Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Pre Game Comments

Alain Vigneault.png7:21PM: Sam Rosen spoke with Alain Vigneault on the pre game show

  • What do the Rangers need to do, “our compete level needs to be better and more consistent. With a high compete level you give yourself an honest chance and we have just been so inconsistent that we are scratching our heads a little bit. I believe in this group, the leadership and the core and at the end of the day we need to do it on the 200×85 and that is what we are counting on tonight.”
  • On the changes, “Those guys bring a dimension to our team and the game and we are hoping that putting those two in will give us more bite and we will be more consistent.”
  • Is this a crossroads point for the team, “I believe that you need to go on a game to game basis. We have a team that plays hard, has a good system and we need to focus on that. Focus on playing a good game and that is what we have been telling our guys.”
  • On home vs road, “there shouldn’t be. Our road record in the last 10 is 8-2 and our home record is 3-6-1 I believe, I’m not 100% but that is what I think it is. There isn’t a home way to play and a road way to play, there is one way to play and it’s the right way. That is what we need them to do.”
  • “we are not executing to the same level and hopefully we will tonight.”

2:15PM: Alain Vigneault met with the media this morning (Rangers):

  •  On Marc Staal, “Marc has been diagnosed with a concussion. He is being watched by our doctors. They don’t feel it’s as serious as what we may have had in the past. He is feeling better and we will take it day by day.”
  • Will he see the specialist, “I think we have been in contact with the gentlemen from Detroit that we have used in the past but he doesn’t feel the need to see him at this point.”
  • On the lack of production from the centers, “I’m not sure if I am surprised by it, I am disappointed in our compete level. Our consistent compete level is not there the way you need it to do be in such a competitive league. That may have something to do with why we are not generated that much offensively.”

  • “I expect them to bring….what they usually bring is a physical dimension to the game. If they do that then they will be useful to our team and hopefully they can do that tonight.”
  • On Ryan McDonagh, “he’s been by far our best defensemen and one of our best overall players. He is playing with a lot of poise and maturity with and without the puck. He is one of the guys that coming in here, they told me that he had more potential and was just a young player on the upswing. He has done that for us this year.
  • How much more can McDonagh take on, “he is already playing big minutes against top players so I am not sure how much more I can ask out of him. His minutes are already high and what I need is for some of the other guys, for quite some time, have been looking for a bigger role and bigger opportunity and here it is so grab it.”
  • On John Moore on the right side, “We are still debating that. Both Moore and Falk had their moments in the last game and we are hoping that there will be less of those moments. I know that their intentions are good and they are two solid persons who want to do real well and hopefully tonight will be a good game for them.”
  • On the lines tonight, “I would say that it’s a safe bet that there will be some juggling based on the performances.
  • “It’s real easy for us to call Hartford if we need somebody, to have them here in a couple of hours. It’s not an issue.”
  • “I’m shifting things because we are .500 and at .500 I have some latitude here. I am putting two players that bring more of a physical bite to our team, maybe that will make some other players compete at a higher level. I look at the Detroit Red Wings, who I know well because I coached against them the last 7 years, they have had no toughness per se, as far as that type of personnel in their lineup at no point other than Tootoo but he is gone now but those guys play hard. They have the puck and they say, try and get it from me or they don’t have it and they battle like hell to get it back. They compete, that is the team toughness that I am hoping we will get here. Maybe we will get it by changing some personnel and adding some toughness. We are at .500, I’m trying.”

Marc Weissman
Marc Weissman

Do u really wanna say DET has no toughness?! OUCH! Not very smart...