Read: Anthony Duclair has two good options for this coming season

7/10/14| 10:35AM | During Rangers prospect camp, 20113 third round pick and 50 goal scorer Anthony Duclair was asked about his options for next season which are to play with the Rangers or return to Quebec for his final year in the QMJHL.

Duclair said that he understands it’s a long shot to make the team as a 19 year old but he will give it everything he has and will see what happens. He adds that if he does go back to Quebec he expects to have another “great year” and also get to play in the Memorial Cup which Quebec is hosting. (Rangers)

Jeff Gorton and Gordie Clark previously discussed what Duclair’s options are for next year.

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Read: Anthony Duclair was a steal/what next year could be for him

Anthony Duclair has one season left of junior eligibility and can either spend next season with the Rangers or return to Quebec in the QMJHL.

Duclair had 50 goals and 49 assists last season for Quebec.

Asked about Duclair, Gordie Clark said, “we saw him a lot in the season and he just ratcheted his speed up to another level in the second half and that is what caused a lot of those goals. We are hoping for a World Junior invite for him and let him get that experience but they are also in the Memorial Cup so he will go deep into the season next year which is good for him.” (Rangers)

Rangers assistant GM Jeff Gorton said, “he was good last year when he came to camp and he took off when he got back to Quebec. We are always looking for a young guy to make the team, it’s good for everything, the room, the cap, there are a lot of reasons why we want young players to make our team. Will he do it, I don’t know but we are never in a situation where we will say that he is going back to junior no matter what, we would love for a guy to come in at 19 and make our team, a guy with speed like that, with the way we play, I think he would be a good fit for us. Cross our fingers that he is healthy but if he isn’t he will go back and hopefully score 60 goals instead of 50.” (Rangers)A

On Duclair, Craig Button said during the NHL Draft, “Duclair was a third round pick last year….steal. It’s so interesting, we heard a lot about Anthony Deangelo and Josh Ho-Sang in this years draft and can they fit in with a team, maturity issues, same thing with Anthony Duclair going in the third round. It’s a steal, he should have been a first round pick. He is a big time, outstanding athlete and really good player. He got in the cross-hairs of Patrick Roy with the Quebec Remparts but people might say, he listen, that is is the lightning rod that got him to mature a bit but at the smae time it’s what allowed the Rangers to get him in the third round.”

Rangers prospect camp starts today

Read: Maturing and two-way hockey were things that led to a big year for Anthony Duclair

Anthony Duclair finished sixth in the QMJHL in points last season with 99.

His numbers by season for Quebec in the QMJHL are:

  • 11-12: 31 goals and 35 assists in 63 games
  • 12-13: 20 goals and 30 assists in 55 games
  • 13-14 50 goals and 49 assists in 59 games

When asked what allowed him to jump so high in points, Duclair said that his approach on the ice didn’t change and that his focus is always on trying to be the hardest working player on the ice. He said that he matured over his first two seasons and that improving his defense has allowed him to be a n all-around player which has helped his offense. Duclair said that he is focusing on working harder off the ice to add some strength. (

Duclair can rival the speed of Carl Hagelin and Chris Kreider and has the chance to use that asset to be a game breaker. He has “soft hands” and “excellent” passing skills but the question will be whether he can match his speed and offensive skills to be a “real threat.” (HF)

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The Rangers signed Duclair to an entry-level deal in January but that deal can slide one more year if he plays in the QMJHL.

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Read: The season Anthony Duclair is having

So far this season, Anthony Duclair has 50 goals and 44 assists, in 55 games, to rank him first in goals and second in points in the QMJHL.

This is Duclair’s third season in the QMJHL and in his previous two he had:

  • 11-12: 31 goals and 35 assists in 63 games
  • 12-13: 20 goals and 30 assists in 55 games.

Gordie Clark says that when he walks into most arenas people come up to him to tell him about the year Duclair is having. (Rangers)

Duclair describes his game as being based around speed, having a quick release and not being afraid to go into the corners. (Rangers)

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NEWS: Rangers Sign Prospect Anthony Duclair

The Rangers have come to terms with 2013 third-round pick Anthony Duclair on an entry level deal. (Rangers)

Duclair, 18, has 31 goals and 26 assists in 37 games in the QMJHL this season. He ranks third in the QMJHL this season.

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Duclair is in his third-year in the QMJHL and has one-more year of eligibility left. If he doesn’t make the Rangers next season his contract will slide and not count against the Rangers list of 50 contracts.

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Read: Anthony Duclair Can Skate

With the 80th pick in the 2013 draft, the Rangers 3rd third rounder) the Rangers took Anthony Duclair of the Quebec Remparts.

He has been described, by Buzzing the Net, as a player who “exceptional acceleration, speed, and the ability to process a play quickly.”

Duclair has spent time training with his uncle Fred who runs a school for athletes in Toronto and was a Fullback in the CFL. He has also worked in the past with Barb Underhill.

At the start of the season, Duclair was ranked 25th by Future Considerations before he fell out of their top 30 during the season. FC says that the first thing about Duclair that jumps out at you is his speed and that he reaches levels where he is able to beat defensemen wide.

They add that Duclair can make a goalie look silly and “his shot is accurate and comes off with a good release. He has the ability to make crisp, accurate passes and find open teammates but is considered more of a finisher.”

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Recap: Gordie Clark’s Comments On The Draft Picks

  • On the draft,“It was interesting how it went, watching them all go off the board. In the end we really like Adam Tambellini, the skill of Buchnevich and we wanted to take a chance on that. Tambellini is a good skater. Buchnevich reminds me of Cherepanov a lot, same kind of style, real nice head and hands. Duclair, there was probably about half a dozen kids who had good underage years last year and had off-years this year and he was one of them and that is why all of them slipped in the draft. We were able to draft one of them and he is lightning fast. We got some speed and skill and it time to take a d man and we are looking at those guys now, after the third round you are looking for things that stand out and the last two that I took, Ryan Graves is a big 6-4 defenseman from PEI and he had an average first half and in the second half his play went uphill. Same with the goalie Skapski. Ryan McGill was our coach in Hartford, I know him really well, and he was really up front and said that he we expected him to be better in the first half too, he wasn’t, but in the second half his play went up hill.”

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News: Rangers Select Anthony Duclair

With the 80th selection in the 2013 NHL Draft, the Rangers have selected LW Anthony Duclair of the Quebec Remparts of the QMJHL.

The Hockey News ranked him 55th and projected him to be a “skilled forward.”

THN says that Duclair has been compared to Marian Gaborik and Alex Semin, a player with the tools to be a star but inconsistent. One scout told THN that Duclair might be the best skater in the draft and that because of his agility people expect more from him.

They say “the key to Duclair is that the team that gets him had better be patient and understanding with him. If they are, they are going to be rewarded.”

  • He was ranked 57th by Central Scouting. He was ranked 35th in the mid-term rankings.
  • Bob McKenzie ranked him 67th
  • Craig Button ranked him 43rd

Duclair is 5’11 and 177.

Leslie Treff tweets “Duclair was injured early in season. Excellent skater. Could become to six forward but needs lots of time to develop strength.”

In 2011-12, Duclair played in 63 games and had 31 goals and 35 assists.

In 2012-13, Duclair played in 55 games and had 20 goals and 30 assists.

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