Recap: Scott Arniel’s pre game comments (On Marty St. Louis and the PP)

Scott ArnielScott Arniel spoke with John Giannone on MSG before the Rangers/Penguins game five:

  • On the emotions with Marty, “everyone is feeling for Marty. We landed last night and found out just as we were about to get on the bus. It shook everyone and Marty went home to take care of business but for him to come back today, he wants to be with his teammates and his teammates really want to be with him at this time, you become a family and it’s great that we can all be with him.”

  • What do you need to do better, “obviously getting through the neutral zone has been a tough chore. For a team that everyone talks about their offense, they do a good job of not allowing us to get our rush game going and our forecheck and that is our strength. WE talked about things and way to get through there and if we get back to our forecheck and get zone time we will have success.”
  • Would fatigue be part of it, “no, because game three was probably our best game and we were in their zone a lot. It’s probably why they adjusted and shut us down in game four and didn’t allow us to skate. I don’t think that is the reason, we need to be more conscious, we can’t skate stickhandle through there and it may need to be chip and chase  and get it back and if they have numbers we need speed and getting into the zone.”
  • On thePP, “obviously more than anything it’s about relaxing and making plays. It’s been a tough couple of weeks and we don’t want to get it to be a negative and not wanting to make plays. We need to keep making plays and establish a shot and traffic around the net and I think it was game three where we had good opportunities and 3-4 shots and it broke them down and it’s what we need to do.”