Read: Ulf Samuelsson On The Plan For Tonight

Ulf SamuelssonIn a chat with the Rangers website, Ulf Samuelsson said that the plan tonight for the Rangers is jump on Carolina much like they jumped on Buffalo on Thursday.

“They played last night and they traveled and the mentality for them is to get through the first period and we want to come out full speed and attack as hard as possible.”

Other comments from Samuelsson:

On the team speed, Samuelsson said “it backs the whole team off, you get easier entries and scoring on the rush you don’t need to dump the puck in as much as we have been in the past. It’s been a breath of fresh air for us.”

On puck possession, “we have worked quite a bit at that. The last few days it’s been puck management and the crispness in our passing. It starts from our D-goalie exchanges all the way out to the neutral zone. We feel as if we are getting closer to where we want in that area.