Read: Is Broadcasting The KHL How James Dolan Is Speaking Out Against The Lockout?

Dolan is reportedly against the lockout.

He was on the negotiating committee for the NBA lockout last season.

Adam Rotter: The two games they are showing have local connections, Ryan McDonagh tomorrow and Ilya Kovalchuk next week, and as of now it seems like a one-off kind of deal where MSG gets some fresh content to feed to a hungry hockey market. It’s an interesting comment from Walsh though and this could be a subtle jab at Gary Bettman and the rest of the owners.

Read: Did James Dolan Call The Lockout A Strike?

via Chris Botta comes an interview James Dolan did with Billboard Magazine that centered around his music and his new album.

Dolan was asked about the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and said that there is room in NY for another arena and that besides success on the basketball court, he wishes the arena well.

He was asked about how the Barclays Center could compete with MSG for concert bookings and Dolan said that with the hockey “strike” there could be a lot of holes in the calendar but if the Rangers season does get underway, MSG is booked up for 2013.

Adam Rotter: I have a hard time believing that Dolan, who is in his third lockout (counting the NBA) since 2004, would mistakenly call it a strike. Many casual fans and such believe that the word lockout and strike are basically the same because the end result is that there is no hockey. It’s a music based interview in a music magazine and the word strike is much more prevalent in culture than lockout is and the author who transcribed his interview with Dolan may have felt there was no difference between the two.

Buzz: Is James Dolan Against Gary Bettman?

At CBC, Elliotte Friedman writes about the stalemate that the NHL and the NHLPA are currently locked in.

He writes that while most owners don’t want the work stoppage to last the whole season, Gary Bettman has more than enough support right now.

Friedman does write that there are some owners who are “dead set” against Bettman and that “one of them has a name that rhymes with James Dolan.”

He adds “Dolan may be supremely annoyed, but the NHL constitution makes it very clear that if Bettman doesn’t support a deal, 75 per cent of owners must vote against him.”

Dolan and the NHL had an issue in 2008 when the Rangers wanted to operate their own website and sued the league.

At the Rangers Dog Walk, Dolan said “The only thing I can say is that I want us to play hockey.”

Back on January 17th, Dolan spoke about the Rangers after a win over Nashville and said “I am particularly proud of Mr. Sather. Back in 2004 when things weren’t going so well and we had a lot of free agents in here we decided to basically re-do the strategy. Glen and I made a pact and I gave him something and said that you can’t give it back until we win the Stanley Cup….and I think we are pretty close to me getting that thing back.”

Read: James Dolan’s Role In The Lockout

In the NY Times, Jeff Klein writes about how Gary Bettman has complete control over the owners.

He notes though that Rangers owner James Dolan, who was on the NBA’s negotiating committee during their lockout, is very quiet due to the big issues the Rangers and the league had in 2008.

The Rangers sued the league as they wanted to run their own website and the NHL wanted them to be uniform.

Dolan and the Rangers lost the suit, Bettman counter sued and threatened to take the team away before the two sides settled out of court.

It has been suggested that the Rangers, with their standing in the league, try and break ranks to broker a deal.

Dolan said at the Rangers dog walk that he wanted to play hockey.

James Dolan Wants To Play Hockey

At the Rangers Dog Walk yesterday, Rangers owner James Dolan gave a rare public comment to ESPNNY’s Katie Strang.

While Gary Bettman has reportedly threatened large fines, supposedly up to $1 million against owners speaking about the lockout, Dolan told Strang “The only thing I can say is that I want us to play hockey.”

Rangers assistant captain Brad Richards told Strang, “We just want to play. We just want to get it figured out. From my experience last time, no one even talked at this point. I don’t even know if anyone talked for a while into the lockout, so, a lot of people are trying to figure things out right now.”

The last time James Dolan spoke publicly about the Rangers was when he said that the Rangers are “close” to the Stanley Cup.