Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Post Practice Comments (Talks About Danny Kristo)

Alain Vigneault.pngAlain Vigneault spoke with the media following Rangers practice today:

  • Do you expect Henrik to be able to go tomorrow, “I didn’t check on him but I didn’t hear anything so I am assuming everything is alright.”
  • On tomorrow’s starter, “If he is good to go then he is going to play. We are playing 4 games in 6 nights so there is a possibility, a good possibility that Cam is going to play one of those games. I am not quite sure yet.”
  • On the Islanders and their poor PK, “I’ve watched a few of their games lately. They are competing hard, they are playing to their strengths. They just have a couple of situations that didn’t quite work out for them. When the Rangers play the Islanders, from the one I have been part of and the ones I have heard about in the past are always emotional, intense and the fans are in it. That is what I am looking forward to.”
  • On Kreider from Wednesday and why he didn’t play as much, “board battles. Didn’t come up with a number of pucks that he needs to be effective. Didn’t finish checks on opportunities that he needed to. I felt that there were some guys who were ahead of him and in OT you find your top 7-8 forwards and just roll them over.”

  • On Hagelin tomorrow, “I think that Hags right now is one of our forwards in the last few games who have shown improvement, playing with his speed. It’s been effective so we are in the process so, probably in the next hour or so to figure out what we are going to do with the freeze later on tonight. We will discuss the lineup with management and discuss what we are going to do, at least for tomorrow and if we need to send some people down or call some people up.”
  • What is the biggest need/concern, “we are going to look at what gives us the best chance to win. Considering that there is a freeze, we are going to look a little farther ahead and in discussing it with Glen and Jeff and Jim and the coaching staff, decide where we believe we are, what we believe we need to do here and it’s discussions that you have on a daily basis with management but it will probably be a bit more in-depth today.”
  • On Danny Kristo, “I’ve heard from talking with Ken and Jim has been down there and Jeff just came back from watching their last game that there is a lot of skill. You can tell that he has great hands but sometimes some of those highly skilled players want to do too much with the puck, things that aren’t there and it has led to some turnovers that the coaches are working with him to cut those down a little bit. Overall they have seen some good progression in his play, in his conditioning and they are happy with how they are coming along.”
  • On the confidence coming back, “it’s two games in a row where we have come back twice in both games. It shows that we can get behind and come back. We can score more than a couple of goals. We have been defending well. We had a couple of breakdowns I thought last night, shorthanded that led to a couple of scoring chances but both games 5 on 5 I have liked how we defended and created some good opportunities.”
  • On Taylor Pyatt’s future, “it is something we will talk about. He is part of our 13 forwards that we have here and I am not quite sure when he will get another opportunity but when he does I hope that he is good and will stay in the lineup.”
  • Is McIlrath part of the roster discussion, “yes.”
  • Any update on Staal, (Rangers PR) “no update.”
  • Has Staal skated, (Rangers PR) “No update.” (AV) “He knows more than I do on that.”
  • How do you balance practice time with a stretch of 4 in 6 coming up, “right now for me, energy wise is the key. We need to make sure we keep the energy for the games. We do a lot of our teaching, probably 80% of it on video, through team video. We do a lot of team video sessions on PP, PK, 5 on 5. Coaches do a lot of individual or line video. What we have to do, with the number of games we have to play right now is make sure that we have the energy to play those. Considering that last night was an OT game and a later game we decided to give them the option to go on or not. We will skate tomorrow morning and go from there.”
  • On taking away the Tavares line against the Islanders, “In my estimation it will be as big a challenge as Crosby line was last night. You know that those guys are the elite of the NHL and that they will get their chances but you try to limit those chances to not grade A chances but to the B type chances that they get. The Islanders have great players and a lot of guys who can score and we will have to do a good job against them.”
  • Will you keep McDonagh and Girardi together to go against Tavares, “at this time that is what I assume.”