Buzz: The Penguins and Ulf Samuelsson being a good match (Updates)

Ulf Samuelsson9:38AM: Desjardin’s interest in Vancouver’s job may change Pittsburgh’s plan. (Dreger)

9:37AM: Pierre McGuire says that Ulf is still involved with some other jobs and that most people did think that the connection with Ron Francis would land him the Carolina job. (TSN1050)

6/20/14 | 8:54AM Desjardins may no longer be a slam dunk for the Pens job. (Dreger)

6/19/14 |8:05PM: “If I was a betting man I would say that Ulf will be right back with the Rangers next year. He is a candidate in Pittsburgh and it’s a possibility but the information that we have coming out of Pittsburgh is that Willie Desjardins or Marc Crawford may be ahead of Ulf Samuelsson. It’s interesting because two of the assistants who went to the Stanley Cup Final, Samuelsson and John Stevens, we saw Stevens stay in LA and I won’t be surprised if Ulf is back with the Rangers next year.” (Bob McKenzie on NHL Live via KK)

5:21PM: On TSN Drive, Darren Dreger said that the top candidate for the Penguins job is Texas Stars (AHL) head coach Willie Desjardins.

Jim Rutherford said today that he is real close to choosing the next coach of the Penguins. (Trib-Review)

7:10AM: The Penguins coaching search is down to two candidates and it’s believed that a decision will come soon on who the next coach of the Penguins will be. (Louis Jean)

Dejan Kovacevic writes that the next coach of the Penguins should be Ulf Samuelsson because he is “Ulf Samuelsson” and a former Penguin with ties to the organization. (Trib)

He says that what the Penguins need their next coach to be the Samuelsson who “stopped at nothing to win, whether it meant bending rules or bending opponents’ knees backward. They need the Ulf who will need to widen the locker room doors at Consol to get all of his fortitude through.” (Trib)

Kovacevic adds that Jim Rutherford needs to hire Samuelsson quickly before Ron Francis, a former teammate of Ulf’s in Pittsburgh and Hartford and the man who replaced Rutherford in Carolina, snaps him up first. (Trib)

Ulf is also very close friends with former teammate and Penguins owner Mario Lemieux.

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