Read: The Staff Alain Vigneault Could Bring With Him When He Lands Somewhere

Along with Alain Vigneault, the Vancouver Canucks fired Rick Browness and Newell Brown.

Browness was an associate coach who has over 25 years of coaching experience in the NHL including head coaching stops Winnipeg, Ottawa, Islanders and Phoenix.

He and Vigneault have worked together for a while, dating back to when Browness was the head coach of the Senators and Vigneault was an assistant.

Browness, according to Pass It To Bulis, ran the defense which struggled mightily this season.

Brown, an assistant coach, was brought in for the 2010-11 season to help fix the power play.

In 10-11, the Canucks had the top ranked PP in the NHL, scoring nearly 25% of the time. In 11-12, the Canucks converted at nearly 20%, good enough for fourth in the NHL.

This past season though, the Canucks power play was only slightly better than the Rangers, 15.8% to 15.7%.

1:47PM: Browness agreed to become an associate head coach with Tampa Bay, according to Renaud Lavoie.

Currently, Mike Sullivan is still employed by the Rangers as is Jim Schoenfeld and Benoit Allaire.

Darren Dreger said last Friday that Vigneault is high on the Rangers list of coaching candidates and that Vigneault would love to coach the Rangers.