Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Post Game Comments

Alain Vigneaultvia MSG, Alain Vigneault’s post game comments after the Rangers loss to LA

  • On JT Miller, “he played real strong in back to back games. He skated well, when he had the chance to carry the puck and make some plays he made some plays. When he had a chance to play the man he played the man. I think that whole line, in terms of youth and potential played well. We are playing against a team that had 95% of their roster, won the Stanley Cup a few years ago and we didn’t have a lot of PKers tonight and I think it showed early. I think we grinded it out and played hard, the goalie made some saves in the third and it’s 4 games in 5 nights and now we have some decisions to make.
  • On more structure in front of Hank, “its coming along. We are throwing a lot of young guys in the lineup that are getting a first or second taste of NHL hockey. When you are playing against a team that won the Stanley Cup a few years ago, it could be intimidating but our guys played hard and tried their best.”
  • On working with a smaller group, “yes….yes I am.”

  • Was this Chris Kreider’s best game, “I thought he did alright. You could see some puck protection moments. A few times he showed his size and speed. He didn’t play last night so he was a little fresher and we saw some moments.”
  • Did anyone change your mind tonight, “I can tell you that we have, in my opinion and we just talked quickly with management, we have three decisions we have to make. We talked about it, we will take the night to get back home and we will figure it out tomorrow.”
  • Is there one on defense, “yes. I would say that there is one on defense and two up front.”
  • DId Henrik ask to play in the third, “I talked to him at the end of the second period to see how he was feeling and he wanted to battle. He did and he played well.