Read: Chris Kreider on what he learned last year and who helped him

Chris Kreider TongueBeing one of the remaining forwards who went to the Eastern Conference Final in 2012, Chris Kreider has become one of the Rangers “veteran” players. (NY Post)

Kreider says that he finally feels comfortable as a Ranger and no longer feels as if he is walking on “eggshells.” (NY Post)

He says that last season was “enlightening” for him and he became the player “I need to be and want to be.” He says that that kind of player is someone who is a physical, north/south player who goes to the net and stays there. He says that he doesn’t want to be someone who plays out on the perimeter. (NY Post)

Kreider said that he learned a lot from Rick Nash and Derek Stepan about competing every night and former Rangers assistant Mike Sullivan told him that while he may not have an “A” game every night, he can’t have a “C” game. (NY Post)

He says that one area of his game that he needs to work on is being more disciplined and needs to cut down on the penalties. (NY Post)

Read: Chris Kreider knows the player he can/wants to be

Chris Kreider9/16/14 | 7:25PM: Chris Kreider said that he knows the “kind of player” that he can be, the player he wants to be and what he needs to work on. (Salem News)

He says that knowing this provides a “huge advantage” and puts the things he needs to do to achieve that into perspective. (Salem News)

Kreider says that he wants to keep getting better and has to use his speed and strength to do that. (Salem News)

He says that his game is about “creating havoc” in front of the net and knowing that he can both take and deliver hits when the time comes. (Salem News)

He says that he wants to be the kind of player who “finishes” on the chances he had in the Stanley Cup Final. (Salem News)



Read: Chris Kreider and the year that he could have

Chris KreiderChris Kreider is the Ranger most likely to improve this season as his hockey sense continues to catch up with his “physical gifts.” (Boston Globe)

Kreider can “fly and thump” and could develop into a top line player like Max Pacioretty or James van Riemsdyk. (Boston Globe)

Kreider saw his ice time cut by about two minutes per game after the Rangers acquired Marty St. Louis last season which took him off a 40 point pace and put him on a 30 point pace. (Dobber Hockey)

  • In 15 games in January, Kreider had 3 goals and 5 assists in 15:47 per game. In 13 games in March, he had 4 goals and 3 assists in 13:04 per game.

Dobber Hockey has him scoring 18 goals this year and adding 21 assists.

  • Last year they had Kreider down for 13 goals and 16 assists.

The Hockey News has Kreider scoring 25 goals and 27 assists.

Sports Forecaster has Kreider scoring 25 goals and 25 assists. They say that it finally “dawned” on Kreider that he could dominate games and “change outcomes” with his size and speed. His willingness to “crash the net” helps him score as well.

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Read: Chris Kreider is in favor of a “warning track” line on the ice

Chris Kreider is in favor of an orange “warning track” or “lookup line” being painted along the ice next to the boards. (USA Today)

Kreider says that he sees “no negative to it.” (USA Today)

He adds that while NHL players tend to have a “feel” for where they are on the ice, this type of addition could help young players learn about where they have space on the ice. (USA Today)

The idea behind the “lookup line” would be to: (Puck Daddy)

  • Remind coaches and officials about safety and board related issues/injury
  • Allow players to adjust their bodies
  • Warn the checking player not to hit the player he is about to hit from behind
  • Remind players to keep their heads up

Brian Boyle was praised after not hurting Victor Hedman along the boards last season and spoke about it.

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