Alain Vigneault

Recap: Alain Vigneault’s post game comments

Alain Vigneault met with the media after the Rangers loss to the Penguins (Penguins) :

  • Did fatigue play a factor, “Did my goalie look tired….he was on top of his game, he wasn’t tired and no one else should be tired. He has played every minute of the playoffs, so if he isn’t tired than no one else should be.” (MSG)
  • On the PP, “The PP had some looks, could have given us momentum but we didn’t finish. PP is my responsibility and I need to find the right trigger points to make it work and that is what I will work on tonight.”
  • Was the team making poor decisions, “I felt that, obviously they are a team that plays a tight gap and managing the puck through the neutral zone is one area where we need to be better. You need to give them credit. Their top players played a strong game and made it difficult for us all over the ice to make the right decisions. We will turn the page on this one and focus on tomorrow, we are going home and will be in front of our fans and we will need their support and it should be a lot of fun.”
  • On the goalies, “1-0 and the goal they got we put in our net. Both goalies had to make saves and that penalty at the end hurt us.”
  • Does back to back help you, “or you could say that they have momentum after winning. It’s the same thing for both teams, are going to travel, both teams are going to NY and it will be the exact same thing for both teams.
  • On the PP changes, “it didn’t score so I gotta do a better job…thanks guys.”