Brady Skjei has made progress this year at Minnesota

Brady SkjeiBrady Skjei was ranked as the second best NCAA defenseman who has already been drafted. (HF)

One area where Skjei has made “great strides” is how he uses his “superb skating and passing” to make plays. He has become more creative with the puck and possess a “pro-style” shot that he is using better this year. (HF)

DJ Powers says that Skjei’s time at the Rangers development camp this past summer “went a long way” toward Skjei’s game progressing. (HF)

Gordie Clark has said that Skjei is close to being ready to turn pro.

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Brady SkjeiIn the 2014 Hockey News Yearbook, Brady Skjei was second on the Rangers prospect list and given an NHL timeline of 2016-17.

Gordie Clark thinks that Skjei is ready to turn pro and adds that he is a “dominant player” in the category of Chris Kreider and Ryan McDonagh in terms of his size, mobility and skating. Clark said that players know when they are ready. (

Skjei is an “elite skater” who has the kind of mobility and size that make for a “quality defender.” Skjei has improved his decision making but his offensive game hasn’t been at the level he showed before college. (ESPN Insider)

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Brady SkjeiBrady Skjei will return to Minnesota this year for his junior season.

Skjei said that the players from Minnesota who had decisions to make about turning pro were talking to each other and the ones that are staying all want to make another run at the National Championship this year. (Gophers)

Skjei did say that the decision to stay would have been tougher had Minnesota not lost in the NCAA Championship to Union College. (Gophers)

Gordie Clark has said that Skjei is close to being ready to turn pro.

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SkjeiRangers Director of Player Personnel, Gordie Clark has said that he believes 2012 first round pick Brady Skjei is ready or getting very close to being ready for the pro game.

Skjei though said that he will return to Minnesota for his junior season and a chance to build on what the team accomplished last year. (Gophers)

Skjei said previously that another year in Minnesota would only help his development.

When asked what he still has to work on, Skjei said that he can still work on adding to his offensive game, jumping into the play more, trying to make more plays and also get stronger. (Rangers)

He said that there are a lot of different ways he can get better to be prepared to play at the next level. (Rangers)

Skjei said that he loves how Ryan McDonagh plays and over the past 2-3 years he has tried to model his game after McDonagh. He said that McDonagh has become a pretty big deal in Minnesota with the Rangers last few playoff runs. (Rangers)

Skjei and McDonagh have been linked/mentioned together before.

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Gordie ClarkAt the start of prospect camp on Monday, Gordie Clark spoke with the Rangers website about some of the Rangers draft picks and prospects (Rangers):

  • On the draft, “we went in looking for a goalie. We have been looking the last 3-4 drafts and there haven’t been a lot of what we would call number one prospects, to be a number one goalie and I don’t take them unless they are number one. This was the year we thought that their were 4 or 5 and we took Halverson and we liked him where he was sitting at the end of the second round. Then Shestyorkin, two years ago at the under 18, as an underage, was outstanding and he had a great year in the league and my Russian guy followed him a lot, we went in and looked at him a lot, we think that he is a number one prospect and by the time we picked him, we look at who is left and there are some guys that you want to try but none were considered impact players at defense of forward and this guy we had listed as a number one goalie, I didn’t go in looking for two, but he was still sitting there and sometimes we take the best player available and Shestoyrkin was there.”

Clark also spoke about the draft on Saturday.

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Brady Skjei

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7/1/14 | 6:33AM: Skjei said yesterday that he isn’t sure whether he will turn pro. He says that Gordie Clark told him that he thinks he is ready but he is still thinking about it. Skjei adds that one-more year would only help his development. (The Record)

He adds that he is trying to play like Ryan McDonagh and that the Rangers defenseman is “pretty big” in Minnesota right now. (The Record)

6/29/14 | 1:23PM: The Rangers selected Brady Skjei with the 28th pick in the 2012 draft and he has spent the past two seasons at the University of Minnesota.

Skjei’s numbers went from 1 goal and 2 assists in 36 games to 6 goals and 8 assists in 40 games this season with his PIM going from 14 to 30.

In speaking at the draft in June, Gordie Clark said, “he is pretty close to being ready for the pro and we looked for his year to go exactly as it went, he had a great year, played as a regular and went to anotehr level, he was an important defenseman for them. He made the World Junior team which is the best players in the world and then went to the Frozen Four, they didn’t win but the experience for him…. he is very close to being ready for the pro.” (Rangers)

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Note: Brady Skjei is following the Ryan McDonagh Path

Brady SkjeiBrady Skjei has had an “outstanding” sophomore season at Minnesota, has gotten strong and is going in the right direction for his development. (Gordie Clark)

Skjei has three goals and four assists in 27 games this season.

He is at the same stage in his development as Ryan McDonagh was at this age and both are not only similar in style but in demeanor. (Clark)

Skjei is getting more ice-time and is responding well to increased responsibility this season. (Hockey’s Future)

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Skjei took a big step forward in his development with how he played in the WJC. (USoH)

Skjei “did not disappoint” in his role as a shutdown defenseman at the WJC. He, played well in front of the net, was physical deep in the zone and used his skating when he needed to get out of trouble. Skjei didn’t take a single penalty in the tournament. (USoH)