Recap: Alain Vigneault’s pre game comments

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media in Pittsburgh prior to the Rangers and Penguins:

  • On the PP, “it’s a brand new series, we haven’t had one yet so we will be real good and execute…for us right now, in our mind the PP was a good weapon for us during the year. We had a good start against Philly, it didn’t continue to the latter games but that is behind us now and Pitt does what they do to kill and we will see what we have to do to execute.”
  • On rolling four lines during a compressed schedule, “we are starting 3 in 4 nights tonight, I come from the west, travel out here is pretty easy so I am not that concerned about 3 in 4 nights with this traveling.”

  • On the quick turnaround to prepare, “I pulled an all-nighter, remember the school days.  I had a blood vessel in my eye from watching so many games. All the coaches had a long night and the question was… was playoff hockey and it’s tough hockey and we are meeting an elite team and we know coming into the series, for us to have a chance against such a good team we will have to find another level of compete and execution and we are aware of that, we are looking forward to the opportunity and it starts tonight.”
  • On Rick Nash, “anybody who watched our game seven knows the compete level that he brought to the table and the level that he contributed. He is a key component to us moving on and that is what I expect tonight.”
  • On not having played the Pens in a while, “i watched all the games in the playoffs and any team that has Crosby and Malkin, any time they are playing and you are free, you are watching because they are amazing players and we know we are up against a real tough opponent and looking forward to it. We are ready and anxious to get going.”
  • On the Rangers leaders, “I have great leaders on this team, guys who are great examples, practice hard, play hard, do all the things that you want your players to do, the culture is right, our guys prepare and do what they can to put their best game on the ice and that is why we got into the playoffs and have moved on and have this opportunity to play against such a great team.”