Alain Vigneault

Recap: Alain Vigneault’s post game comments

Alain Vigneault met with the media on MSG after the Rangers beat the Flyers:

  • “the boys came to play and if it wouldn’t have been, they got great goaltending in the first two periods and he was the difference and if not I think we would have been up by more than two. We played a good game, we played how we needed to play and able to pull it off.”

  • On Henrik Lundqvist, “we played real well in front of him. We knew at some point they were going to have a push and he would have to make the saves also and he did for us. He was real solid and we had some breakdowns around the net and he made some big saves. He got a little unlucky on their only goal, we blocked a shot and their guy jumped on the rebound but give Philly credit, it was a great series. So little separating both teams, they both battled real hard and we were able to come ahead.”
  • On Dan Carcillo, “I just felt that game seven like this, I would rather go with experience and someone who has been in those situations before and he came up and did a good job, he scored that big first goal for us.”
  • “the fact that we got great fan support tonight, they were behind us from start to finish. They really helped us along. It was 4 in 6 nights, it was a tough grind and they got some real quality players and we were able to get it done.”
  • On Benoit Pouliot’s game, “that is playoff hockey, you gotta have a short memory and move on. Last night we weren’t happy with the second period. After the game we all said we would turn the page and move on and that is what we did. We had a good meeting tonight and a good plan moving forward and the guys went out and executed and work so hard.”
  • On why the team has done so well in game sevens over the years, “It’s my first one, I’m 100% so…(laugh)
  • Was there a calm in the room today, “I sense that we have good leaders today who talked to their teammates and did what they are supposed to do and tell them from past experience about the important things and focusing on the process, stick to the plan and that is what we did.”
  • On Pitt prep, “We are getting on the plane tomorrow and have our normal meetings on game day like we normally do and we will prepare that tonight and during the day and we are battled tested and ready for the next series.”
  • On Rick Nash, I know a lot of times there is a lot of emphasis put on the scoresheet but he made so many big plays tonight, so many big defensive plays and those are just as important as a goal.”
  • On getting a feel for the series when you keep swapping out players, “that is part of coaching, you gotta figure out what you feel is best, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.”
  • “I don’t know, Philly was a tough opponent, I think moving forward we know that we can play a strong game at both ends of the rink and that at pressure moments if you look on paper Pittsburgh is one of the best teams in the league, they were 15-20 points ahead so we will have our hands full.”
  • On the Penguins, “they are a good team, they have good skill and some of the best players in the league.”
  • On 5 on 5 play, “I think we would like to play any team 5 on 5. We feel real good about the way we play and I think we proved that tonight.”