Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Post Game Comments

Alain Vigneault1On MSG, Alain Vigneault met with the media:

  •  “I think it’s safe to say that we are leaving for the holidays on a much happier note with winning back to back. A pleasant three days, that being said, we are going to regroup, recuperate and get back at it on the 27th.”
  • “We had a short amount of time to regroup. In my opinion that was the wrong call. The referee told Brad on the ice that if they didn’t score on the wraparound that it wasn’t a goal. He didn’t score on the wraparound. Kadri came from the middle of the ice and poked it in. The puck was underneath Cam’s pad…how Toronto saw it differently….I’m not quite sure but you have to play through those things and that is what we did.”

  • On the intent to blow, “The ref said that it wasn’t as much as him attempting to blow the whistle, he was looking to see if the puck had scored on the wraparound. If you hadn’t seen the puck go in on the wraparound then the goalie had it under his pads then in theory he should have been in the process of blowing the whistle but if you get 2 or 3 wacks at the pad…which in theory you aren’t allowed then there is a chance that the puck will get free there. That is what happened.”
  • On McDonagh, “he rebounded real well in his last two games. The amount he played and the quality minutes that he gave us. He is a real competitor and that is what we need from him.”
  • “I think our last six periods have been really good. In the second we had numerous scoring chances. People will say that we come out of it with anything or get rewarded for that effort and time but we did get rewarded in that we had momentum. We took momentum into the third. We only scored one goal but they got fortunate to score their goal.”
  • “That is what we need. With 4 games in 6 nights, that is a lot of hockey, you need your bench and to play 4 lines and 6 day and we were able to do that.”
  • On the shootout, “shootouts are different beats. You never really know. Some guys have the hot hands. Goalies make those unreal saves. Tonight we got some saves from Cam in the shootout he played real well before that, maybe not a lot of work but when he was tested he was real good for us.”
  • Have you thought about the goalies for after the break, “My parents are 81 and 79 and I haven’t been home for Christmas with my girls in eight years so I am looking forward to that and focus on the 27th when we get back.”
  • On JT Miller, “he has been good, he has been effective. Every time he is on the ice he has been dependable. Maybe it is him playing at his natural position but I think at both ends of the rink he has done some really good things for us. He is progressing as a player. Happy Holidays and we will see you when we get back.”


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