News: Henrik Lundqvist Is Returning To NYC

Henrik Lundqvist just announced on twitter that he is leaving his home in Sweden and returning to New York.

Lundqvist said “Past few months I’ve spend most of my time in Gothenburg. Hanging with family and good old friends has been rewarding. But now It’s time to make a move. Time to return to NYC and hopefully I’m coming back for the right reason like I said..”

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In the NY Post, Henrik Lundqvist wrote about the lockout, as told to Larry Brooks, and his feelings on what is going on.

Lundqvist said that he felt “excited” when he walked past Madison Square Garden yesterday and was able to see it for the first time in a long time.

Lundqvist said, “So many different thoughts went through my head. I was thinking about how I missed being there, how frustrating it’s been not to be able to play and be with my teammates and in front of our fans.”

He adds “You feed off the game. It’s your life. I never imagined it would be this difficult for me not to play and how much I would miss it. I guess you take it for granted that you will always play.”

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Quote: Henrik Lundqvist Is Depressed

I have become more and more depressed the longer the lockout going on. I need something that drives me.

Henrik Lundqvist to Expressen

Lundqvist said that it would be important for the NHL to get back soon “It is extremely important that we play this season, no doubt about it. And the most important part is from Christmas onwards. football ends, baseball is over, so we get the more space in the media. That’s when the owners earn the most money and it generated the most interest. But then, it remains to see how hard the hit is when it comes to audience and sponsors. “