Recap: What Alain Vigneault Said Today (On Ryan Callahan, Marek Hrivik, Leaders)

SNY’s Nick Licalzi was at the Rangers practice facility this morning when Alain Vigneault spoke:

  • Anything new today, “for me, this was just a continuation of what we were working on yesterday. Offensively we are trying to make the right plays with the puck and going to the net. Defensively we worked on trying to outnumber the opposition quickly and aggressively. It’s a process and its a process we need to go through each phase and each zone with and without the puck. Tomorrow will be another day and then we have the exhibition games, tomorrow we will have a little scrimmage in the practice and then we have the games on the 16th and 17th and get a better evaluation of our players against another team and start putting guys in roles and putting them on our team where they can help us.”

  • On out numbering, “there are certain numbers where we want to be more aggressive. It’s 5 guys coming back hard to protect the front of the net and when the puck is in certain areas and we can outnumber we want to do that. It’s the same thing offensively, any time you can make a 2 on 2 a 3 on 2 or a 3 on 3 into a 4 on 3 whether it’s with the D jumping up or the forward who helped to break the puck out. That is what you wanna do. There isn’t a lot of room on the ice and you have to sometimes be smart about the issues on the ice and that is what we are working on.”
  • On Marek Hrivik, “I see a tremendous skill set and real good size. I’m not exactly sure, I have seen him two times on the ice, he got here early and you can see that there is a lot of upside. He is one of the guys I am looking forward to seeing in the games and seeing him against another team. He definitely has speed and skill and those are great assets to have in today’s game.”
  • On surprises, “not in practice. It would be unfair to so that. There are certain guys that I may be paying a bit more attention to but I don’t want to get into those specifics. We have six games and we will evaluate our players. Everyone will get a chance. It may not be a long chance but if it’s that game you better grab it and it forces us to keep you and give you another opportunity.”
  • On Callahan and Hags injury wise, “I haven’t done a lot of checking. I work with the guys who are available to me. They both tested and they tested real well. They are both in great condition right now. They are going through their rehab process and when the doc and Rammer and the player tells me they are ready to go is when we will slot them in.”
  • Do you have an idea of how long you will be without them, “no”
  • On Derek Stepan not being there, “I would say that it’s too early to put a definite time frame on that. Any player, because of injury or because of contract issues or whatever, that doesn’t start at the same time as his fellow teammates has some catching up to go. There are some players like Subban last year who came in but a lot of guys go the other way and are behind the eight ball in getting with their rhythm and getting on the same page with their teammates. It depends on the player and how far behind they are. Hopefully none of those guys will be too far behind.”
  • On Ryan Callahan, “He was named captain of the New York Rangers. Captains and assistants and the core group guys are an extension of the coaching staff. When the coaches aren’t around they are the ones that are making sure the players are doing the right things. You don’t always need a coach beside you to do the right thing. You need to be mature and responsible enough to do the right things. You talk about Cally, that is what I expect. I expect him to be an extension of myself, my staff and so far everything I have heard about him dictates that that is what he does.”
  • On past relationships with the captains, “they are the guys who are my liaisons to the group. I always make sure that my relationship with those players is without saying daily, but it’s constant, constant interaction. They give me the pulse of the team. I tell them where I think the team is and obviously you spend a little bit more time with them because it’s quite normal. They are the core guys and the leaders.”