figure it out here with the owners and come to a solution. Everybody is suffering, from the fans, the players, people working with the game. It’s not necessary. The game is strong enough that we should be able to figure it out.”

He added that he feels for the fans and has many of the same emotions, “I have some anger, disappointment, some embarrassment, too. I understand that the fans are disappointed, and it’s hard to explain the whole situation. I don’t think a lot of people know all the details and how much we really sacrificed to try to come closer to the owners. It doesn’t really matter. They deserve the game out there to be played right now. I definitely feel a little embarrassment that we can’t figure it out sooner.”

 Lundqvist spoke out Friday and said that he wants the bigger market teams involved in the talks.

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Following his 56 save performance in a charity game on Saturday night, Henrik Lundqvist was the main topic of conversation as his game looked to be in top shop even as Hank hadn’t played in a game since May.

Simon Gagne, who was stopped many times by Lundqvist told the Daily News that the Rangers may want to think about trying to put an end to the lockout.

“The Rangers should call the league and tell them we should start playing pretty soon, because he’s (throwing) away a lot of talent right now. Even in a game for fun, we’re taking real shots, (making) real plays, and he was very tough to beat.”

Scott Hartnell made similar comments after the game about how the Rangers would want to get back on the ice and take advantage of Lundqvist.

Note: Henrik Lundqvist Did Okay In AC Last Night

Jeff Klein wrote in the NY Times, “Team Richards goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who last played competitive hockey in May, when the Rangers lost to the Devils in the Eastern Conference finals, was brilliant. He stopped three breakaways, four penalty shots and 56 shots in all, showing the spectacular form that earned him the Vezina Trophy last season.”

Andrew Wisniewski tweeted, “he was stopping everything, breakaways, odd man rushes, tip-ins, it was quite the sight…even the flyer fans were applauding”

Pat Leonard tweeted this quote from Scott Hartnell, “We were joking after the 1st that now the Rangers will want to play really bad because he’s on fire.”

Following the game, Henrik told Pat Leonard “I’ve been skating with one guy. Mentally, it’s been terrible. But technically it’s been probably pretty good” and “I want to play real games, but it was probably the best feeling I’ve had in a long time.”

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Henrik Lundqvist returned form Sweden and will be taking part in the charity game on Saturday in Atlantic City.

In an interview with the AP, Henrik Lundqvist talked about trying to stay busy in case something happens either here or in Sweden.

Lundqvist said that he is skating every week but the situation isn’t ideal.

He is very excited about playing in an actual game on Saturday.

Lundqvist said, “This is our lives. There is a business side to this sport; there is no way around it. When it comes down to just playing the game, I miss the lifestyle, I miss travelling and playing the games and having the adrenaline. It’s just such a big part of my life. It’s definitely been a weird two months here not having that. That’s why it’s a lot of fun to get together and play the game.”

He said that he was a little embarrassed that a deal hasn’t happened yet.

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At Hockey Sverige, Uffe Bodin is upset that Henrik Lundqvist was not nominated for the Jerring Prize which is the most prestigious Swedish athletic award and is voted on by the Swedish People.

Bodin writes that the NHL audience in Sweden is shrinking and that he feels that Lundqvist has fallen into the same category of Red Wings legend Nicklas Lidstrom who (with 7 Norris Trophies, a Conn Smythe, 4 Stanley Cup Rings and 11 All-Star Game appearances) doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves in his home country.

He says that it took until the Gold Medal game in 2006, where Lidstrom scored the game winner, for people to start appreciating him and allow him to be a “household name”

On Lundqvist, Bodin says, “being appointed to the NHL’s best goalie is reasonably the same as appointed to the best goalkeeper in the world. Is it the best hockey goalie in the world and also play in one of the world’s great metropolises, New York, then you are a damn good ambassador for Sweden. Probably a better and more important than any ambassador who wins the Olympics / World Cup / European Championship medal in an obscure sport that rarely see the light of day.”