Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Pre Game Comments

Alain Vigneault

6:51PM: Sam Rosen spoke with Vigneault on the MSG pre-game show and said,:

  • What makes the Devils tough to play against, “they play a solid defensive game and don’t give too many shots. You need to make sure that you get the puck trhough and manage it well and then, because of limited time and space in their end, you need to throw pucks at the net. We know we will be challenged tonight.”
  • The best part of the Rangers game right now, “I think we are competing hard at both ends of the rink. People all have theories on why we are winning right now but I believe that our competitiveness in all of our players is coming out and we are playing and executing better and those are key ingredients in helping a team win.”
  • On the power play, “I think credit needs to go to Scott Arniel. He has done a great job of applying principles. He has the players confidence and trust and he prepares them well.”
  • On the key to winning, “scoring one more than them.”

5:49PM: Alain Vigneault met with the media prior to the Rangers and Devils game and said, via Rangers Report:

  • What he thought the team would be at 20 games, “before the season started by my own estimation, I was given 20 games to get a feel for what I had. I was told a lot of things but you need to live and give your take on it. We are about where I expected. Anyone coming in will have growing pains and that is what we have gone through and what we are going through. We are trying to get better, we have gotten better and we will continue to try and get better.”
  • Has anything surprised you, “I can’t say that one thing stands out. I knew Lundqvist was an extraordinary competitor and that his preparation was without reproach. I was told about Callahan and the leader he was and the emotional presence he was. I have seen those things. I was told different things about different players and all in all we are working on getting better.”

  • On his communication skills and what he expects of Pouliot, “I’m not sure it says anything about my skills. I think it speaks to their mental strength. Throughout the course of a shift, year, career, you go through highs and lows and that you keep the lows as low as possible and keep the highs going for as long as you can. Some guys, Zuccarello is a perfect example of a guy that you can tell he really wanted it. It wasn’t there, his ice time went down, he was benched and now he is playing on what has been our top line. I didn’t have anything to do with that, it was his talent and his work and his preparation.”
  • On Michael Del Zotto, “I see a lot of good things from Michael. He is working really hard on the ice, really hard off the ice and with the feedback we have gotten from Ulf we are trying to figure out the best way to improve his game. Michael is no different than any players and it’s our job to allow him to become the best that he can be.”
  • On Rick Nash, (interrupts question) “…he will be practicing tomorrow. Isn’t that the news you wanted to hear today?”
  • Have you been asking about him, “every time he has been on the ice I have asked how he is doing and today I got the call after this mornings skate that he will join the skate tomorrow.”
  • How do you integrate Nash back in, “Probably like with Dominic Moore. He might be a D for a practice or two. If we find his condition is where it needs to be and if he is cleared medically we will put him on a line.”
  • Is he non-contact, “I didn’t ask that. I was just told he would skate with the boys.”
  • What happens after that, “with concussions you never know. He has made some big strides and hopefully he will continue on a daily basis to make strides.”
  • On a timetable, “there is none.”