NEWS: Derek Stepan Returning To North America/Confident The Season Will Start Soon

48652527:24AM: KalPa has announced that Derek Stepan is returning to North America.

In their release they say, “Stepan is confident that the NHL will start in the coming weeks and he wanted to return to North America in peace to prepare for the NHL season.”

The Rangers currently have no players playing in Europe. Henrik Lundqvist is still in Sweden though.

In 12 games Stepan had two goals and two assists, had 39 shots and averaged 19:17 per game.

THIS SECTION is all about Stepan’s time in Finland.

Read: Derek Stepan On His Game and Why He Chose To Play In Finland

Through nine games, Derek Stepan has 2 goals, 1 assist, is a plus five, has a shootout winner, had 14 shots on goal and is averaging 21:33 per game.

Stepan said in an interview with the KalPa website that Finland was the place that he felt suited his game the best, “I didn’t really even think about it any other countries. I thought that the SM-Liiga, with their style of play would be the European country most similar to that of North America, and therefore would suit me best.”

When asked about his game, Stepan said that his strengths are in his skating and knowing how to be creative with the puck. He said that he can usually anticipate much of what is going to happen on the ice and that works to his advantage. Stepan said that he knows he can get stronger to deal with bigger and more veteran players, but overall he just wants to be better at everything and turn himself into more of a complete player.

THIS SECTION is all about Stepan playing for KalPa including pictures and video.

Note: Derek Stepan Scored A Pretty Awesome Goal Today

At 7:48 of the first period today, Derek Stepan opened the scoring in the 4-2 KalPa win.

Stepan received a pass just inside the blue line and had a step on his defender. Stepan was heading towards the net when the defender swung his stick and took out his feet. As Stepan was going down, he fired a shot through the goalies five-hole for the goal. Stepan popped up immediately and had a big smile on his face as he pointed to his teammate who gave him the pass.

CLICK HERE to see the goal.

Stepan had three shots today in 17:22

Stats: Derek Stepan’s First Game In Finland

In his first game in Finland, Derek Stepan had three shots and played about 24:30 in KalPa’s 2-1 win over the Pelicans.

Of Stepan’s three shots, one was at the faceoff circle, one was just above the faceoff circle and the other was near the front of the net.

Last season, Stepan played over 23 minutes three times (all in the playoffs) and once being 37:50 in the three OT game.

In his rookie season, Stepan twice played over 23 minutes in the playoff series against Washington and once in the regular season.

In his rookie season Stepan averaged 16:26 and last season he averaged close to 19 minutes a game.