Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Post Game Comments

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault spoke with MSG following the Rangers loss to Edmonton last night:

  • On the game, “I think tonight was a different story. In the first period, I didn’t think we tried to take our speed and our game to the level that would have tested Edmonton. I thought we were much better in the second and third. I thought we carried the play for a good part of the night. I am liking a lot of the things that I am seeing but when you look at the games, some players are falling behind a little bit as far as the pace of the NHL. There is a chance that we may accelerate our process of getting down our numbers. I am going to talk with Glen on our way to Vancouver. We had said we would keep everyone for the length of the trip but we may decide otherwise.”
  • On JT Miller, “If you look at his overall game, there were a lot of good parts. His line spent a good part of the game in the Edmonton end. I liked a lot of parts of his game and obviously scoring is a big plus for a player.”

  • On going back to Vancouver, “when I got let go I didn’t have a chance to say thank you to the people I was working with because I wasn’t in Van at the time. I did go back a little later but right now it’s hockey time and all those people that I was working with are there right now and I am going to take that opportunity to thank them. It was a great time in Vancouver but now it’s time to get it done with the Rangers.”
  • On the reception he will get, “I know I am looking forward to going back there again. That building has great memories for myself, the fans are outstanding and I am definitely going to thank them.”
  • On keeping tabs on what is going on with the Canucks, “in the states we don’t hear that much about what is going on in Canada so to tell you the truth I am more focused on getting to know my players and getting to know the East. I have been out here seen years, I need to get a book and a read on that. As much as I hope Vancouver has a tremendous amount of success except against us, I am focused on the Rangers and getting to know the east.


@AdamZagoria will this be a thing every year now? Get some major stars to headline? If so count me in


@vallar9 Has been for a while. KISS and Dave Matthews have both played Final 4 in recent years.