Alain Vigneault

Recap: Alain Vigneault’s pre-game comments

Alain Vigneault met with the media at MSG prior to the Rangers/Penguins game tonight: (Via Rangers Report)

  • How do you counter attack the Pens wanting to make the schedule a factor, “We are in the second round of the NHL playoffs and have a chance to compete for the Stanley Cup playoffs, we are excited, energized and we traveled like they did last night, we got on a plane, flew here….I don’t see what the point is, we are good to go.”
  • On the crowd at MSG, “I am expecting this to be a great atmosphere and for our players to feed off of it. We need this to be our building and a tough place to play and I am sure that our fans are going to support us from start to finish.”

  • On reiterating whistle to whistle, “at the end of the day Dorse put himself in that position. I am not sure how strong of a call it was but they made the call, we had been very disciplined. We aren’t perfect and will try to be disciplined tonight.”
  • On adjusting to things with no practice time, “that is part of playoff hockey, part of trusting your players that they will be able to adjust to the differences that the other team makes. We haven’t proven, on our PP, that we can do that yet but I am confident that we will. We have good players and they execute well and will get another chance to prove it tonight.”
  • On the McDonagh/Girardi pair, “I would say to you that both of our D pairs that played against our top line had a tough night. I am expecting both of those pairs to rebound tonight. I don’t want to take anything away from Pittsburgh, they came at us with everything they had last night, their top players are elite players but I know our top players can be better and I expect them to be better tonight.”
  • On the top players, “same thing that we saw from Pitt last night, their big boys put on their big boy pants and I need mine to do that.”
  • On rebounding from losses, “it’s a stat, we have a game to play tonight. We had meetings today, we have them now and we will get ready for tonight and try to play.”
  • Is the PP more mental than physical right now, “it’s a combo of both but again, we get another opportunity tonight to prove we can execute.”
  • On trying to mess with Marc-Andre Fleury, “he is a good goalie, won a Stanley Cup and took his time to the finals. He is one of the best in the league and if we intend to beat him more than we did last nigh we are going to have to do a better job of doing all the things you just mentioned.”
  • Do you believe in momentum, “momentum can be shift to shift in a period or from period to period, I have liked our first period in both of the games and I HATED the second period in both of our games. We are going to need to be better and put together a real strong effort tonight.”
  • Do you challenge your top players after the top players for Pitt stepped up, “I think they picked up on it.”


Roenick just landed on Nash for his indifferent play. About friggin' time !